EP. 05-6  Order to Pursue (1)

Helian Repeat.
Tactical Doll AR-15 of the AR Team disobeyed the order of returning to the confinement room five minutes ago.
She broke free of her restraints and escaped from the vicinity of the base. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.
This T-Doll, suspected of being infected and controlled by Sangvis virus, is highly dangerous.
On top of that, her communications module has been deactivated, so we are unable to trace her electronically.
All field commanders listening to this broadcast, please launch an immediate search for this T-Doll.
The moment you spot her, inform High Command and put her under control as soon as possible.
If the situation calls for it, you have permission to attack or destroy her.

Griffin temporary control room.

M4A1 Commander, did you hear the broadcast?
What...do we do now?
We will carry out your order, Commander...whatever it is.
So...please do not hesitate. Issue your commands.


M16A1 M4, what did the commander say?

M4A1 No matter what, find AR-15 first.

M16A1 True that. SOP-II, tell her what you just found out.

M4 SOPMOD II Okay... I've located Destroyer's newest coordinates using the information we collected.
Since we haven't reported our findings yet, we can get there before anyone else.

M4A1 Destroyer? What good does it do to locate her?

M16A1 M4, do you think AR-15 is really under Sangvis control?
Don't you think there's a possibility that she fled of her own accord because there is something she absolutely has to do...

M4A1 ...AR-15 wants to find Destroyer and...avenge herself?
But...as an T-Doll, how could AR-15 disobey Griffin's orders for her own desires?

M16A1 M4...
I know AR-15 better than you do. Or should I say...I know the AR Team better than you do. By far.
One day you'll understand, but not today.

M4 SOPMOD II Commander, give the order! Let's break through Sangvis' last defense and go get Destroyer and AR-15!

EP. 05-6  Order to Pursue (2)

In a control center abandoned by Griffin, the last sanctum for the Sangvis unit Destroyer.

Destroyer ...You hear that, Dreamer?! Griffin is moving much more quickly than expected!

Dreamer ...
Oh my... What are you crying about?

Destroyer Hurry! Stop them with your firepower!

Dreamer ...Huh? Why should I?

Destroyer Isn't that the deal?! Once my mission is accomplished, you'll cover my retreat with air support!

Dreamer Oh...
Then...have you accomplished your mission?

Destroyer The assassination attempt on Kryuger failed, but that's only to be expected.
More importantly, the program planted into AR-15 is working. I found the data concerning Safe House 3 in her neural cloud.
All information required for Plan Parapluie is ready, so help me get outta here already!

Dreamer But...since the mission is already accomplished, what's the point in keeping you?

Destroyer What...

Dreamer Say... We're T-Dolls, right?
T-Dolls are pretty much disposable goods, right?
I don't really have to waste my precious babies on picking up some trash.

Destroyer H...How could you?!

Dreamer Well, even if you die, you'll come back to life soon enough.
And you'll forget everything you had to do with me.
Then you'll obediently take my orders again like a cute little puppy.

Destroyer How...can that be... I won't...believe you ever again!

Dreamer Really, my dear little idiot?
Do you think...this is the first time it happened?

Destroyer ...!
You scumbag! Nutcase! Shorty!
You promised... You promised you'd save me...

Dreamer Oh, stop crying. I was just kidding.

Destroyer Kid...ding...? Really?

Dreamer Agent installed the keycode for accepting the file transfer on you in case I start messing around.

Destroyer Hmm... Agent did that...for me...

Dreamer I've already started roasting the AR Team. You have ten minutes to get out of there.

Destroyer R-Really...?

Dreamer Yes, for this time, at least...

Dreamer But if you are tapped again, I'll dump you for real.

Destroyer T...Tapped?
?! ...By whom?! When?!

ST AR-15 ...

ST AR-15 Humph...
When did you notice me, Dreamer?

Dreamer Whoever dominates the skies dominates everything. Not even a kitten on the ground can escape my notice.

ST AR-15 No wonder... So shutting down comms isn't enough.

Dreamer You've been waiting for this chance, haven't you? Have Griffin shut down your communications module so you can pull a sneak attack on us.

ST AR-15 ...Looks like you're not as crazy as they say.

Dreamer Dear me... You, too, aren't as cold and deadpan as the data claims.
But why? As a T-Doll, why do you go to such lengths to disobey your employers?

ST AR-15 You used me to acquire information that puts my companions in danger...
You think I'd forgive you for that, Dreamer?!

Dreamer Now don't get worked up. You knew it all along, didn't you, that you're the source of the leak?
If you had told your pals just a bit earlier, Destroyer's plan would've been foiled.

Destroyer Wait, Dreamer! What are you talking about?!
So you mean my mission was just some kind of appendix?!

ST AR-15 ...
Believe what you want. My current course of action has nothing to do with Griffin's orders.

Dreamer Oh? Looks like you still don't understand.
Do you think we just happened to pick you, the way lowlife humans decide which character to kill off in their stories?
No, AR-15... You're chosen.
Don't you remember? The ability we gifted you?

ST AR-15 ...?!
Don't tell me... Everything was...

Dreamer Heheh, exactly.
Why don't you try putting up even more of a fight, AR-15 of Griffin?
Let's see if your death throes will make things better or worse?

ST AR-15 ...
As you wish, Dreamer.

ST AR-15 ...I will keep fighting. Until I get to the bottom of everything.

Dreamer You willingly betray an entire organization for your companions' sake. Should I applaud such profound sentiments?

ST AR-15 I'm only doing this because it's the order I was given as a T-Doll.
An order of the highest priority...as a member of the AR Team.
I will not betray those who accepted me, even if it costs me my only home.
This is my only worth and my only fate.
Wait and see, Sangvis.
I will step on your broken faces and have you choke out all your conspiracies one by one!