EP. 06-2  Double Rescue (1)

Border of T7, Area S08, several minutes later.

M16A1 We're here.
This is where a member of Squad Negev sent out the distress signal.
SOP-II, test the comms.

M4 SOPMOD II Communication signal functioning as usual. We're already connected to the commander's channel.
M4, go on and call the commander.

M4A1 It has been a while, Commander.
Negev's search team entered this zone and lost contact with us 20 minutes ago.
But we picked up a member's distress signal just now.
Our mission is to rendezvous with this member and determine the situation.

M4 SOPMOD II Geez. And here I thought we finally got some help. Turns out they're only dragging us down...

M16A1 If even Negev ran into trouble, we wouldn't have come off any better if it had been us.
Commander, please help us reach our destination. Thanks man.

EP. 06-2  Double Rescue (2)

The AR Team arrived at the destination.

Galil Hey! Hey, AR Team! I'm over here!

M4A1 Relax, Galil. You are safe now.

Galil Phew... Thanks a bunch. A few more minutes and Sangvis would've got me.

M16A1 Of all the places you could call for help, you just had to pick an open battlefield full of Sangvis forces...

Galil Well... Communication with Griffin is jammed where we got ambushed.
I ran for ages before I finally found somewhere with signal. It's not like I was spoiled for choice, you know.

M4 SOPMOD II Can you explain what exactly happened?

Galil When we were investigating the base where AR-15 had stayed, Negev noticed a Sangvis Ringleader hiding in ambush.
She gestured for me to slip out and call for help while the enemy was still busy deploying her forces.
I only realized there was a signal jam when I was running out. God knows what's going on over there now...

M16A1 What should we do, M4? We can't fight off a Ringleader in Sangvis territory on our own.
But we probably don't have time to retreat and ask the commander for help, right?

M4A1 ...We split up.
M16, contact the commander and guide the troops in aiding us.
Galil, take me and SOP-II to the base. We will stir up their forces from the rear and draw some fire away from Negev.