EP. 07-1N  일방적인 회상 Ⅰ (1)


??? ...Let's put it this way, Negev.
If today was to be your last day... If it's gonna be over for you today, what would you do?

Negev I...
I'm not sure...
I'd probably give myself a holiday. Read in the dorm, listen to some music, and water my flowers.

??? Water your flowers... So you like flowers too?

Negev Well, I'm not crazy about them. It's just a hobby.

??? How leisurely of you... Wouldn't you want to make up for some of your regrets?

Negev Regrets? With the precious little time I have left? Why?

??? Don't you have any regrets?

Negev She once said...
"If someone tells the whole world 'I love you' on their very last day, they're lying."

??? But you never know how to lie, I know.

Negev I just want to be myself, Jericho... The closer I am to dying, the more I want that.

...Jericho chuckles with great difficulty in the shadows.

Jericho That's exactly why I chose you...
To be my adjutant...over them...

Negev I don't know...
If I've actually made myself useful...

Jericho Goes without saying that you've only been dragging us down ever since you joined us.

Negev Yeah, I'm "a piece of junk with zero self-control". Your exact words.

Jericho Humph...
Let's talk about something else. Something lighter.

Negev Is the 【Test】 still not over?
Is this really necessary, Jericho? It's been two hours. If the rescue party still can't get to us, we'll...

Jericho The rescue party can't get to us. That's exactly why we should have a chat.

...Negev takes a slow, deep breath.

Negev ...
Could this be...the final step of the 【Test】?

Jericho Is there any other choice? Even I can't think of anything else, not to mention you.
So, how have you been doing at Griffin recently?

Negev (Sighs) You said you wanted to discuss a lighter subject...

Jericho I'm sure you're keeping something from me.

...Negev falls silent for a while and finally sighs.

Negev Fine. There's no hiding from you. I was planning to tell you at a more proper occasion.
A week ago, my squad carried out a major operation for the Commander.

Jericho Wait, YOUR squad? You're my adjutant.

Negev It was temporary. I was ordered to lead a mission in Area S05 during your last recovery.

Jericho Area S05? That's not a very nice place.

Negev Well, it was no better than the hellholes you've led us into.
Plus, I've taken an enemy head-on that even you would find surprising.

Jericho You encountered the Mastermind?

Negev One of her aces.

Jericho And you lived? You expect me to believe a little girl like you defeated a Sangvis Elite and survived?
Go on then, tell me all about it. I want to know.

Negev Ah, there it is again. Miss Jericho's infamous "not really the best time".

Jericho I'm still you leader here. I won't go easy on you.

Negev Yeah, you've always been terrifying, even with your body like this...

Jericho Even if there's nothing left of it but my head, you have to obey me. As I've said before -

Negev I know, I know. "You're mine. All my subordinates are mine."

Jericho And come closer. I can't hear you very well anymore.

...Negev sits up and shifts over.

Negev Now, where do we start?

Jericho Start from when you hopped off the carrier. Skip over the part where you received your orders like a hotshot.

Negev Tsk... Shame...
After receiving my orders, I led my subordinates off the carrier... Then...
Let me think...

Jericho You must've made a fool of yourself.

Negev No, back then...I was...

Galil Negev?

Negev Oh, right. Galil called my name...


Galil ...Negev. Negev?

Negev ...Huh?

Galil Don't "huh" me. What are you spacing out for?


Negev Back then, I was spacing out.

Jericho See? Told ya.

Negev I like thinking. Or have your forgotten?

Jericho Yeah, I have. What happened then? What did Galil say?

Negev Same old things. Rambling on and worrying about everything. And ended up being right about everything.


Galil Focus, Negev. Can't you take this a bit more seriously?

Negev Ha, I was just thinking about something.

Galil Huh? Even you "think"? What was it that you said? That famous quote of yours? "Thinking..."

Negev "Thinking is for idiots. Prodigies need only their ingenuity."
But this is an important mission. I'm just being extra cautious.

Galil Cautious? Ha, ha. Look at me, Negev.
Let me see how you define "cautious".

Negev Being cautious means I want you to help me with recon.

Galil Give me a route that'll allow me to finish mapping out the area without dying. Then I'll go.

Negev Humph, you make it sound like a challenge for me.

Galil Might not be for you, not sure about our superior. Don't make trouble for the Commander.

Negev Everything is up to fate. I'm just an enforcer.

Galil Lovely. More Negev-esque quotes... Yep, you're still you.
I'm off to make my prep. Contact the Commander.


Jericho I didn't know you can be so cocky.

Negev Being self-assured and being cocky are two different things.
Any T-Doll will become an elite under your hellish training.

Jericho IF she survives it.

Negev That's why I'm the only elite.
As I've promised, I'll make it till the very end.


Negev Good evening, Commander. Did you sleep well? I hope you've adjusted your biorhythm properly.
Have you finished reading the mission brief?
...Hey, is that a yawn? I told you to fix your body clock, didn't I?
...I don't want to hear your excuses. Go wash your face and let's begin the operation.


Negev Feeling better, Commander? Can we start?
This mission is highly dangerous. We're heading deep into Sangvis territory to retrieve something. Conflict with S.F. is probable.
The Ringleader presiding over the area is still unidentified, but don't worry. Just listen to my advice.
As a Griffin elite, it's my job to help you achieve victory. Trust me.
Now let's be on our way!

EP. 07-1N  일방적인 회상 Ⅰ (2)

Combat over.

Galil Are we safe?

Negev We're safe.

Galil Miss Negev, is your idea of "safe" the same as mine?

Negev You weren't such a coward back when you first joined us, Miss Galil.

Galil It's clearly all thanks to you, my valiant ladyship.

Negev You're welcome. You good to go?

Galil Alright, alright. I'm heading to the opposite outpost, right?
Where have you stationed Tavor and the others?

Negev You'll see them.

Galil I know you like hiding tricks up your sleeve.
Well, off I go. Good luck.