EP. 09-1  Banquet after Dark (1)

At the AR Team's temporary safe house one week after M16A1's disappearance.

RO635 Hey...SOP2.

M4 SOPMOD II What's up?

RO635 Does the AR Team get into situations like this often?

M4 SOPMOD II What do you mean?

RO635 I mean right now... A situation where we've lost contact with HQ and are surrounded by hundreds of Sangvis troops in a run-down factory with only a single magazine of ammo left...

M4 SOPMOD II Well...I was in a similar situation a year ago when I got split up with M4 and the others, though there weren't this many enemies...

RO635 That is to say...it's even worse right now?

M4 SOPMOD II Mmmm... I guess so?

RO635 Right...right...

...RO suddenly stands up.

RO635 Yet you still opened fire on the enemy! SOP II! Didn't I say that we would sneak past that outpost!

M4 SOPMOD II I don't think it would've been possible to sneak past them under those conditions.
Rather than waiting to be discovered by the enemy, why not take the initiative ourselves?

RO635 I had already disguised our signals. Those low-level Sangvis troops wouldn't have been able to recognize us!

M4 SOPMOD II Even if we were right in their face?
Wow...it's that awesome?

RO635 Of course it is... Wait, that's not the point! What I mean is that you should trust me. I'm the commander and I won't put us into unnecessary danger, understand?

M4 SOPMOD II Alright, alright...
But that's pretty awesome, is it new technology from 16Lab?

RO635 Heh, what's even better is that I can scan the number of enemies behind me while running right now.

M4 SOPMOD II But we're not running right now...

RO635 That's why I said "now"! Run, they're going to surround us!
Want to guess how many Sangvis troops are on our tail, you little troublemaker?!

M4 SOPMOD II Lemme see... A little over a hundred?

RO635 Stop looking and run!
Aaaaah! Help us, Commander! Hurry and locate our position already!

The previous day, Griffin headquarters.

Kryuger ...What's the problem?

Helian Mr. Kryuger, regarding the search operation for M16A1...
In my opinion, there is no need for further investigation. We'll simply be wasting our resources.

Kryuger Losing an irreplaceable advanced T-Doll is a hard loss to swallow. We should not give up if there is still hope.
Besides, I've already promised the Commander.

Helian Yes...
Speaking of the Commander...do you really intend to bring that person to the banquet along with you?
I believe a person of such rank isn't suitable for attendance to that kind of event, at least in regards to information security... I suggest that you reconsider.

Kryuger The Commander has the right to know what's going to happen, especially as we will be heading into a grueling war very soon. This will be the guarantee for our ensuing victory.
You've interacted with the Commander far more than myself, so you should be well aware that we don't have many options remaining.

Helian ...I understand.
The Commander should be arriving soon. I will set up a meeting as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in the Control Center...

M4 SOPMOD II Really, Commander? We can continue our search for M16?

RO635 Being able to convince Miss Helian...you're so awesome, Commander!

M4 SOPMOD II But we've already searched through the entirety of the area where M16 went missing, yet we couldn't find any clues at all...

RO635 That's true, but that also means M16 must've left the area unscathed.
If she had come across Sangvis troops, there would've been signs of battle, right?

M4 SOPMOD II Of course!
That's right! The M16 that I know wouldn't go down that easily!

RO635 So please continue to support our search, Commander.

M4 SOPMOD II Eh? The Commander won't be heading to the frontlines this time?

RO635 The Commander has a mission at HQ this time.
However, the Commander will continue to give us long-distance support even without being at the frontlines.

RO635 Commander, M16's disappearance is my responsibility. I hope that when M4 returns, she'll be able to see the AR Team with everyone present...or at least back to how it was when I first joined...

M4 SOPMOD II RO...it'll be fine, I'm sure of it! There's nothing to be afraid of with the Commander here!
Let's head out now. M16 is waiting for us!

EP. 09-1  Banquet after Dark (2)

...In Griffin's company car on the way to the military banquet.

Kryuger ...I recall that you haven't returned to HQ even once since you had completed the recruit training.
You did well in recovering File No.7. We've managed to extract a lot of valuable information.
With this, the military has expressed their interest in cooperating with us.
That's right, we shall soon have the chance to carry out a joint operation to fully repel Sangvis Ferri. Perhaps we may even resolve this entire conflict.
As for that Doll...my condolences to you. I have also known her for a long time now. I will provide you with the support you need, and wish you all the best.

Kryuger However, besides the rescue operation, you have something even more important right now... A public relations mission.
Helian should have briefed you earlier. We are heading to the military conference, where they will be making an important announcement.
They will be working together with a private enterprise to carry out T-Doll testing and participate in a demonstrative exercise.
That's right, that private enterprise is us, Griffin & Kryuger Private Military Contractor.

Kryuger "The shining beacon in a brave new world", do you still remember? Kalina should've mentioned it to you when you first joined.
We've fought with Sangvis Ferri for so long that this founding ideal of ours has been sidelined, but I've never forgotten...
And now, it's time to end these inane days.
On the surface, this exercise will be a demonstration for the media, but in actuality, the military will be providing troops to help us carry out a counterattack on Sangvis Ferri.
I'm sure you're aware that with the might of the military, it should take no longer than three days.
I hope that you will command our forces during this operation as you've been at the forefront of the Sangvis Ferri resistance, and as such, you are the most qualified to do so.