EP. 07-3N  일방적인 회상 Ⅲ (1)


Jericho So you abandoned your friends?

Negev I didn't forget what you'd taught me, Jericho.
My mission is more important than my friends because...

Jericho Because T-Doll friends can be rebuilt, but a failed mission is failed.
Looks like you stick to this principle better than I do.

Negev Someone has to keep your flair alive. And someone has to be play the villain.

Jericho ...
You have your own path to walk, Negev.

Negev Perhaps you've pointed me to the wrong way.

Jericho Oh, I've compiled a list of what's wrong with you.
But this...
If Griffin's okay with this, then I have nothing to say.

Negev Then let me continue. The next part is crucial.


TAR-21 Negev, are you leaving Galil behind?

Negev Don't worry about her.
We can only choose a side, so we're choosing the more important one.

TAR-21 You're right. This is more "worth it".
Did the Commander say anything?

Negev I've reported my whole plan. The Commander trusts me.
Can you handle what's inside of the factory, Tavor?

TAR-21 I can only keep the gates open for three minutes. Will that be enough?

Negev Three minutes? That's stretching it a bit...

TAR-21 Well, that's your problem, my lady.

Negev Ha. Aren't you worried that I won't come get you?

TAR-21 You said your mission is more important than your friends. Or was that a lie?

Negev ...Alright, I shouldn't have tried to haggle.
On my mark. Open the gates of the factory when I give the order.

TAR-21 Ready whenever you are.

...Click. Transmission terminated.

Negev The clock is ticking, Commander. We gotta pick up the pace.
...Hold on, did you fall asleep?
Jeez... I put some energy drinks in the fridge. Grab a can and down it all now.
Okay? Then hurry. I'll be waiting.

...Gulp. Gulp...

Negev Well? Feeling better?
Seriously, just imagine if I weren't your adjutant.
Now buckle up. It'll be a bad news if we miss the chance and run into the Ringleader.
...What? I'm not afraid. Isn't it my job as your adjutant to find the best solution for you?
...That's right. We can't let all our efforts and sacrifices be in vain. Let's go!

EP. 07-3N  일방적인 회상 Ⅲ (2)

Combat over. Right outside the factory.

Negev We got here sooner than expected. That's some great improvement you've shown, Commander.
I knew I was right to choose you after the last operation with M4A1.
Now let's finish the last step.

TAR-21 Negev, the Sangvis patrols will reach my position in 15 minutes. Can you draw them away?

Negev I don't have any hands to spare here.

TAR-21 If something happens to me, you're dead meat. You know that, right?

Negev Sure I do, so just sit tight.
"They" should be back any minute now.

Galil Hey, Negev!

Negev What the hell, so you did survive.

Galil Ha, thanks to you.
But can't you send someone more reliable to my rescue next time?

Micro Uzi Hey, why are you being so picky about your savior? I didn't even get a proper "thank you"!

Galil Huh? If I hadn't helped you get rid of the pursuing Sangvis units, you would've been in pretty deep crap yourself.

Micro Uzi I only had them on my tail because I had to come save your butt! Why did I have to take on such a thankless task the moment I reported back for duty?!

Galil Haha, well sorry, I'm not the kinda girl who grovels at somebody's feet in gratitude just because they did me a favor.

Micro Uzi I know that. That's why I hate coming back! The whole squad is made up of unreasonable nutcases!

Negev But you did come back.
Humph, guess you can't find anywhere more suitable for you.

Micro Uzi Tsk, that's entirely your fault.
Especially you, Negev! You're the craziest bastard of them all!

Negev Doing everything perfectly isn't my strong suit. I can live with just winning.

Micro Uzi Seriously... Where the hell did you pick up this "get the job done no matter the cost" attitude?!
Aren't we all selfish cheapskates here?!

Negev That's enough. Since you've passed the test, get started on the next task already.

Micro Uzi Hey, I didn't say-

Negev Tavor has run into some trouble. Galil and Uzi, go make some noise and draw away the nearby patrols.
Get it done in ten minutes. Chop chop.

Galil Ha, that's more than enough. Let me fix my hair first. The sandstorm...

Micro Uzi Cut that crap! We've only got ten minutes! Get up!

Galil Hey! You-!
Wait, there's no rush-

...Transmission ends.

Negev Now that's settled.
All that's left is the Sangvis Ringleader...
The Dummy that haunts the factory like a ghost...

Dreamer Oh my... Whose Dummy are you talking about, young lady?

Negev ...!
According to my intel, you should be-

Dreamer Where should I be? I can be anywhere.
Especially when you need me to.

Negev So you...are the formidable enemy that no one dares touch.
Have you been watching us the whole time? With your remote control Dummy?

Dreamer Well, this is my backyard. I can't let any outsiders sully it.
I could be wrong, but maybe you just happen to have stumbled in here by accident and now plan to run away with your tail between your legs?

Negev Don't go causing new trouble on the battlefield. That's what my senior has taught me.

Dreamer But somehow I get the idea that like me, you're not a very good girl.

Negev Indeed. I've always let her down and been a burden to her...
That's why she'll never forget me, the bad student who's always full of surprises.

Dreamer So am I also a surprise to you?

Negev ...No.
A part of you will be. I'll take my pick after the fight.

Dreamer Negev. That's your name, isn't it?
This is the first time we talked, but...I've already grown quite fond of you...

Dreamer So...can I eat you?