EP. 06-4  Prisoner (1)

Griffin Control, Area S08, several minutes later.

M16A1 Commander, sorry but I have bad news to report.
We have lost contact with M4A1 and SOP-II while they were pursuing AR-15...

Negev Hey, M16, Commander! Are you there?!
We just discovered SOP-II's whereabouts!

M16A1 Huh? Are their comms back on?

Negev Not sure. We're only reading SOP-II's signal. No news of M4 yet.
And SOP-II hasn't been responding to our calls either.
In any case, I'm sending you her coordinates!

Negev This area isn't very far from the base, but a large amount of Sangvis units came surging in just now.

M16A1 What? Is Alchemist making a comeback?

Negev No idea, but it doesn't really look like it...
First of all, the numbers are too great. Commanding this many units is beyond Alchemist's authorization level.
Secondly, their movements...seem kinda chaotic. There doesn't seem to be a clear objective either.

M16A1 If they aren't directed at us, then we don't have to be too worried for now.
Let's report to Helian and ask her to consult the database for any plausible Ringleader suspect.

Negev That's precisely my plan. But you guys be careful too.
The commander's troops must break through here to get to SOP-II.
Luckily, signal is now back to normal, so the commander can direct our forces into the area.

M16A1 Understood, Negev.
Commander, please move with caution. Off we go to SOP-II's rescue!

EP. 06-4  Prisoner (2)

M16A1 reached the destination and started searching for M4 SOPMOD II.

M16A1 ...SOP-II!
SOP-II, are you okay? Wake up!

M4 SOPMOD II Ugh... M16? Is that you?
Hmm... Uhh... Where's M4...

M16A1 I thought you knew. You're the only one I saw when I got here.
Here, get up. What the hell happened?!

She was with me just now... We were looking for AR-15, until...

M16A1 You got ambushed? Who was it, do you remember?

M4 SOPMOD II I can't possibly...forget...
M16, I just don't understand...

Negev Hey, M16! You guys still there?!

M16A1 Yeah... I just met up with SOP-II, but...

Negev Listen. We just reported everything to Helian, and she thinks something's really off.
She advices us to abort the mission of finding AR-15 and withdraw from the area for the time being.

Negev Do you copy, M16? We are in grave danger right now.
Inform the commander ASAP! We're moving out of Area S08, leaving no one behind!


ST AR-15 ...
Hey, you. You up yet?

M4A1 Who...are you?

ST AR-15 Me...?
I'm here to pick you up.

M4A1 Pick me up me? ...For what?

ST AR-15 Just how dumb are you...
To bring you to meet the others.
Your friends. They're waiting for you.

M4A1 Friends?
No one matches the definition of 'friend' in my memory module.
Does that mean...I have no friends yet?

ST AR-15 ...
In that case, I'm your first friend.

ST AR-15 Argh... This sucks...


M4A1 Ugh...

ST AR-15 You up yet?

M4A1 AR...15...
Where...are we...?

ST AR-15 An abandoned control center. No one knows about this place.
I'm just gonna ask you some questions. Answer them truthfully.

M4A1 AR-15, I know you must have a very good reason for doing this, right?!
What has Alchemist done with me?! What is the deal with the signal jam?!

ST AR-15 Answer my questions. That's the only thing you can do now.
Question one

M4A1 ...
Yes, it was a memory fragment. I could see, and I could hear...

ST AR-15 Question two

M4A1 I think it was the first time...I was awakened...
I heard your voice. You made me open my eyes...

ST AR-15 Then...last question. Answer me truthfully.

ST AR-15 M4A1...Who are you?

M4A1 ...??
What...do you mean...?

ST AR-15 Answer me, M4.
I'm fighting for everyone's survival here...
Yours, the commander's, Griffin's...
So hurry up and answer me, M4A1.
...Who exactly are you?