EP. 08-5  Shadow in the Sky (1)

Three minutes later.

RO635 Commander, as you know from my report, we're in a state of emergency.
The Sangvis Ringleader that has been newly stationed at Area S02, Dreamer, is bombing the whole area!
We can't retreat immediately as we must stay where we are till SOP-II's download is complete...
Please direct your troops to ambush the Sangvis command post and hold off their vanguard.
If the Sangvis command system isn't destroyed, their drones will destroy this database.
The success of this entire operation hinges on you and your forces, Commander!

EP. 08-5  Shadow in the Sky (2)

...Operation in progress. The sound of drone engines keep buzzing overhead.

M16A1 That seems to be the last batch. You alright, RO?

RO combs through her hair roughly with her hand and lets out a sigh.

RO635 Even though the commander is doing everything possible to protect us...
Judging from the engine noises from outside, the drones are still there...
Our ammunitions are almost depleted. If they go for another round...

M16A1 Just bear with it for a little longer. From what I see, only three waves of enemies are coming our way. The Commander has already cleaned off most of them.
SOP-II's download is almost complete, and we can retreat very soon.

RO635 Is SOP-II... Will her neural condition be fine?
I know we're not using external equipment for the sake of efficiency, but surely this isn't healthy for her neural cloud.

M16A1 She'll be fine. She'll feel safe as long as she's with the team.
She may be manic in battle, but off the field, what you see is what you get when it comes to SOP-II.
Her neural cloud is surprisingly innocent, you know.

RO635 I really like her, and she doesn't hate me either...I think.

M16A1 She likes you, too. She told me that. You're both very candid, so you'll definitely get along.

RO635 But I envy her. I just can't calm down in the face of this...

M16A1 RO, if I tell you now, "Don't worry. Everything will be fine." Will you believe me?

RO635 Even though you often ignore my orders, right now...I do believe you, M16.

M16A1 Haha. You catch on fast.

RO635 Hmm... Thank you, M16...

RO635 I'm sorry... What I said...about not treating me as a substitute for M4...
I don't have much experience on the field. I really can't give the best orders in every instance...

M16A1 Don't sweat it. You were pretty cute when you said that...
You actually sounded like M4 when she first started out...

RO635 ...When she first started out?

M16A1 She was kinda ditzy when I first met her. Now...she's changed a great deal...

RO635 That's really hard to imagine just looking at the reports.
I hope she wakes up soon. I can't wait to meet her myself.

M16A1 Haha, don't expect too much.
She isn't all that dependable, and will probably cause you lots of trouble.

RO635 No, it's already a great honor for me to join the AR Team.
It's my wish to achieve victories worth commemorating and become an elite that protects Griffin.

M16A1 Haha. Are all T-Dolls these days this gung-ho?
But don't say I didn't warn you. We can't save the world.

RO bows her head and chuckles.

RO635 It's fine. I'm prepared to sacrifice myself anytime.

M16A1 ...You're not included in the 'we'.

RO635 What?

M16A1 Stop relying on us so much, RO.
You must learn faster. Time is running short...


M16A1 ...!
SOP-II! Are you alright?

M4 SOPMOD II Oww... I'm fine. Just banged my head.

M16A1 Phew... Looks like the download is complete. Your body probably needs some time to adjust to your freed up RAM.
Alright then, we're getting outta here once SOP-II finishes her adjustment!

RO635 ...M16, what exactly...do I still lack?

M16A1 Sorry, the Q&A session is over, RO.

RO635 Huh...?

M16 smacks RO on the back.

M16A1 We're T-Dolls, and this is the battlefield. Don't think too much. Just enjoy the moment.
Someone will tell you the rest one day.