EP. 07-1  New Job (1)

...Five days after Griffin's withdrawal from Area S08.

Helian Commander, Mr. Kryuger has reviewed your application.
You've requested to change your charge from Area S09 to S05...
Mr. Kryuger fully understands your reasons and after due consideration, your request has been officially granted.
The reassignment will be processed within the next three business days, and this reassignment will only mean a change in your combat duties.
You'll be keeping your base so your daily management won't be affected.

Helian Your duty is to take charge of the security contractor work in Area S05, which includes daily patrols, regular reports, and assisting HQ in operations.
For more details, please refer to the work handbook, which Miss Kalin should've already sent you. Consult her if you have any questions.
Lastly, all the best in your new post.

Call ended.

The next day.

Kalin Commander, this is Area S05, our new contracted area.
It may be a bit remote, but being this far away from the Sangvis frontline, there shouldn't be much to do.
Cheer up and send our T-Dolls on patrol!

EP. 07-1  New Job (2)

Today's patrol completed.

Kalin That wraps up today's operation. Thanks for the hard work!

Kalin According to your report, Commander, some Sangvis units have appeared on the border of Area S05.
I'm filing it to Miss Helian just to be safe.

Kalin Oh? You wanna see Miss Helian, too?

Kalin ...
Ah... Still wanna fight for that?
After all...that's what you're here for.

Ten minutes later. Secured a call with Helian.

Helian Commander, I have read the report you just uploaded.
Your vigilance is commendable, but further directives will have to wait till the conference at HQ is over.
Is there anything else?

Helian switches the communication channel.

Helian ...I'm sorry, Commander, but it's impossible to grant this particular request.
You may not see the AR Team at the moment.
It's nothing personal, nor is it about the outcome of the last operation.
Apart from me and the supervising T-Doll within the detention center, nobody is currently authorized to interact with members of the AR Team.

Helian As you know, that incident cost us the entire Area S08, and we suffered severe economic loss because of that.
We tried our best to keep word from getting out, but with all the slanders from our competitors, Griffin's reputation has still taken quite a blow, which is also a heavy, if intangible, loss to us.

Helian And all this happened because AR-15 was infected by the Parapluie virus.
Sorry, I'm not pushing the blame onto a single T-Doll. We are also deeply sorry for what happened to AR-15...
But in order to prevent the tragedy from repeating itself, we must treat all personnel who have been in contact with Parapluie with extreme caution from now on, even if it means going to extremes.

Helian Which is why the AR Team must undergo mandatory detention until it is confirmed that none of them shows any traces of having been implanted with Parapluie.
During the observation period, their personal freedom is limited. They cannot leave the detention center, nor can they have any contact with the outside world.
But rest assured, I will ensure that their daily life is well taken care of, as befits the treatment of elite T-Dolls, and that they will not be mistreated in any way.

Helian ...Still not convinced?
Commander, I know you are deeply concerned about their current situation. We understand your sentiment.
Which is why we accepted your application and permitted you to transfer your work to Area S05...
...The very area in which the detention center currently housing the AR Team is located.
But any further contact with them is not in line with HQ's arrangement. I hope you'll understand...

Call ended.