EP. 06-2N  People in the Flask Ⅱ (1)

Fifteen minutes later.

FAL That's pretty much the plan, Commander.
I'm sending out two T-Dolls as bait to lure Alchemist out.
Your objective is to keep them safe while they're en route to their destination...

FF FNC Hey! Only when we're en route?! So the commander won't be protecting us once we get there?!

FAL Duh. You'll just have to wait for Alchemist to show herself once you're there, so there's no need for the commander to hang around.
You've backed up your neural clouds anyway. What's there to worry about?

FF FN49 (Whimpers) Even so, this is horrible...

FF FNC Don't cry, 49! Don't give them reason to look down on us!
Listen up, FAL, don't think you can look down on us just because you're an elite! We're gonna survive this, just you wait and see!

FAL That would naturally be the best. We have a limited budget for this operation, so try not to waste it on repairs.
And go easy on your rations. Especially you, FF FNC.

FF FNC Save it, FAL! I've had enough of your lectures. Let us go already!

FAL shrugs.

FAL Then please take care of these kitties, Commander. Let's get started.

EP. 06-2N  People in the Flask Ⅱ (2)

Two hours after the escort mission concluded.

FF FN49 (Whimpers) It's cold in here...
FF FNC, how are you doing on your end...?

FF FNC Moi? I'm fine...

FF FN49 You sure you're okay?
Do you still have any hot chocolate left? Want me to bring some over?

FF FNC Non! Our mission is to guard the place! We mustn't budge a single step!
We have to finish the mission and prove ourselves to that prick!
And I'll be fine. I still have some chocolate since I've been rationing carefully!

FF FN49 Heheh, even FF FNC is starting to be economical with food...
Good to hear though. Keep it up. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

FF FNC Humph, count on it! I'm NOT gonna let FAL belittle me!
What about you, though? Aren't you scared being there on your own?

FF FN49 I'm okay... It's pretty bright here, and you're keeping me company through the line...
If you can bear with rationing, then I can get used to being on my own...

FF FN49 Whoa!! Who's there?!

FF FNC What's wrong, 49?!
Hey, 49!

FF FN49 I-It's okay. One of our own...I think...

The figure makes a "hush" gesture.

T91 Please keep it down. Are you from Griffin?

FF FN49 Oui, I'm T-Doll FF FN49 from Griffin. You're...

T91 T91, a colleague of yours.
I've been undercover so far, that's why you have no prior intel about me.
FF FN49, are you here on a rescue mission?

FF FN49 Ah, well... I've been sent by my team leader as a bait to lure out the enemy ringleader...


T91 Oh, forgive me. Sometimes I just can't help it.
What an amusing plan of action. What's the team?

FF FN49 Us? We're Team FF, here to investigate the case of missing T-Dolls.

T91 FAL's Team, huh... She sure is a reckless one...
But I'm afraid all your efforts so far have been wasted. Alchemist only targets elite T-Dolls.
Ask your leader to change her plan. I don't mind being the bait if necessary.

FF FN49 Huh? Are you sure?

T91 Haha, actually, I'm the perfect bait! Alchemist has her eyes on me, that's why I keep having to switch base.
In return, I hope your team can provide me with some protection. After all, I plan on bailing some other T-Dolls out.
We have to help each other out on the battlefield, right? So, what do you think about my proposal?

FF FNC That's perfect, 49! We can go home once we catch Alchemist!

FF FN49 That's true...but let me check with FAL first.

It'll be fine! Even that cold-blooded jerk has to admit this is a bargain, right?

Meanwhile, in FAL's control room.

Five-seven FAL?

FAL Oui?

Five-seven It's been two hours and we still haven't detected any unusual enemy movements.

FAL It's only been two hours. Keep waiting.

Five-seven If I may, I think you're being a bit harsh on them, after all...

FAL After all, they aren't officially members of Team FF? That's just a matter of time.

Five-seven Oh? You plan on recruiting them for real?

FAL Expanding our business requires more manpower than what we currently have.
Besides, even though their specs can't compare to ours, their vast experience in battle will still prove useful.

Five-seven Like HER?
Do as you wish. It'll make my job easier if there are more kids for you to order around.

FAL Better work harder if you want to keep your position.

Five-seven Humph...
You know merely keeping my position isn't what I want.


Five-seven Oh? A transmission from FF FN49.

FAL I'm guessing this doesn't mean the prey has taken the bait.

Five-seven receives the transmission and listens to FF FN49's report.
When the report is finished, Five-seven terminates the call.

Five-seven I told you, FAL. Your plans are always too presumptuous.

FAL I'd normally call them "bold attempts". At least this one has given us a new lead.

Five-seven Then are you agreeing to T91's proposal?

FAL ...

Five-seven Hey, FAL. Put that magazine down if you're actually giving this a proper think.

FAL As T91 just said, Alchemist only preys on elite T-Dolls, correct?

Five-seven Oui, so T91 is the perfect choice for a bait.

FAL Non, we have someone more suitable than her.

Five-seven Who do you mean...?

FAL Aren't you an elite T-Doll yourself, 57?