EP. 07-2N  일방적인 회상 Ⅱ (1)

Half an hour later.

Galil Galil hailing Negev. Do you copy?

Negev Get on with it.

Galil Target location is confirmed. It's inside that abandoned car factory, just as our intel says.

Negev Humph. Of course. It's my intel.

Galil Fine, fine. Everything is yours. We're all yours.
But you know how to read a map, right? You see how far we are from the car factory?

Negev Is it that far? It's only a three-hour walk, right?

Galil We could get there in three hours IF this was a smooth marathon route with no enemies or obstacles.
Guess where we are, my lady?

Galil We're in bloody Sangvis territory!

Negev That's why I sent you to scout ahead.

Galil Ha, ha, ha. How "cautious" of you.
Now what? I did my job. What about you?

Negev You stay here and keep gathering intel. The Commander is about to lead our echelons forward.
I'll get in touch with Tavor and find out her infiltration progress.

Galil Hmm, Negev?

Negev What?

Galil Be careful.

Negev It's just a night op. Nothing I can't handle.

Galil I keep saying...
Whatever. Do your best. Keep everyone safe.


Jericho Negev.

Negev Hmm?

Jericho You're too reckless.

Negev I know.

Jericho You didn't learn anything I taught you.

Negev I wouldn't call that teaching, Jericho. You sent me to die.
Even if I had learned anything, I forgot all about it after dying.

Jericho I told you I'll help you remember.

Negev But then...we'll forget about you.

Jericho I don't care. We are soldiers.

Negev Humans don't leave their own safety in the hands of cold, rigid robots. That's why they chose us.
My neural cloud tells me that I don't want to forget you. If I can have my way, no one will ever forget you.

Jericho Who taught you...to have such..."thoughts"?

Negev ...
What on earth are you afraid of, Jericho?

Jericho ...
You really have grown a little when I wasn't looking... At least in terms of rhetoric.
But what exactly was your target of retrieval in your operation?

Negev Well...wait for it...
Let me organize my thoughts. I'll reveal it in good time.

Jericho I was right. When you retire, you'll make a great talk show host.

Negev Anyway, so I directed the Commander to advance towards the car factory.
After a skirmish, we took the outpost and got in touch with Tavor...

EP. 07-2N  일방적인 회상 Ⅱ (2)

Combat over.

Negev Everything's been going smoothly, Commander.
Where exactly is this legendary enemy that no one has ever seen? Somewhere further in?
...Hmm? Enemies? I thought we've taken care of them all?
Keeping a low profile and killing everything we come across are essentially the same thing, right? Now then...

TAR-21 Tavor hailing Negev! Negev, are you there?

Negev Negev is never absent. What is it?

TAR-21 Sorry, the situation has changed.
My movement has alerted Sangvis forces to our presence. They're currently congregating near the car factory.
If we can get there in half an hour, we'll still have a chance to retrieve our target without engaging them directly.

Negev You got that, Galil?
Check our progress for me...
Hey, Galil...?

...Pzzzt. Pzzzt.

Galil ...Negev! Do you copy?!
I've been spotted and surrounded! I need support and route of retreat!

Negev At the same time?

Galil Same time? What do you mean? Hurry up and come get me!

Negev Tell me the fastest route from my current location to the car factory and the time it'll take to get there. Then we'll deal with the rescue.

Galil Arghhhh here it is again! The Negev-esque negotiation! Where the hell did you pick that up?!

Negev Negev is a prodigy. I was born knowing how to spell "victory", remember?
Hurry. We don't have much time.

Galil Alright, alright! I've sent you the route. You can make it in 25 minutes, but only if you can get past the next outpost fast enough!

Negev And what's the fastest way of doing that?

Galil Don't be spotted too often, or kill everyone who sees you.

Negev Perfect.

Galil As for my rescue, will Tavor-

Negev Tavor is still busy and can't join you yet. Hold on and don't die.

Galil What? Hey, then how...

...Click. Negev hangs up.

Negev Okay. Let me finish the job.