EP. 08-4  Unwelcomed Guest (1)

...Moments later.

RO635 Commander, I'm sure you heard the conversation just now. We're now downloading File No. 7 in the database.
The enemy scouts haven't come in this direction yet, but they are still a threat.
Please mobilize your troops in the outlying area to keep distracting the Sangvis forces and prevent Destroyer from noticing our presence.
The download will go on for quite a while, Commander. Our safety is in your hands.

EP. 08-4  Unwelcomed Guest (2)

Meanwhile, File No. 7 is being downloaded.

RO635 Done. With that, The Sangvis security system won't be able to locate the source of the download.
Now all that's left to do is wait for SOP-II to complete the download...
By the way, how long have I been linked in, M16?

RO635 ...M16?


RO635 SOP-II, where's M16?

M16 isn't around?
Uh... Looks like it...

RO635 Are you okay, SOP-II?

M4 SOPMOD II I'm...downloading...the file...at full capacity...
No...RAM left...for processing thoughts...

RO635 Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you...

M4 SOPMOD II RO...where is...M16?

RO635 I was working in the mainframe just know. No idea where she's headed off to.
How strange... She should be on standby within the building as per my order.

M4 SOPMOD II Could she...have gone out...and run into danger?

RO635 Tsk... How would I know...?

RO635 The commander didn't alert me of any dangers, and Miss Persica said she needed a nap...
(Sighs) Guess I'll have to check it out myself...

RO opens the door and looks outside.

RO635 ...Nobody's there?

RO635 ... (Movements!)


M16A1 ...

RO635 M16...
What are you doing out here? I almost raised my gun at you.

M16A1 (Sighs) Didn't I tell you not to leave the database?

RO635 And didn't I tell you to stay here and don't go far?!

...M16 walks around RO and enters the database.

M16A1 (Shrugs) I...can't possibly keep watch on you 24/7. You have to learn how to protect yourselves.

RO635 That's not the problem, M16. Seeing as I'm the team leader, you should obey my orders.

M16A1 Yes, you are, but I have my own priorities and considerations.
I alter my course of action depending on the situation. As team leader, RO, you must learn to be adaptable.
M4A1 would've understood my decision.

RO635 M16... I know I can't compare to M4A1...
But I'm not her. You can't treat me as her substitute!

M16A1 ...I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
You have your own strengths. I suppose...I'm just having trouble getting used to this...

RO635 You have your experience, M16, and right now I'm counting on that.
And afterwards...you can take all the time you need to get used to this.

M4 SOPMOD II M16...you're back?

M16A1 Yes, SOP-II, I'm back...

M16 stops talking to RO and sits down in the corner.

M4 SOPMOD II Are you...fighting with RO?

M16A1 It was just a normal discussion...
I'm exhausted. Let me perform some maintenance on myself...
Also, RO, conduct an active search in the Sangvis mainframe to find out about Sangvis movements.

RO635 What? Won't that be advertising our location to S.F.?

M16A1 I just heard the sound of an engine coming from above...
The enemy may have already figured out our coordinates and is ready to launch an airstrike.

RO635 My sensory system didn't register that. How did you hear it?
Besides, Destroyer is not capable of conducting airstrikes.

M16A1 Don't rely too much on your fancy tech. I was on the lookout just now. I heard it out in the open.
As for the capability of conducting airstrikes... Nobody says that there can only be one Ringleader in each area.
Remember Operation Arctic Warfare?

RO635 ...
I'll risk it just this once.

...RO enters the Sangvis mainframe.

RO635 There's no movement at all from the Sangvis command post. Doesn't that mean she's not up to anything?

M16A1 ...Don't you find that strange?
It means...it's very likely that she's already left the command post.

RO635 (Sighs) You're way too paranoid. There might be something wrong with your sensory system, too.

M16A1 I definitely heard it. I'm guessing it's an enemy drone...

RO635 A drone? For what...?


AR Team ...?!

RO635 Bombing in the distance!
Where on earth...

M16A1 RO, there's no time! Widen the search!
S.F. definitely has more than one command post! The other one shouldn't be too far away since they need to coordinate with each other!

...As the static noise fades away, two conversing voices emerge.

Destroyer ...Like I said, this is MY territory! Don't bomb it full of holes!
Hey, you hear me?!

Dreamer My, my...
Do you think of this place as your little garden?
How cute of you, Destroyer.

Destroyer Tsk. I just want to organize the place properly.

Dreamer Then you really shouldn't tolerate the little bugs that have sneaked in, should you?

Destroyer I really didn't notice them...
They shouldn't have been able to neutralize our jamming field so soon.

Dreamer Don't rely too much on those high-tech things, Destroyer.
You've been fighting Griffin for quite a while, so shouldn't you have learned something by now?
If Agent hadn't noticed that something was off, you'd be chased all over the place by those pests again.

Destroyer Huh? I haven't actually fought them that many times, okay?
And since when did they chase me all over the place...?

Dreamer ...
Ah... Sorry, my mistake.
Heheh. In any case, I'm the one who cleaned up your mess, so thank me properly.

Destroyer Huh... What even...
Whatever. It's on Agent's orders anyway. Do what you want.
But I'm sure you know where not to hit with your shells...

Dreamer Of course. I'll be careful as I sweep the carpet.
Go back to your nap, Destroyer. Would you like a lullaby?

Destroyer Thanks, but no thanks... I've had enough of nightmares...
Squids all over the place... Just thinking of it makes me squirm...

...RO breaks the connection.

M16A1 I was right... We're dealing with yet another tough one...

RO635 How on earth did S.F. find us...?
I've already been...extremely careful...

M16A1 Doing one's best doesn't guarantee success, RO.
Being able to improvise is an essential quality of being a team leader.
Don't be too upset. Report to the Commander first. I'll help you through the rest.

RO635 Alright...
(Sighs) In the end, I still have to rely on someone else...

M16A1 Of course a team leader has to rely on people. That's why you have teammates.
Get your gun and follow me. I reckon S.F.'s vanguard is gonna storm this place soon.