EP. 07-4  Ambush (1)

Seven minutes after the end of the daily routine patrols.

Helian Commander, there's an emergency!
Communication has been cut off from the detention center currently holding the AR Team. The situation is identical to the last Parapluie attack.
At the same time, a large number of Sangvis units have suddenly emerged within Area S05 and are moving to the detention center.
But we can't take the risk of storming the building at the moment, so we can only count on the defense system and our T-Dolls inside.
Your priority is to destroy the Sangvis troops on the outside to alleviate the pressure faced by those within the detention center.
Please mobilize as quickly as you can and try your best to stop the enemy from surging into the building!

EP. 07-4  Ambush (2)

Meanwhile, within the detention center codenamed “Mario's Princess”.
Medical Room, 4/F. An hour into the counterattack.

FF FN49 U-Um, FNC! I'm out of ammo!

FF FNC Hmm... But I can't let you have mine.

Skorpion Hey! What are you doing? Didn't I tell you to hold your fire here?!
There are too many of them on the floors below! We're gonna be wiped out soon!

FF FN49 But we still haven't finished off the enemies here!

Skorpion But there are more of them downstairs!

FF FNC But they're still very far from us!

Skorpion But they have a much longer firing range!

FF FN49 But the enemies here have more firepower!

Skorpion Hmm... You do have a point...

Skorpion Ahhhhhhh!
No commander, and no preset stratagem! What should I do?! Somebody please tell me!


FF FN49 Um... The floor below seems to have cleared up!
Huh? You...

M4A1 Everyone cease your fire and retreat to the dormitory common room on the third floor!

FF FN49 Huh? You are...

FF FNC You're not a member of our team, but you can give us orders??

Skorpion Who cares! Just listen to her and retreat!

Dormitory Common Room, five minutes later.

M16A1 M4, Skorpion's group is the last batch. All T-Dolls on the second to fourth floors are all here.
(Hands over)The ones on this list are too seriously injured for further combat.

M4A1 Got it. I shall assign suitable units to care for them.

M4 SOPMOD II But what about the ones on the first floor and in the basement?

FF FNC We make our way down there and bust them out, bien sur!

FF FN49 But...the signal is completely jammed. Barging our way through will surely be dangerous...

Negev Calm down, you lot. It's not like we don't have a commander here.

FF FNC Commander? But the commander ISN'T here...

FF FN49 (Whimpers) The commander hasn't come... Maybe we've been left for dead...

Skorpion Hey, enough with the rubbish!

M4A1 Everybody please listen.

M4A1 Have you noticed? The Sangvis attack has significantly weakened compared to an hour ago...
Which means the commander has been destroying a lot of enemy units on the outside - for our sake.
The commander has made it in time and is doing everything that is possible to aid us...
Now we only have to finish off what is left of the enemies, and we will be safe.

Skorpion But how do we make it down there? We don't even have something that remotely resembles an autonomous stratagem...

M4A1 That is unnecessary. I shall command you.
I am a special T-Doll developed by 16LAB and equipped with a highly efficient module for issuing commands.
If the occasion calls for it, I can give orders in the commander's place. Even if electronic communication is down, I can give verbal orders.

FF FN49 So...that means...you're our commander for now, right?

FF FNC Uh... But we saw you once before, and you were super suspicious back then...
Besides, wasn't Skorpion set up by the AR Team?
They used her then just let her get captured by Sangvis Ferri...or something...

Skorpion ...
No, that's not what happened...

Skorpion I was abandoned by my original commander on the field along with some other squads...
Agent from S.F. brought along so many units we were almost completely overwhelmed...
If it hadn't been for M4, we'd probably have met our end then and there.

Skorpion So I trust her. Or at the very least, I trust her abilities!

FF FN49 I-I also think it's worth a shot! It certainly beats cowering in here!

FF FNC Ugh... If that's what everyone has decided on...
M4, you'll get us all out of here, right?!

M4A1 (Nods) I will.
I will try my utmost best in being a temporary commander and lead us all to victory.

M16A1 Don't just try. Do it.
Tonight, we MUST survive!

M4A1 ... (Nods)
Everyone move according to my orders!
Let us make our way out of this place!

M4A1 I must stop eating my heart out...
I have to live... Make use of my abilities...and live through this with my friends!