EP. 07-2  Sabotage (1)

The day after the report.

Kalin Commander, HQ has issued directives following the report.
Helian said the detection of Sangvis units in Area S05 coincided with recent Sangvis activities...
Judging by that, they were probably just some small reinforcement passing by the area.

Kalin Routinely speaking, we can pay them no mind and just leave the clean-up to other troops...
But there's nothing wrong with being too cautious, so HQ still wants you to destroy their command post.
After all, that'll give us enough time to react if Sangvis Ferri really is after Area S05.

Kalin Alright-y! Let's begin the operation once our troops are ready to deploy!

EP. 07-2  Sabotage (2)

...Finished cleaning up the Sangvis command post.

Kalin This operation went well too, Commander.
The search didn't yield anything significant. Looks like they really were just passing by.

Kalin Oh, and one more thing. Miss Helian sent word for you to give her a call after the operation. She's probably sorted out my request...

Kalin ...Yeah. What's that about?
You'd better ask her in person.

Calling Helian after a short break.

Helian Congratulations, Commander. HQ will verify your reports and reward you accordingly.
You seem to have grown accustomed to working in Area S05, but don't let your guard down. The war is far from over.
Additionally, I have carried out Miss Kalin's request...
...You'll probably be glad to hear these voices.

Helian plays an audio recording.

M16A1 M4, M4!

M4 SOPMOD II Hey, M4! It's started!

M4A1 ...!

...M4A1's voice, calm and weary, can be heard in the recording.

M4A1 Hello, Commander...
It has been a week. I hope you are doing well?
We are very safe here, and very well taken care of.
Our movements are restricted, but...we completely understand the measures HQ has taken...
After all, we are not the only ones who went through that ordeal, nor are we the only ones who...suffered...
Do not worry about us, Commander. And thank you for your concern and the protection you offer...
We will actively cooperate with HQ's work and look forward to seeing you again...

Audio stops.

Helian This is the best I can do during such uneasy times.
Is there anything you wish to say to M4, Commander?
...Understood. Send the recording to me later. I'll play it to them when I call them tomorrow night.
In the meantime, please continue to follow HQ's directives and fulfill your duties as commander.

Call ended.