EP. 06-3N  People in the Flask Ⅲ (1)

Fifteen minutes later.

Five-seven Bonsoir, Commander. This is Tactical Doll Five-seven, adjutant of Team FF.
As FAL has mentioned, I'll be the bait for this operation.
It's completely all right. I more or less expected it... That's just how she is.
But say, Commander...what do you think about me?
You must realize that I'm not her. My performance is much more reliable, and I never ask my subordinates to suffer needlessly.
Am I not much warmer than a cold and materialistic woman like FAL?
Heheh, so you really do like me? C'est bien! I like you a lot too, Commander!

FAL You're still here, 57?

Five-seven Ah...I'm about to set off.

Five-seven So please escort me on my way. I'm heading to this piece of open space on the map...
Please keep me safe, okay? Don't stray too far from me even after we get there. I'll be sure to repay you handsomely~
Bien. Let's get started while the night is still young.

EP. 06-3N  People in the Flask Ⅲ (2)

Three hours after mobilization.

Five-seven FAL...
That bitch... How dare she leave me at a godforsaken place like this...
It's wet and cold, and the wind is blowing sand all over my shoulders...
Arghhhhh screw everything! That tasteless and tyrannical witch! How could she do this to me?!
One day...one day, I'll take the position of team leader from her and teach her a lesson!
Calm down, 57, calm down...
I can't take this anymore. I'll just calmly make another suggestion to FAL...
Stay strong, 57. Keep up your reputation and be nice to FF FNC and FF FN49...
Right...I must also pull the Commander to my side and make a good impression...


Five-seven Huh? You're still here, Commander?

Five-seven Ah...right. It was I who asked you not to wander off...
I'm okay. Just a teeny-tiny complaint about the cold...
Oh, now that you mentioned it, Commander, I didn't even realize how long I've actually been hanging around here.
Thank you for your concern. I'll contact FAL now and ask for further directives.

Five-seven walks over to a spot where she can't be overheard and calls FAL.

Five-seven FAL.
Haven't we waited long enough? Alchemist wont' be coming.

FAL Already at your limit?

Five-seven I'm just making a suggestion. I personally don't mind waiting a bit longer...

FAL Come off it. Look at yourself. How are you different than the newbies?

Five-seven Quoi?

FAL You're not speaking your mind, are you, 57?

Five-seven ...
I've never tried to hide my thoughts, FAL. I'm just politely pointing out that you won't be the team leader forever.

FAL Perhaps, 57. You know we're a freshly formed team, and I do make mistakes...
Perhaps this time...

Five-seven Oh? What's happening? Not every day that you admit your mistakes.
Are you admitting that it was wrong to leave your trusty adjutant to rot in a wasteland for three hours?

FAL That, and what I did to the newbies, as well as what's going to happen...
But it can't be helped, 57. I simply love trying to do what other T-Dolls can't.

Five-seven I know. This is exactly why we're always put on all those bizarre cases.
But you've really gone too far. Helian will not look kindly on an operation where subordinates are left for dead.

FAL I'm not doing this to leave you for dead, 57.
Judging by Alchemist's disposition and the report we received, she won't target just any regular T-Doll.
Which leads me to believe that her target has probably been me all along.

Five-seven Is this really the moment for such narcissism, FAL?

Five-seven But...if that's the case, then your plan is to...

FAL That's right, 57. I'll be the final bait.

Five-seven ...
That's the mistake you're admitting?

FAL Just preparing myself for the unexpected.

Five-seven ...
This won't do! It's too risky! What are we gonna do if you get caught?!

FAL Non, this is the safest way. This is the best opportunity to rescue the captured T-Dolls.
As for our team, that depends on you, 57...

Five-seven Me...?


FAL 57, I hereby hand over all authorizations of the team leader of Team FF to you.
Isn't this what you've always wanted?

Five-seven So you want to just die and dump all your responsibilities on me?!

FAL I did NOT say that. However, if I'm ever compromised, you're the only one who can keep Team FF operating.
You have the patience that I'll never hope to possess.
FF FNC and FF FN49 also have strong points that you don't. Make good use of them.

Five-seven This is happening way too fast, FAL. I'm not ready yet.

FAL We never are. Hurry, 57, while there's still time...

At that moment, the door opens behind FAL.

FAL And do something you've never done before. Au revoir.

Alchemist Griffin's door lock really is a bit underwhelming.
Though I did think it could be a trap when I saw this outpost is practically empty.

FAL But you came in anyway.

Alchemist Just so I can watch you put up a fight, but in the end...you haven't even prepared a welcoming party for me, FAL.

FAL Sorry to disappoint, Alchemist.
It just so happened that I've sent off all my subordinates on errands and inadvertently left myself defenseless against you.

Alchemist Humph, perhaps we're the same kind of Doll. We have all the time to confirm this.
You won't resist, I trust? After all, Griffin's firepower can't hope to measure up to me in a one-to-one.

FAL Then what exactly are you going to do, Alchemist? Where's your weapon? Aren't you going to load it?

Alchemist walks slowly into the room and puts her weapon down on the table.

Alchemist To be honest, FAL, I don't like guns.
They're too quick. They don't give me time to fully taste all the intricate emotions from your kind.
I want to take it slow. One should make the most out of what they enjoy, right?

Alchemist drags a chair over from the table and sits down cross-legged.

Alchemist Sit, FAL, and let's have a chat.
If I find you interesting, I might let you live.

FAL Is that what you do to your other prey?

Alchemist You'll find out after your friends rescue them, won't you?

FAL ...

Alchemist I know what you're planning, but I don't care.
They'll have to do their utmost best and pray for good luck if they want to get away from the dummies and subordinates I've left there.
But don't worry about them. We should focus on enjoying ourselves.

Alchemist Now, I'm gonna start first.
FAL...do you like shoes?

FAL ...
You have the right person, Alchemist.