EP. 06-5  Resolve (1)

Griffin Control, Area S08.

Negev Commander! Commander, do you copy?
Information from various sources all indicate Sangvis forces are congregating in this direction.
HQ has issued directives for all Griffin troops to withdraw from this area until further notice.
However, our squad got intercepted by Sangvis troops while we were making our retreat.

Negev Granted, I'd love nothing more than a bloodbath, but it's better to exercise caution for now.
So please, Commander. I'll have to trouble you to lend us a hand.
Our base is right here. Thank you, and please hurry!

EP. 06-5  Resolve (2)

Combat over. Squad Negev safe for the time being.

Negev Phew... Finally, it's over.
Thanks, Commander. We've troubled you many times already.
But this area is still filled with Sangvis forces. Don't let down your guard, guys.

Galil Hey... Has any of you seen M16?
She should've collected SOP-II long ago, right? Why isn't she back yet?

TAR-21 She must've got information on M4 or AR-15 and didn't want us to get involved?

Negev Dammit! All these rule breakers!
Turn on your comms and search for them!

TAR-21 Sorry... I'm not reading any of their signals.
Seriously... It's so dangerous here. She should've moved out the moment she realized comms are being jammed...

Negev ...

Negev Unless...the jam happens to be what she's after...


ST AR-15 In that case, I'm your first friend.
Argh... This sucks.

M4A1 You are...AR-15?

ST AR-15 Oh? You know me?

M4A1 Your firearm...matches the description of T-Doll AR-15's in my memory module.

ST AR-15 Is that so...

M4A1 You do not...seem very happy?

ST AR-15 I'm not unhappy.
Making friends with you is the first order I was given. Displaying enthusiasm is also part of the order.

M4A1 But...if you are happy, should you not smile?

ST AR-15 ...
Then order me to smile. Give me an order, and I'll do it.

M4A1 You want me to...give you an order?

ST AR-15 Give me an order. Order me to do whatever you want me to do.
This is your prerogative, M4A1. Everything is prepared for your sake.

M4A1 ...


M4A1 This is...my memory?

?? Yes, M4A1 of Griffin.

?? This is your very first memory.

M4A1 Who are you?! What are you doing?!

?? Looking for the answer to the question just now.
The answer to the question...of who you really are.

M4A1 I am a T-Doll under the employment of Griffin and a member of the AR Team.
Other than that, I do not know how else to answer.

?? Sure enough, the memory in your neural cloud completely mirrors that of AR-15.
But this isn't what I want. So c'mon, tell me the answer.

M4A1 I told you. I do not know...

?? How can you not know the reason you were made?
Tell me! C'mon, tell me!

M4A1 I do not know!
I don't know the freaking answer! You jerk! Freak!
Who the hell are you?! Leave me alone!!

?? Why are you angry?
Why can't you treat me nicely like everyone else?

ST AR-15 ...Because she really doesn't know the answer.
The neural clouds of the AR Team members have all been encrypted by 16Lab. Many files are not accessible even to ourselves.
Looks like the information regarding M4 is one of them. I can't read them even through Parapluie...

?? ...In other words, you've failed to bring me information about M4A1.
You've broken your end of the deal, AR-15 of Griffin...

ST AR-15 I told you right from the start that this most likely won't work...

Clap! Clap!

?? ...I despise oath breakers.
Go, Alchemist. The authorization is now yours.
Take M4A1. The rest is dispensable.

Alchemist You hear that, AR-15?
You have M4A1 with you, right? Then we'll meet very soon...
At long last, I can do you in with my own hands!

ST AR-15 Alchemist...
Don't get ahead of yourself, you won't get what you want so easily.

Alchemist But you have nowhere else to go, AR-15...
You know that better than anyone else, right? As the first experimental subject of Plan Parapluie, and...
...The source of this signal jam.
Before long, you'll regret not delivering M4A1 to us while you can...