EP. 05-4N  Peculiar Vendor Ⅳ (1)

…5 minutes later.

Destroyer Hahaha! Griffin weaklings, how do you like them apples?
I had detected you a long while ago, but I didn't want to scare you guys off too early.
Even if this strike did not kill you, Jupiter has given you a taste of its terrifying power!
With the next strike, I'll...

Type56-1 There won't be a next strike…

Destroyer Huh?

Type97S I recall…your name is Destroyer, correct?

Destroyer Huhu, of course! I'm the explosives expert at Sangvis Ferri!
I even almost defeated your boss, so the likes of you are no match for me...

NZ75 Whatever happened with our boss is none of our business...
But today will be the day you die!

Destroyer Haaah? You talk real big! Do you know who you're talking to? I am…

NZ75 Of course we know who you are… Aren't you that idiot Sangvis that M4 wiped the floor with?

Type97S The commander of forces that only know defeat, a spineless weakling!

Type56-1 And now, you will pay for what you've done!

…In the ruins, three T-Dolls' fists are raised together.

Type56-1 For the fresh pork…

Type97S And the luscious persimmons…

NZ75 …Thanks, but they're tomatoes.
Comrades…we must not let their sacrifice be in vain. We will not be defeated here!

Destroyer Pork? Persimmons? What are you talking about? I never bombed anything like that!
Wait! You're just gonna charge at me?
Guards, stop them! Stop this bunch of wild dogs!


M99 Phew… Everyone finally decided to focus on the enemy.
…Although the situation is a bit unexpected. I guess it's just as Hawk said before, sometimes things don't go the way we want.
Umm...Commander, are you still on the line?
Even though they're all pumped up, the enemy does have quite a number of troops.
Please take command to provide us with an opportunity for a breakthrough.

EP. 05-4N  Peculiar Vendor Ⅳ (2)


Destroyer Damn it! They escaped… Those monsters suddenly acted as if they were going to commit a suicide attack!
All units cease fire! Return to the base and await for further orders!
I'll let you go this time, but the next time won't be so easy!


M99 …With the help of the Commander, we broke through the Sangvis blockade.
We arrived at the human settlement two hours later and handed off the goods to the person in charge.
Of course, the recipient did not raise any objections to my "excuse" for the loss of goods.
It is an era of chaos after all, and those supplies are nothing to those who are relatively abundant.
However, we couldn't escape Miss Helian's keen eye for detail...

…Griffin HQ.

Helian M99, what's going on here?
I checked the list of goods and there seems to be a small difference between when you received it and when you delivered it.

M99 Umm… I explained it to the person in charge there…

Helian According to your report, this difference was lost in battle.
Yet, the packaging of the supplies in the photos seems to be in pristine condition...
I'm sure these supplies were well protected in battle, so I don't think one box would inexplicably go missing...

M99 That's… That's because…

Helian Lying is meaningless, you know.
I don’t want to look through your neural cloud for this trivial matter…

M99 ...
(Although this is a trivial matter, a T-Doll such as myself still do not have the authority to lie to a superior...)
(Since we've come to this point… Sorry, everyone…)

M99 I'm sorry, Miss Helian...
At that time, we weren't able to find a safe resupply point with enough resources, and it would've been very difficult for us to complete the mission on low supplies.
That's why...

…Helian receives a call.

Helian …Excuse me for a moment.

M99 (Quiet voice) …ordered everyone to take from the cargo…

Helian Hello? …Go ahead...
Oh…is that so...
…I see, so it was a misunderstanding.
…That's alright, you don't need to apologize......No, she didn't give me any trouble. We were just confirming a few things.
…Alright, please keep up the good work.

…Call ended.

Helian M99, the Commander just called and told me...
Your team was critically low on supplies during battle and you were ordered to open up the goods to use as emergency resupply, is that right?

M99 Huh?
Uh…that's right…

Helian Very well. This is an acceptable reason, but you should be honest in your report.
Only in this way will we be able to more suitably arrange and upgrade supply points and to prevent similar incidences in the future.

M99 I will be more careful next time. I'm terribly sorry for causing this issue…

Helian On another note, your team did quite well in this mission.
Your team will be rewarded after we receive your evaluation from the settlement. Take this time to rest and recover.

…One hour later, the team gathered outside.

M99 Hawk, you roped the Commander into our lie, didn't you?

Type97S Hey hey, you can't call it a lie.
After all, we wouldn't have the authority to touch the humans' stuff if the Commander objected to it.

NZ75 Yup, that's why the Commander is our accomplice now.

Type56-1 Chief, they already accepted the goods. Are you still feeling guilty?

M99 Phew… Not anymore.
Since the Commander helped us out, it'd be too senseless of me to ignore his goodwill.

Type97S It's a real pity what happened to those persimmons… The soil here at Griffin's base can't grow anything even remotely as beautiful…

Type56-1 The same goes for the pork… Its plumpness is engraved into my neural cloud…

M99 Hehe…

NZ75 What are you giggling about, Chief?

M99 opens a container by her feet.

M99 Guess what I've got~

Type56-1 Hey, isn't this…?!

Type97S Meat and vegetables… Just like the stuff from earlier!

NZ75 Where did you get this from, Chief?!

M99 Huhu…well…

M99 After learning that we finished the job on an empty stomach, the client gave this to me as a small token of appreciation before we left.
"Who can resist a cute T-Doll? A human deliveryman on the other hand would've surely been yelled at regardless of who's fault it was!"
...Hawk reasoned as everyone carried the food to the cafeteria.
At this point, I finally realize why Helian sent me as the team leader. It was all to give the client a better impression of Griffin.
I feel very honored to be a representative of Griffin, but one day I will prove my worth with my strength.
But today...I will enjoy the fruits of our labor.
I believe that as long as we work together, there is nothing that we can't do...

56-1type Oh, by the way, M99, don't forget to invite the Commander tonight.

Type97S That's right. It was a long and arduous road. We need to share the spoils of war with our comrade in arms!
But does anyone know what the Commander likes? If the Commander doesn't like cilantro or Chinese onion…

M99 Yeah… I'm not sure what the Commander likes…
Which one of you wants to investigate?

NZ75 Speaking of investigation, I just heard some bad news, everyone. Very bad news…
Type64 is making her own Chinese sausages again…

Type56-1 What?!

M99 Huh? So…?

Type97S Type64's sweet Chinese sausages are salty! Is that even edible?!

Type56-1 Chief, you can't even call them Chinese sausages. They're bacon in disguise!

M99 That's… (I personally wouldn't mind…)

NZ75 Moreover, those things seem to have won the love of the old fogeys like 56R and 59 recently…
Our situation is becoming more and more dire…

Type56-1 I'll make it clear that at least on the stance of sweet sausages, I'm on your side!
We must unite together to resist the revival of capitalistic ideologies!

M99 W-Wait a minute, do you need go that far...?

NZ75 Hawk, tell them you're making cola wings tonight. Have Type64 open the cans for you.
I guarantee her fingers will be bleeding all over within ten cans, and she'll be stuck in the Repair Bay for the rest of the night!

M99 That's backstabbing! Don't do it!

Type56-1 This is called the people's conflict resolution! I'm going to get a case from 92 right now!

M99 Hey, 56, stop right there! I won't let you have your way!

97typeS Jeez, Chief…
Things don't always go the way we want. Sometimes we can only accept that and move on.

M99 What are you even talking about!
You guys, stop right now!

M99 Of course… Victory can only be achieved when we all work as one...
Perhaps next time I should listen to 64's and 95's ideas…