EP. 05-4  Safeguard Retreat (1)

Helian We have received your report, Commander. Mr. Kryuger is very happy with your performance.
Looks like this ringleader won't go very far. I'll send someone to find her whereabouts.
In the meantime, we have another mission for you.
We may have taken back the initiative, but some of our own are still trapped among Sangvis forces.
Please give them a hand, Commander. Make sure more of them can retreat.

EP. 05-4  Safeguard Retreat (2)

Combat over.

IDW Oh! Safe at last!
Thank you so much, Master of someone else!

M16A1 Commander, this is the last batch, right?

ST AR-15 The meeting's been canceled. Can't we go home yet?

M4A1 HQ is still screening for the T-Doll suspected of leaking information, so all of us have to be on stand-by.

M4 SOPMOD II Seriously! We're T-Dolls! As if we'd tell the enemy our secrets!

M4A1 It is an order. Just put up with it for a while.

ST AR-15 What a drag. I'm taking a break. They didn't say we have to standby right here.

M4A1 ...
Commander, AR-15...

Helian A moment, please.

ST AR-15 ...

Helian I have a very important announcement to make.
After the screening procedure, we have discovered a T-Doll that has been processing an abnormal amount of information.
The T-Doll is, in fact, a member of the AR Team.

AR Team ...!

Helian Tactical Doll AR-15 of the AR Team, when scanning our database, we found a substantial anomaly in the server traffic you generated while uploading information.
We are shutting down your communications module. Security officers will now escort you to the confinement room for further screening.


ST AR-15 You mean...me...?

M16A1 What...

M4 SOPMOD II This can't be! There must be some mistake!

ST AR-15 Calm down, SOP-II. You're just a T-Doll.
We can't disobey orders no matter how loud you yell.


ST AR-15 It's just a screening. They're not saying I'm the culprit for sure. Focus on doing your job first.

M4A1 AR-15, we believe you...

ST AR-15 ...
I know. Don't mess up the mission before I come back.

...AR-15 leaves with Helian.


M16A1 Stop worrying about it. It doesn't help the situation. We still have things to do.
C'mon. AR-15 wouldn't want us to be so worried.

M4A1 ...
How can this be...?