EP. 09-2E  Hawk and Hound Ⅱ (1)


Havier So, where do we start?
Why don't we start from...that unlucky Lyco?

Kryuger ......
I'm regretful for what happened to Lyco.

Havier No no, there's no need for regret. This is fate, a mission handed to him by God. It just so happened that he was the unlucky fellow who took the fall.
Carter should've mentioned that he wanted something, right? Something called..."Elisa"?

Kryuger ...The AI that's been commanding Sangvis Ferri to fight against us.

Havier Elisa. What a nice name. But is she really that important? So important that the military has to make such a big hubbub out of dealing with her?

Kryuger This is to pave the way for the future of Doll technology. The military needs to obtain better Doll technology as a contingency for the future.

Havier Hahahaha! Oh my...Mr. Kryuger...
Do you really believe the crap that Carter spews out of his mouth? I work in the Doll industry and can tell you that a self-operating AI is no better than the thousand-strong force of my company.
Not to mention, they're merely Dolls... Why would those wily old foxes baptized by war even care about mere infantry support equipment in this day and age?

Kryuger You mean...

Havier What network does Sangvis Ferri use? What was Elisa's design based on?

Kryuger OGAS...? You mean Carter wants that OGAS System? Wasn't it abandoned in the 80s?

Havier Now you're getting on track. Luckily we're not under the rule of those silly leaders from the 80s anymore, otherwise we'd all be digging for potatoes in Siberia.
What I can tell you is that this thing was not unearthed from any good place. It...used to be the place that everyone paid attention to.

Kryuger ......

Havier I would say that this thing might not be what Carter himself wants, Mr. Kryuger.
Carter is merely an insignificant cog in the machine. As for the true mastermind behind this plot... Hehehe...
I'm sure you're aware that a nation-transcending alliance is slowly forming.
Yet, there always exist certain conservative forces that wish to prevent such monumental inceptions. The victor tends to be the side with the most power.

...Havier scoots over to Kryuger's side.

Havier Mr. Kryuger, the reason I came here today is to give you a piece of advice. Don't be the small bird caught in the midst of a storm.
The storm will tear apart everything in its path, regardless of whether that small bird intended to be there or not.

...Havier gets up and prepares to leave.

Havier If I were to lose a big customer like you, I wouldn't know how to face the board of directors. I'd still like to build up my retirement nest egg, you know.

Kryuger ......

...Just then, the door opens.

Carter Apologies for the wait. The issue has been... Havier!

Havier (Glances at Kryuger) See, I was right. Five minutes.

Carter I knew it was you! No one else would do such a thing!
Havier, how dare you shame me on such an occasion!

Havier Oh my, General Carter, whatever could you be referring to? As an esteemed officer, I think you ought to be more prudent in your speech.

Carter Get out of my sight right this instant, or I'll break your other leg with that walking stick of yours!

Havier Fine, fine. You're the big shot General. I'll leave now.

...Havier presses up to Kryuger's ear.

Havier All I did was hire some people to deflate all the guests' car tires. Oh, except yours. Hehehe...

...Havier gets up and prepares to leave.

Havier Oh, and Mister Commander over there, you seem like a promising person. We'll most likely meet again in the near future.
Well then, everyone, I bid you farewell.

EP. 09-2E  Hawk and Hound Ⅱ (2)

...Two hours later.


RO635 Are you awake?

M4 SOPMOD II How long has it been?

RO635 Around...two hours...?

M4 SOPMOD II Has it been that long already? ...What are you doing?

RO635 A small transmitter was installed on M16's case, right?
I'm trying to amplify its signal. The Commander must be looking for us, so if we can get in touch then we'll have a chance at escape.

M4 SOPMOD II Really? You can even do stuff like that?

RO635 Well I certainly must be better than you in some respects if I'm weaker when it comes to stamina.
Alright, I guess we'll need to wait some time for it to recharge.

M4 SOPMOD II This needs recharging?

RO635 Transmitting a powerful signal does require a certain amount of energy.
I'm slowly transferring energy from my backup battery so that I won't collapse while charging it.

M4 SOPMOD II S-Sounds very high tech. The AR Team has never done something like this before; this is probably the first time.

RO635 Haha, then I'm honored to be the first.
Ah right, why don't you tell me some stories about the AR Team? We're gonna have to wait a while anyway.

Past stories, huh? Let me think.

M4 SOPMOD II Ah, I thought of something!
I remember when the AR Team had our first exercise, and it was a complete disaster!

M4 SOPMOD II ...We spent a total of five hours.
M4A1 alone wasted us two hours on correcting her orders.
In those two hours, we entered the wrong rooms, spent 20 minutes wading through cold water, shot the wrong targets, and broke three clocks that happened to chime and startle M4.

