EP. 06-1  Squad Negev (1)

Area S08, Sangvis Ferri territory, five days after AR-15's disappearance.

Negev Hello, my commander. This is Negev.
My current location is Zone T6, Area S08. A recon squad has discovered AR-15 in the vicinity.
This area is pretty expansive, so on top of the AR Team, my squad has also joined in on the search.
But since we are dispatched on short notice and aren't familiar with the field, I'm counting on you to clear the way for us.

Negev As you see, this is an area on Sangvis territory where some of the worst conflicts had taken place.
The enemy has more influence here, so even an experienced commander like you should best be careful.

EP. 06-1  Squad Negev (2)

Squad Negev reached their destination.

Negev We've arrived. There's a Griffin base here.
I'll stay and watch the radar. Galil, stand guard in the back.

Galil Got it. Leave it to me.

Negev Tavor, have you started looking for clues?

TAR-21 Not yet, I'm still checking my equipment.

Negev I told you to turn it on beforehand. It doesn't eat much battery anyway.

TAR-21 It doesn't hurt to save whatever I can. After all, we'll be moving into our new dorm once we go back. We should make it a good start.

Negev Up to you. But we can't rest until we find AR-15, you hear?

TAR-21 Still, why is Helian wasting so much effort just to find a so-called 'traitor'?

Negev She's just unlucky enough to be planted with the Parapluie program. That's how she leaked the location of our secret base without even knowing.
She probably ran off out of guilt. She must understand her own position very well to be able to do that.
In any case, our job is to find her, and 16Lab will try to recover her.

TAR-21 Parapluie... Is it really the Parapluie program that she's been planted with?
If it's just some data leakage, it doesn't sound as terrible as they say...
But is there any point in letting a T-Doll that has made such a mistake live?

Negev The T-Dolls on the AR Team are all developed and produced by 16Lab. We need to show them some due respect.
And their neural clouds are rather different than ours. If they die, it's really game over for them.
Let's report the situation of this base to the commander first and request for more reinforcement.

TAR-21 ...

Negev What is it, Tavor?

TAR-21 Strange... I think something's wrong with my comms module.
No good... It's completely down.

Negev (Sighs) That's why you should turn your equipment on frequently to check them. It really doesn't take that much bat...
Although I guess...it isn't a problem with the equipment this time...

Negev Am I right, Sangvis lady?

?? ...

Negev Tavor, now!


TAR-21 The target has withdrawn from the base. We're safe for now!

Negev That's 'Alchemist'. She's a tricky one! Keep an eye on your surroundings!

Alchemist Heheh... Such a shame...
I could've caressed that lovely throat of yours in another three seconds.

Negev So you're the one jamming our signal?

Alchemist Well... That really has nothing to do with me.
I just came all the way here hungrily following the scent given off by fresh and tender fruit.
If you want to find out more... I can tell you slowly as I tear your bodies into shreds!

Negev Tavor, smoke grenade!
Guys, defend this base to the death! Don't let Sangvis troops anywhere near!
(Whispers) I'm counting the rest on you, Galil...

Alchemist Hahahahahahahaha!
I don't see the point in fighting to such bitter end, but this is always the best!
Keep struggling. When your despair is at its ripest, I'll savor you one bite at a time!