EP. 08-1  Report Meeting (1)

Two months after the conclusion of Operation Arctic Warfare.
...Morning, outside a military branch.

Kryuger We shouldn't meet if we can help it...

Kryuger ...General Carter.

Carter You're right. IF we can help it... But this meeting is necessary. I'm here to give you some reminders.
You should thank Central Command for organizing this PMC Reception. We wouldn't have had the chance to arrange this unofficial meeting otherwise.
My car is just round the corner down this street. It won't take long.

...Kryuger nods. Brigadier General Carter follows him into Griffin's private vehicle.

Kryuger Judging from Lyco's AI data, we're onto something.

Carter And I'm sure your 'something' must be so insignificant you didn't even bother to report it.

Kryuger That's because...we've been having some minor issues. We still need some time to resolve them.

Carter (Sighs) Berezovich, you're my former subordinate, that's why I've been doing you favors.
I've granted all your requests so far, extra quota for the maximum number of T-Dolls you can employ, smuggled weapons, even media blackouts in areas under your jurisdiction.
These are already far beyond my authority. I hope you understand.

Kryuger Of course... I know how much you're risking.

Carter Then you should also know what it is that we want.
You don't like talking about politics, but even you should know that world order is being overhauled in an unprecedented way.
A brand new form of nation is about to be established, and the military is also about to undergo a large-scale internal reshuffling.

Kryuger Is that the conception of "those people"...that you mentioned before?

Carter (Nods) The opportunity is right before you. If you still can't deliver any result...
Then nobody will defend you at the next staff conference. You know what that means.

Kryuger ...

Carter The military doesn't care which side wins. The technology to develop the next generation of military Dolls is the only thing that can be used as a bargaining chip against them.
You've already failed once. Don't fail a second time.
Ah, this is where we turn. My car is just ahead.

Kryuger raises his hand and the sedan comes to a stop. Carter opens the door.

Kryuger I will make haste...General Carter.

Carter I hope so, or I'll have to find someone else for help.
Thanks for the ride. I'll see you at the banquet.

Brigadier General Carter takes his leave.

Kryuger ...
Keep driving.
Leave the branch and go in circles. I need to make a call.

...Meanwhile, at 16Lab.
...Beep. Beep.

Persica ...
Who's this...?

Kryuger You promised us progress within the next few days.

Persica M4A1... I'll be waking her up soon. I've had a breakthrough...

Kryuger This isn't the time to wake her up. There's something more important.
You mentioned before that all of Lyco's data could be restored if we had File No. 7.

Persica According to the information the AR Team collected in Safe House 3...that is correct.

Kryuger You also said that we could find it within a day if we're lucky.

Persica Yeah... The location should be confirmed pretty soon, but you know we've got that Sangvis jamming thing going on...

Kryuger That's exactly what I want to talk to you about.
The AR Team and that commander are all yours now.

Persica Ah... You know me so well, Kryuger.

Kryuger You already owed me once about "Jupiter". This is the second time.
I need results before dinner tonight. Give me your word.

Persica Sure. You'll get what you want...
By the way, Kryuger...

Kryuger Go on.

Persica Was Lyco's death...really an accident?
I'm sorry, but you're so obsessed with the stuff he left behind so I just...

Kryuger ...We've already had this conversation many times.

Persica Right...
Then that's all.

...Kryuger ends the call.

Persica ...

Half an hour later, Temporary Griffin Control in Area S02.

Persica ...So that's the deal, Commander.
File No. 7 won't be hard to find, but it's deep within enemy territory...and that's a whole different matter.
You'll need to parachute to somewere near the old S.F. factory.
I'll brief the AR Team on what they have to do. Your job is to keep them safe.

RO635 Are you ready, Commander? We're about to set off.
We are now in Area S02. Our objective is to infiltrate Base 0 and search for File No. 7.
Geographical data of the area has already been uploaded to my command system. Please take a look.

M4 SOPMOD II This IS deep within S.F. territory. Their defence is very tight.
But I'm sure the commander will have a way of making an opening for us?

M16A1 Don't be hasty, Commander.
S.F. has set up jamming devices in the area. Not to mention there's a risk of being infected with "Parapluie" if we set up a link with any Sangvis equipment.
RO's anti-jamming ability can keep the AR Team operating under normal parameters. To prevent infection, all connections with the Sangvis network will also be established by RO.

RO635 You just have to seize the external control center and create a diversion for the AR Team and I to enter Base 0 undetected.
That's our objective. We'll wait for your signal, Commander.

EP. 08-1  Report Meeting (2)

...End of operation. The AR Team has reached the exterior of Base 0.

RO635 Commander, we're in the vicinity of Base 0.
We shall proceed to enter the base and set up a temporary camp for the search of File No. 7.

M16A1 Let's talk about how we split the work, RO.

RO635 I'll remain in command of the team as I establish the anti-jamming system and track down File No. 7 as well as Sangvis movement.
SOP-II will be on stand-by, alerting us immediately of enemies in close vicinity.
We can just leave those in the outlying area to the Commander's forces.
M16, you're to screen and revise your operation stratagems according to the situation and aid me in completing the mission.

M16A1 Dear me... I guess competent people do get more work...

RO635 Miss Persica, is File No. 7 our sole objective for this mission?

Persica Well... The authorization is hard to come by, so I'd also want to keep an eye out for something else.

RO635 Apologies, Miss Persica...
But according to my calculations, investigating other matters beside File No. 7 will increase the risk of the mission exponentially.

Persica Ah...you're right.
Anyway, get moving. I'll give more directives when something comes up.

RO635 Understood. Then let's continue with the operation.