EP. 07-3  Daily Patrols (1)

The day after the purge on the Sangvis command post.

Kalin Ready to start a new day, Commander?
Today's work is as follows...

Kalin ...Patrols.
Ah... Yep, patrols again.
We've been looking forward to peaceful days, but it sure takes some getting used to now that things have actually quieted down.

Kalin ...Huh? Why are ya apologizing all of a sudden?

Kalin Haha, yeah, it's all your fault for requesting to be reassigned to a place like this.
But I don't think your decision was wrong, Commander.
After all, we only managed to come this far by sharing such thoughts...
Be it simple victories or the chance of making more friends, all this experience adds more color to my life.

Kalin It's why I joined Griffin in the first place, and following you has made my dreams come true.
So wherever you go, you'll have me by your side.

Kalin All right, let's get on with our work!
The Sangvis command post was trashed, but there are still small-scale enemy activities.
Dispatch our T-Dolls and clean them up!

EP. 07-3  Daily Patrols (2)

Early evening on the same day, after patrols.
I've compiled the report for the day and recorded the audio file for the AR Team, which is being uploaded to HQ...

Meanwhile, in the center of Area S05, Griffin territory.
Griffin Detention Centre codenamed “Mario's Princess”, altered from an abandoned human sanatorium.

System Broadcast Routine inspections over. Tactical Dolls M4A1,
Please return to your quarters.

M16A1 Phew...

m45 Everyone on the AR Team, this way please.

M4 SOPMOD II Gosh... It's finally over...
It's the same every single day. When is it gonna end?!

M16A1 16LAB is still working on a way to counter Parapluie.
They'll probably turn us loose once they've got some result...

M4 SOPMOD II Tsk.. Persica'd better hurry.
I can't take this much longer...
AR-15 is gone... But Sangvis Ferri is still doing whatever the hell they please...

M16A1 ...
SOP-II, we WILL have vengeance.
Helian promised she'd assign us an operation once we're outta here.
We'll keep on fulfilling the purpose of the AR Team and turn Sangvis Ferri inside-out till we get to the bottom of Mastermind's identity.

M4 SOPMOD II Yeah? Then I can't wait to get started...
We might as well go straight for this Mastermind!
Arghhhh let me out! I wanna tear her to pieces! Pull out all her teeth! And hack off her head!

M4A1 Shut it!
Can you just keep quiet?!


M4A1 (Softly) ...Sorry.

...M4 walks ahead alone.

M16A1 Just pipe down a little, SOP-II.
M4 is taking it the hardest...
And you know how hard she tried to put on a happy face in the recording for the commander yesterday.
After all...she feels the most guilty for what happened...

m45 Um... Miss M4, dinner is ready.
Would you like to dine in the cafeteria or should I bring it to your quarters?

M4A1 ...
Cinnamon rolls again?

m45 Apologies. Ingredients are limited at the detention center. Cinnamon rolls and sandwiches are all I can make.
I'm working hard on improving the recipes and will try to dish out something new tomorrow.

M4 SOPMOD II Uh... So it'll still be bread...

m45 Deepest apologies. Due to security concerns, HQ has restricted the resources coming in and out of the detention center...

M16A1 Nah it's fine. You're already trying your best to jazz it up even if it's just cinnamon rolls.
M4, let's go to the cafeteria. We gotta talk to Helian later anyway.

M4 SOPMOD II Oh yeah! And she'll play us a recording from the commander, right?

M4A1 ...
I am not in the mood. Go on your own.

m45 Miss M4, you should still take your meal. HQ has given...

M4A1 ...HQ has given specific orders for me to eat, you mean?

M4A1 So no matter what it is, as long as it is an order from Griffin, I have to do it, yes?!

m45 Miss M4, please calm down...

M4A1 Who are they to lock me up in here?!
We are T-Dolls produced by 16LAB! We are only loaned to Griffin!

m45 (Whimpers)

M16A1 Hey, M4! Don't take it out on her!
m45 is only a supervisor here. I know you're pissed but don't use her as a punching bag!

Negev Hey, what's going on in here?
What's all this fuss about?

M4A1 ...

M4 SOPMOD II Ah, Miss Negev...
M4 isn't in a good mood. Did we disturb you?

Negev Humph... Nah it's fine...
But seriously, what's the deal with your leader? I haven't even said a word all the while I've been here...

M16A1 There's no helping it. The AR Team's neural framework is a bit different from that of IOP T-Dolls.
The emotional fluctuations can be more volatile...

Negev Humph. You're also 16LAB's lab rats, but I don't see you two sulking.
At least try to LOOK like a leader. She's not the only one in a bad mood.
Just think about me. I only went in there to rescue you guys, but ended up being locked up and scrutinized in here too...

M4A1 ...I did not ask you to rescue us.

M16A1 M4!

Negev Ha! Sorry, dear! No matter how outstandingly capable I am, in the end I'm only a lowly T-Doll fabricated by IOP.
Put it simply

m45 Um... Everyone please calm down...
It's almost time for Miss Helian's call. If she sees this...


m45 Oh, that must be Miss Helian.

M16A1 ...She seems to be earlier than usual.

m45 accepts the call.

m45 Hello, Miss Helian?


?? Found you.

m45 ...Hmm?

?? There you are, M4A1.

M16A1 Hey, who the hell are you?! Show your face!

...A soft clap is heard from the other end of the call.

?? Go.
I want M4A1 alive. The rest...
...Are expendable.

M4 SOPMOD II m45! Duck!

m45 ...Huh?


Negev W-What happened?!

M16A1 m45 got shot!
SOP-II give me a hand! Drag her to the back!
Dammit! Our comms are jammed again! I can't send a distress signal!

M4 SOPMOD II Sangvis Ferri! They're here! They're everywhere!

M16A1 Quick, M4! Command us to counterattack!

M4A1 What? Me?

M16A1 Still not catching on, M4?!
Hurry up and organize a counterattack, or we'll all die here!

M4A1 But...
Asking me to command so many T-Dolls all of a sudden... Not to mention most of them are unfamiliar faces...

M16A1 That's precisely why we need you, M4!
There are no commanders here. You are the only one with the same level of commanding efficiency in the whole of Griffin.
That's why, M4, you are our only hope...

M16 grips M4's shoulders...

M16A1 We said we'd get outta here together, didn't we?

M4A1 ...

M4A1 Understood.
M16, give me some time to calibrate my modules and improve my condition...

M16A1 Sure. We'll try our best to buy you time.
SOP-II, let's go!

M4A1 Asking so much of me all of a sudden...
...(Breathes deeply)
But...there is no other way...
...Off we go!