RO635 Wow... That's really out of my expectations. Even an average T-Doll team leader wouldn't make so many mistakes in one exercise...

M4 SOPMOD II Probably because she was a new model of a command-type T-Doll. You know, we thought we had joined an elite squad only to realize that the leader was such an unreliable person.
And AR15 is...you know, the type to value results the most, and she had hatred written all over her face by the end of it.
M4 was so frightened, so she kept asking M16 what to do since M16 was the only one willing to talk to her.
M16 told M4 to not worry about AR15, because she would make even more mistakes and anger even more people if she dwelled on it.
M4 stayed silent for a while, then told M16 that she couldn't do that because it wouldn't solve the problem.
So she went over to AR15 to apologize and said it wasn't on purpose. AR15 just glared at her and said, "You should've listened to M16" and walked away.
M4 was super frightened and probably wanted to return and explain to M16, so she immediately turned around. She forgot that M16 was right behind her and ended up crashing straight into M16.

M4 SOPMOD II The worst part was that M4's gun stock smacked right into M16's stomach!

RO635 Ouch...that must've hurt.

M4 SOPMOD II Yeah, pretty sure no one had seen M16 make an expression like that before.
Then, M16 gritted her teeth and said, "Look, now you've made an even bigger mistake of pissing me off."

RO635 Haha, so did you guys manage to complete that exercise?

M4 SOPMOD II We barely made it. Just that at the end...and this is the best part, you gotta listen to this!

RO635 What?

M4 SOPMOD II M4 did something so shocking that we all ended up in tears!

RO635 Everyone? Did she do something touching?

M4 SOPMOD II Well...she messed up with the tear gas grenade.
We were about to destroy the final target, but M4 was so nervous...
She made a mistake and tossed that thing out while we were all firing. What's even worse is that she miscalculated the angle, so...it bounced back at us.

RO635 Hey...that's not really a mistake that a Doll is capable of making.

M4 SOPMOD II So we were all up the creek without a paddle. Everyone ended up crying their hearts out in the tear gas.
AR15 was crying while trying to smack M4, you know? She was seriously trying to hit her...
But she couldn't see properly, so she stuck her arm out and yelled "M4! You idiot!"
"You're hopeless! Your brain is biowaste just like a lobster! I'm gonna grab you by the collar and smack that idiocy out of your neural cloud once I catch you! Once I catch you!"
Then M16 said "Now, now, AR15. We got the target at least. Besides, M4's shirt doesn't even have a collar, so you'll only be able to yank her hair like how human females fight."

RO635 Haha, I've seen that happen several times in my old team over a bag of rations or some bottles of water...
Was M16 crying too?

M4 SOPMOD II Of course. This was probably the only time M16 ever cried so hard, but I wasn't able to see clearly.
That's because I was crying too, but I was also laughing at the same time... Yeah, don't you think it was super funny?
Everyone was so serious before the exercise. It was only when everyone was wailing and sniffling that I felt they were just like me.

RO635 What about M4? Did she do anything while she was crying?

M4 SOPMOD II She didn't do anything at all!
She was the only one seriously crying, and the loudest one as well. She kept saying "It's my fault, it's my fault! I'm sorry!"
She was just like a bullied kid I once saw in a movie. I have no idea how she managed to emulate the look so perfectly!
It was super embarrassing how our leader was so useless! And making fools out of the rest of us as well, hahaha! I would love to see it happen again!

Though...it's probably impossible at this point...

RO635 SOP II...
It's still possible. M16 must be waiting for us somewhere, and AR15... Well, many things are still unconfirmed, right?
As long as we survive, there will surely be a way in the future.

M4 SOPMOD II Yeah... RO, why do you think we have emotion modules?

RO635 About that...

M4 SOPMOD II I once asked M16. She said maybe it is to prove that we aren't simply killing machines.
We possess emotions, so we're different from those cold, emotionless military Dolls...
But some people also said that emotions are our weakness and a proof of our defectiveness...
What do you think? Does the fact that we possess emotions...mean that we are defective?

RO635 I don't know...
But emotion modules are something that humans gave to us. No one would intentionally make their own products defective, right?
So...there must be some meaning to all of this.

M4 SOPMOD II Maybe they just thought that it'd be funny to do so. Maybe they don't really care about us.

RO635 Heh, if they really didn't care about us, we'd be free.
Without an objective, there would be no order. That's what Makarov said to me after returning from a night mission one time.

M4 SOPMOD II Wow... RO, that's...an interesting way of thinking.
At the very least, I don't regret being equipped with an emotion module. It's thanks to this module that I can keep AR15 and M16 close to my heart and work hard toward reuniting with them.

RO635 Yeah...
Unfortunately...emotions aren't gonna help right now. What we need to do is survive.

RO635 We absolutely...have to survive.