EP. 06-3  Reunion (1)

Griffin Control, Area S08, several minutes later.

M16A1 Commander, that's the situation over here.
The local Sangvis Ringleader has Negev's search team surrounded.
M4 and SOP-II are off to their rescue, but they can't hold the enemy off for long.
Comms signal is jammed in that zone. We could force our way through and rescue them, but there is a safer way.

M16A1 There's a Sangvis command post here that seems to be in charge of directing a number of their units.
And we're in luck - signal is normal around this command post, so you can direct our troops to take over it.
Then we can use it to confuse the enemy, which should make things much easier for M4 and the others.
So that's the idea, Commander. If you think it'll work, let's go.

EP. 06-3  Reunion (2)

Griffin troops successfully occupied the Sangvis command post.

Negev Calling M16! M16, are you there?
Sangvis has retreated. We're safe now!

M16A1 Huh? Negev, is that you? Is the signal back to normal?

Negev Yeah, Tavor noticed it just now. No idea why.

M16A1 What about M4 and the others? Have you met up with them?

Negev Huh...? They were here just now. M4 and SOP-II...

Galil Negev, bad news!
M4 and SOP-II just ran off!
And I'm not reading their signals! It must be the jam again!

TAR-21 I'm sorry. It was my fault.
I noticed a figure hovering in the distance when the battle was over.
I didn't think and just pointed it out to SOP-II, but I did tell her not to do anything reckless.
In the end, they still slipped off in pursuit.

M16A1 TAR-21, was the figure you saw...

TAR-21 Yes...
It was none other than AR-15...

Meanwhile, M4A1 and SOPMOD II...

M4A1 Found anything, SOP-II?

M4 SOPMOD II Not yet. I definitely saw her...
Dammit! It should be around here!

M4A1 Our signal is still being jammed. We must not go too far. Retreat when things do not look right.

M4 SOPMOD II Why is she hiding from us...

?? Because you...keep causing me trouble.

M4A1 turns around at the sound and finds M4 SOPMOD II lying on the ground, unconscious...

M4A1 SOP-II! Wake up! Answer me!

ST AR-15 M16 has mentioned this ambush technique so many times, but you're still so unprepared.
What will you do without me?

M4A1 Why, AR-15...?
What on earth...are you doing...?

AR-15 raises her weapon at M4A1...

ST AR-15 I'm putting on...a touching scene of reunion.