EP. 09-2  Probe (1)

RO's search operation continues...

RO635 All the Sangvis signals ahead have completely vanished. It seems like the Commander's echelons have eliminated them, so we can continue with our search now.
SOP II, what's your situation?

M4 SOPMOD II Me? I'm fine. All I want is to quickly find M16...

RO635 I understand, I feel the same way. However, we must not be reckless. After all, only the two of us can overcome the enemy's jamming.

M4 SOPMOD II The AR Team with only two people... It feels strange...

RO635 Mmm...still not used to working alone with me?

M4 SOPMOD II No, that's not it...
Well, I'm actually not used to working with any T-Doll outside of the AR Team. Although, you're the first Doll that I feel at ease with.

RO635 Is that so... Haha, I'll take that as a compliment.

M4 SOPMOD II I don't even know what I should do right now...
If I'm really the only one left, I would be very afraid...

RO635 SOP II...

M4 SOPMOD II Why? As a Tactical Doll, why am I equipped with things that have nothing to do with fighting?
Why do I have a module that simulates these kinds of feelings...

RO635 It's okay, SOP II.
We just need to rescue M16 and wait for M4 to return, then you won't have these feelings ever again.

M4 SOPMOD II Right, that's much simpler!
Give me your orders! I'll completely annihilate all the enemies in our way!

RO635 Control your emotions. Our aim isn't to eliminate the enemy.

EP. 09-2  Probe (2)

A huge crowd is gathering at the military banquet.

??? ...Mr. Kryuger.

Kryuger Apologies, who might you be?

Captain Yegor Yegor, Captain.
The General ordered me to wait for you here. Please come with me.

Kryuger Looks like the military has been busy lately, seeing as the youngsters are getting promoted. Lead the way, Captain Yegor.


Captain Yegor Please have a seat.
The General is giving a speech right now and will be with you shortly. Please wait.


Carter This joint operation will greatly improve the cooperation between the military and private military contractors, and we shall closely and efficiently mobilize our resources...
To ensure that our citizens are able to live in a safe and stable environment...
As well as to prevent economic and infrastructure development from being affected by the disturbances of the outside world...
We shall construct an elite and efficient safeguard mechanism by utilizing private enterprises in security.
If this test succeeds, we shall expand into other areas using this experience and accelerate the country's development.

Reporter A The government had already handed over the protection of some outer areas to PMCs in the past. Does this cooperation mean the military will take back the management rights to these areas?

Carter The objective of this cooperation is to better protect the vulnerable regions. The central government is responsible for the administrative management of these regions, and the military will abide by its decisions.

Reporter B Two days ago, the United Nations released a list of new member countries. Is this operation a response to the "Alliance of the United Nations" plan?

Carter I repeat, the objective of cooperating with private enterprises is to ensure the safety of these regions. There is no political motive behind it. Your question should be directed at the government's press conference, not here.

Kryuger The media is really hard to deal with, huh? Has the General received special training?

Captain Yegor ......

Kryuger (Shrug) You're cautious. I like subordinates like you, including my Commander over here.

Captain Yegor The General's speech has concluded. He will be with you shortly.

...Three minutes later.

Carter Sorry to keep you waiting. Dealing with the media is more complicated than I imagined.

Kryuger Really? I think you'll make a great company spokesperson after you retire.

Carter I'm satisfied with my retirement nest egg. Working at this age is too strenuous for me.
Anyway, congratulations Berezovich, the information you acquired is extremely important to us. Next, we'll...

??? Indeed, being something that could draw the attention of the military, it's important all right.

Captain Yegor !!

??? Oi oi... Pulling a gun on your boss's guest is quite rude.

Carter It's okay, put your gun away.

Captain Yegor Yes, sir.

Carter I wanted to ask how you got in, but it would be a meaningless question, wouldn't it, Havier?

Havier It's not out of the ordinary to come to an important banquet hosted by my old friend and patron, is it?
It's been a while, Carter, and Mr. Kryuger.

...Havier extends his hand.

Kryuger ......
...Nice to meet you, Mr. Havier.