EP. 08-2  The Last Supper (1)

...Some time later, Area S02.

RO635 There. The jamming signal has been eliminated.
We'll now enter Base 0...

M16A1 Hold on, RO.
I suggest tapping into the Sangvis communication channel just to be safe.
We might be able to acquire important information while we're still undetected.

RO635 Hacking into their network might expose our location. I don't recommend this course of action.

M16A1 RO, if S.F. has been waiting for us all along, it's total annihilation we're talking about.

RO635 ...
Fine. I suppose this is necessary.

Persica Uh...RO, sync the signal to the public encrypted channel.

RO635 These are all merely battle signals, Miss Persica. They won't be useful to you.

Persica (Sighs) If you won't let me do extra things, then at least let me listen in...
It'd be nice to save unexpected discoveries for the future.

M16A1 Do as Persica says, RO. The Commander needs those information too, after all.

RO635 ...Understood.
Signal bait ejected. Syncing with S.F. network complete.
Receiving. Keep your ears perked...

...A lively melody comes through.

M4 SOPMOD II What's...this? Music?

M16A1 "Ciocârlia", or "The Lark". That's an old Romanian children's folk song.

M4 SOPMOD II Wow! How did you know that?! M16 sure is amazing!

RO635 The point is...why is there music?

M16A1 Sangvis Ringleaders are also equipped with some kind of emotion module. If she's listening to music, she must have entered mandatory sleep mode to clear up her cache.

M4 SOPMOD II Then it's the perfect chance. We can move freely for now.

RO635 But unless she says something...we won't know who we're dealing with.

M16A1 S.F. can't possibly put an inexperienced rookie T-Doll in charge of such an important guard duty.
Someone who's crossed swords with Griffin several times, whose mental age is relatively young...

RO635 ...Destroyer. It can only be her.

M16A1 Humph. That's not bad news, is it?

RO635 Commander, do you copy?
The Ringleader stationed at Area S02 is very likely to be Destroyer. Please adjust your battle strategies accordingly.
Now would you please help us go further in till we find a suitable base to launch the search.

EP. 08-2  The Last Supper (2)

Interior of Base 0, fifteen minutes into the operation.

M16A1 RO, this should be the heart of Base 0.
The Commander just swept the place for us. There's no better place to set up the anti-jamming field.

RO635 Oh, we're there already? How can you be sure about that without detailed maps of this area?

M16A1 Which would you place your bet on, downloaded data or my experience on the field?

RO635 So you're banking on your experience...?
Fine. I'll make the preparations now. SOP-II, find a high vantage point upstairs and keep watch.
M16, hand me the verification data for File No. 7.

M16 fishes out a storage drive and tosses it over.

RO635 Thanks.

M16A1 Treat that well. We almost lost our lives over that thingy.

RO635 ...
This was extracted from Safe House 3, wasn't it?

M16A1 "To recover all of Lyco's research data from when he was alive". This is pretty much the AR Team's raison d'etre.
Now here we are, on the final step.

RO635 (Chuckles) You don't seem particularly thrilled.

M16A1 You know I don't give a damn about this.

RO635 (Sighs) Still worried about M4A1...?

RO635 But whatever the case, M16, I've always looked up to you all...
I read your battle records, and your performance on the field has always been impeccable.
What you and SOP-II did during Operation Arctic Warfare only reinforces that.

M16A1 Don't be ridiculous, RO. T-Dolls are technological goods. The newer the better, like yourself.

M16A1 There's nothing worth looking up to in someone like me...a T-Doll who can't even save her own team leader...

RO635 M4 will be fine, M16.

M16A1 Haha... It'd be nice if that had come from Miss Persica.

M16 smacks RO on the shoulder.

M16A1 Eh, don't mind me. I was just grumbling. Is the anti-jamming field ready?

RO635 Yes, I'm about to activate it.

M16A1 Notify the Commander to be prepared. S.F. is bound to detect our presence the moment we activate the field.

RO635 ...M16, what is this place?
The way you and Persica behave...leads me to suspect this isn't just a simple Sangvis base.

M16A1 Of course it isn't just a SIMPLE Sangvis base. We're right on Sangvis Ferri's doorstep. We can run into anything.
But if you ask me what I know... Sorry, this is the first time I've ever been here.

RO635 You don't act like it.

M16A1 Oh? Sadly, according to my neural cloud...I really haven't been here before.

RO635 Really...?
M16, if you're hiding something from me...

M16A1 You're the team leader. You know I can't hide things from you.

...M16 shrugs and establishes a connection to Persica's channel.

Persica Ah...are we starting? My coffee is just ready.

RO635 Since we're short on time, Miss Persica, we'll focus on the objective of searching for File No. 7.
You may record whatever you need, but please allow me to reject investigations of low priority.

M16A1 Haha, that's a bit harsh, isn't it, RO?

RO635 The AR Team is created to recover Lyco's data. Isn't that what you said?
This is the safest, most reliable strategy for Griffin's and 16Lab's sake.

Persica It's fine, RO. Go look for File No. 7.
I...I just wanna observe you guys in action...
After all...chances like this are hard to come by...

RO635 Yeah...I understand...
The anti-jamming field is activated. I'm now connecting to Sangvis Ferri's mainframe to start searching for File No. 7.