EP. 06-1N  People in the Flask Ⅰ (1)

In a Sangvis Ferri interrogation room, Area S08.

Alchemist So, where were we...?
Oh, right. Bombs. Now, let's talk about bombs.
Do you like them timed or triggered?

FF F2000 My... Well...
I guess it depends on the mission?
Humans invented so many weapons to deal with different situations in the first place, right?

Alchemist Ha. You don't even have a personal preference? Then you're missing out.
As a soldier, you should at least like something about war even if you don't like it in its entirety.
As a Tactical Doll, FF F2000, isn't there anything on the battlefield that you like at all?

FF F2000 I'm sorry...but I'm simply not too bothered by things on the battlefield...
H-How about we talk about something more casual?
Shoes, for example. Why don't we talk about shoes, Alchemist?

Alchemist ...Shoes?
Is that what Griffin T-Dolls talk about on a daily basis, pretty shoes and cute handbags?

FF F2000 Well... Many T-Dolls are interested in weapons, so maybe I'm just in the minority.
I'm really sorry. I'm not even your original target, am I?
It must be really disappointing for you to capture a crude and banal T-Doll like me...

Alchemist ...Why would you say so, FF F2000?
At least I've learned from you that even non-elite T-Dolls make some very interesting faces.
Not to mention I can compare you with my other prey...

FF F2000 ...Quoi?

Alchemist What, don't you know? You're not the only one I caught.
Recognize this weapon?

Alchemist lifts up a rifle.

FF F2000 That's...T91's...
W-What happened to her?!

Alchemist She's the only one who slipped away. I wiped out all the rest.
Do you understand now? Your sacrifice didn't make much of a difference for your friends.

FF F2000 Phew...

FF F2000 smiles in relief.

FF F2000 At least someone got away. Then my job is done...

Alchemist Oh dear...
These Griffin T-Dolls are all so dull...

Alchemist Thank goodness I know how to keep myself entertained.

Alchemist draws her own automatic pistol.
FF F2000 starts trembling. She closes her eyes and draws a breath.

FF F2000 So this...is how I meet my end...

Bang! Bang!

FF F2000 Eeep!

Alchemist adjusts her aim and shoots one of her dummies.

FF F2000 Alchemist...?

Alchemist Hush... Say nothing, FF F2000... Don't let me find you...
You must stay quiet, hold your breath, and just wait...
Until this pistol runs out of bullets or you run out of luck - whichever happens first...

Bang! Bang!

FF F2000 ...!

Alchemist "Everyone tries to fit into others' lives when they're alive..."
"...Only your death is entirely your own."
Give it a thought in your final moment, my dear...
Whether we're alive...the way we are.

Three hours later. Staff lounge, Griffin base, Area S08.

Five-seven ...And that's our mission.
FAL, you got that? Hey! Have you gone deaf?

FAL ...
There are no deaf T-Dolls, 57.

Five-seven I don't think the problem is with your hearing module, FAL...
I suspect something's wrong up here (points to her head).
Your neural cloud is a bit passé - just like your taste. Perhaps it's time we considered a change in leadership...
What are you reading this time?

57 walks up to FAL and snatches the fashion magazine out of her hands.


Five-seven ...This bag? Isn't it too old-fashioned even by your standard?

FAL Look at the price first before you speak, 57. You have no idea how long I've been taking my pick.

Five-seven Whatever. I only care about our mission.
If you mess up, not only will you not have the money to buy the bag, you'll have your position as team leader taken away by yours truly.
You do know that I'm gonna REPAY you for the favor.

FAL takes back the magazine, dog-ears a page, then puts it into her cross-body bag.

FAL Then I'll simply not mess up.
Bring me to the commander in charge this time. We're getting ready to set off.

Five-seven Hey, have you been listening? And have you actually read through the brief? You'd better not say the wrong thing in front of the commander.

FAL Isn't it just a couple of missing T-Dolls? Our mission is the find them, ouais?

FAL strolls out of the lounge. Five-seven catches up.

Five-seven Also, you know about the adversary this time, right? Alchemist. She's a ruthless one.

FAL That's what makes the bounty big. Let's get this over with quickly and take the money.

Five-seven Humph, so you chose that old-fashioned handbag after seeing the target?

FAL Suits her, doesn't it?

Ten minutes later, Griffin Control.

FAL Bonsoir, Commander. I'm FAL, the T-Doll leader in charge of this rescue mission.
Relax. I know my charm can be blinding, but please listen to me with your eyes open.

Five-seven (Whispers) I think the commander is simply sleep-deprived...

FAL ...
Let's grab a coffee after the job's done.
Now, our objective is to rendezvous with two of my temporary team members.
They're the scouts in Area S08, FF FN49 and FF FNC.
They're only rookies that have been recruited onto the team temporarily, but we do need their report.
Please clear up the way for them to meet up with me and 57, Commander.

EP. 06-1N  People in the Flask Ⅰ (2)

Objective accomplished. FAL has rendezvoused with all members of Team FF.

FAL You two are late.

FF FN49 A-Apologies, Mademoiselle FAL! This place is swarming with enemy units so we spent a lot of time making detours...

FAL You should've set the rendezvous point closer to them, 57.

Five-seven They said they were okay with it. There was no reason to question them.

FF FN49 I'm sorry... We thought we could make it in time. Turns out we were stretching it a bit...

FAL Don't force it if you know you can't do something. You should be more aware of your own shortcomings.

Five-seven Don't be too hard on them. Just pay more attention next time, FF FN49.
Now, give us your scouting report.

FF FN49 Sure... The information is with FF FNC. FF FNC?
Stop eating and start talking!

FF FNC Mnghggng...! Okay I'm done!
So...we've had it all figured out!
The local Sangvis Ringleader is indeed Alchemist, and we've ascertained that she's the one behind the missing T-Dolls.

Five-seven Alchemist? I didn't expect her to still be here...
This area should hold no strategic value to Sangvis Ferri anymore, so why...

FAL It doesn't matter why she's here. Let's come up with a plan for now.

FF FNC Huh? Is this the team? Just the four of us?

Five-seven The other two members of Team FF are away on another mission, so we'll be having fun here on our own.

FF FN49 Merci. We're honored to be given this opportunity. We'll definitely do our best!

FAL I don't care if you do your best. Just do as I say.

Five-seven At least give them some sort of encouragement, FAL. They're newbies after all...

FAL FF FNC, FF FN49, I chose you to join this operation for one simple reason.
Your Imprints are similar to ours so it'll make coordination more efficient. That's it.
You may only be temps, but if you perform well, you'll be rewarded handsomely.

FF FNC Oooooooh!!! We're gonna hit it big this time!

FAL Maybe. Let me take a look at the map...
The abandoned base is the most prominent structure in the area, isn't it?

Five-seven Oui, according to intel, that's also where AR-15 abducted M4A1.

FAL Heheh...then that's our landmark right there.
The base can be divided into two sections - perfect for two people. It's settled then.

Five-seven You're grinning ominously... What evil plan are you hatching this time, FAL?

FAL If we're to capture Alchemist, what is the first thing that needs to be done?

Five-seven Finding her, bien sûr.

FAL And luckily for us, she'll take the initiative provided that...?

Five-seven ...There is prey worth her effort.

FAL So the most efficient plan is...?

Five-seven ...To bait her.

Five-seven Ah... I understand... (Gazes at FF FN49 and FF FNC)

FF FNC Hmm? ...Quoi?

FF FN49 Huh? Don't tell me...