EP. 08-3  Acceleration (1)

20 minutes later.

RO635 ...Miss Persica?
Miss Persica, are you there?

RO635 Miss Persica, do you copy?!

Persica Ah, coming!

RO635 (Sighs) We don't have much time. Please don't leave the channel arbitrarily.

Persica Don't worry. I was just getting a cup of coffee.

RO635 You've already consumed too much coffee for the night. It is detrimental to human health.
Besides, I think I heard you muttering about something...

Persica Uh... I just happened to receive a voicemail. Don't worry about it.

RO635 (Sighs) This is a significant operation. As the person in charge, please stay focused.

RO635 Miss Persica, Commander, I have new progress to report.
I have already accurately located the database where File No. 7 is stored...

Persica Oh, seriously?! That's amazing!

RO635 Sorry, but please keep your voice down, Miss Persica.
We are about to set off for the destination, but there are numerous Sangvis outposts in our way.

Persica In other words...you want the Commander to escort you?

RO635 No, I want the Commander to distract them while we follow a more obscure route to the designated location.
I still need to discuss the specific route with M16...

RO635 ...Though she just walked away to god-knows-where.

M16A1 Hmm? Did I miss something?
I was just taking over from SOP-II upstairs.

RO635 Ah, it's fine. But make sure you tell me next time...

RO635 Commander, I've marked a command post on the map. Taking it will draw the attention of most enemy forces.
We will proceed to the database after you succeed in your mission.
The anti-jamming system is running smoothly. You may begin anytime.

EP. 08-3  Acceleration (2)

Combat over. The AR Team has reached the database where File No. 7 is stored.

RO635 Miss Persica, Commander, we've entered the designated database.

Persica Ohh... That's easier than expected.
So have you found File No. 7?

RO635 SOP-II has made it past the identity verification and is in the process of browsing through the files.
I'll release a signal to trick the mainframe into activating its security system when she establishes the connection.
Once File No. 7 is located, download will commence immediately.

Persica I see... Thank you so much.
Especially you, RO... You helped M4A1 achieve what she couldn't...

RO635 I appreciate the praise, Miss Persica.
But I'm merely following orders. It's all thanks to the Commander and the AR Team.

RO635 Besides, the operation is still ongoing. We can't let down our guards yet.

Persica Uh... I thought you've already found the file?

RO635 Downloading the file will take up a lot of SOP-II's RAM, and I won't be capable of acting independently once I enter the mainframe.
We will all be extremely vulnerable during this period except for M16.
S.F. can sniff us out anytime, so the Commander will have to keep buying us time.

Persica In that case...
RO, why not listen in on the Sangvis channel again?

RO635 I do not recommend it. The anti-jamming system will keep running to facilitate the commander's maneuvers.
But hacking into Sangvis comms right now would make it possible for the enemy to reverse trace our location, especially when we don't know the extent of the enemy's technological capabilities...

Persica Ugh... Well...you do have a point...

RO635 (Sighs) I think you've had too much coffee. I suggest you go into mandatory sleep mode with the help of devices.

M16A1 RO, SOP-II has found File No. 7. We can start downloading whenever you're ready.
But there is a lot of data, and the file size is huge, so this is gonna take a while.

RO635 Stay here, M16, and don't do anything to alert the enemy scouts.
I'll leave everything outside to the Commander.

M16A1 What, feeling squeamish without me?

RO635 I'm merely making reasonable judgments based on the situation.

M16A1 Haha, sure...
I'll stay here to protect you two. But as part of the deal, do NOT leave the database no matter what happens.
I'm speaking from experience. You'd better listen to me.

RO635 I have no idea where you got your experience...but fine. I promise I won't.

Persica Alright, I'm leaving the rest to you, RO.
I think I really should...take a little nap...