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RO635 Ready to go, SOP II? The echelons covering us have reached their designated positions.

M4 SOPMOD II Yeah...

RO635 If you need to rest some more...

M4 SOPMOD II I'm fine, now's not the time to rest.

RO635 Alright...then let's go.
By the way, SOP II, it may be meaningless to say, but I still want to remind you...
You promised me that you wouldn't charge in recklessly if we come across a Sangvis Ringleader. Keep that in mind, okay?

M4 SOPMOD II ...I...promised that?

RO635 (Sigh) Don't only selectively remember things that are convenient for you.
You acted too dangerously the last time we met Dreamer. If reinforcements hadn't arrived in time...
No matter how much you want to kill them, our objective is to complete the mission, and the mission this time is to find M16.

M4 SOPMOD II I don't just want to kill them, I want to... Do you want to know the difference?

RO635 Um, I don't want to know... Although I've already seen it before with my own eyes.
SOP II, we need to be more cautious in this operation. Meaningless aggression will only endanger ourselves. Who will bring M16 home if we die?

M4 SOPMOD II I understand...sorry...

RO635 I'm not blaming you...
I'm very impressed by your combat capabilities. I just hope that everyone can safely return home this time, no matter who it may be.

M4 SOPMOD II ...I know that you're looking out for me, RO. It's just that sometimes...I can't control myself...

RO635 I believe you can do it. I'll also do my best to help you, since I'm technically the team leader right now.

M4 SOPMOD II Haha, team leader! You remind me of M4!

RO635 Mmm...I know that I'm not as good a leader as M4...

M4 SOPMOD II Although your preparations are not as thorough as M4A1, you are more decisive than she is.
M4 was so clumsy when she first became the team leader, I could tell you all about it when we have the time!

RO635 (Bitter smile) I'm actually very interested to hear, but right now we need to hurry up and finish this search first. It'll become too dangerous if we end up searching until nighttime.

M4 SOPMOD II Okay, you got it.

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At the military banquet.

Havier Is it fine if I sit here?
Apologies, my legs don't work as well as they used to do, so I prefer to sit near the exit. I hope you can understand.

Carter Aren't you being too paranoid?
Even if I wanted to put a bullet through your head, I wouldn't do it today when there are so many media reporters around.

Havier Hahaha, your sense of humor is terrible as usual, just look at your subordinate's expression. Isn't that right, young man?

Captain Yegor ......

Carter I wasn't joking. I'm sure you can tell from my subordinate's expression.

Captain Yegor ......

Havier Whatever. It's not very effective. Ah, Mr. Kryuger, I'm so glad that you're here.
A joint operation between the military led by Carter and a private military contractor. Even someone as dull as myself can figure out that you'd be the best choice.
Though, come to think of it, it's all thanks to you that Carter was able to cause such a big stir.
If you hadn't caught Lyco back then...I'm afraid that the couple of us would be lazing around in an old folks' home by now.

Kryuger ......

Havier Ah... Is this the Commander I've been hearing so much about lately?
Persica thinks very highly of you. Coming from someone as critical as her, you should cherish this...honor? That works, I suppose.
......Oh, apologies, haven't I introduced myself yet? I thought that Mr. Kryuger would have talked about me when you were hired.
I am Havier Witkin, the CEO of "Important Operation Prototype Manufacturing Company", that is to say...I'm the boss of IOP.
Almost all of the Dolls you command are produced by our company, though there are a few that aren't...but that's not important, haha.

Carter Mr. Havier, if you're just here to introduce yourself...

Havier Of course not. In front of me sits the great benefactor who helped me establish my company, and the great patron who constantly keeps my company busy with new orders.
As they gather together to achieve great things, how can I not come to congratulate them in my role as the supplier?

Carter Give it up if you're planning on getting details on the operation. They're military secrets.

Havier Don't you know? Secrets don't exist at the dinner table, especially when expensive alcohol is involved.

Carter I've abstained from drinking for many years.

Havier Then you've really lost a great deal of life's pleasures. Though, it's hard to blame you. The General is a pragmatist who values the result more than the process, after all.
That's right. Even though it's important that the journey through one's life is interesting, if the end result isn't good, then it's still a wasted life.

Carter So? What are you trying to say?

Havier If the result you want is the destruction of Sangvis Ferri, then doing unnecessary things like a joint operation is really wasted effort.
Forgive my bluntness, but if you really wanted to defeat Sangvis Ferri, I'm sure Mr. Kryuger could have done so all by himself, no?
The point is that it is either some people are so bored that they're trying to stir things up, or that defeating Sangvis Ferri was never the outcome that those people wanted in the first place.

Kryuger ......

...Carter glances at Kryuger.

Carter This cooperation with G&K is an experiment to produce better joint operational models for the future. Mr. Havier, if you continue to spout nonsense, I'll have to arrest you for being a threat to national security.

Havier It seems that you still have that bad habit of threatening people, Carter. You're just in charge of logistics; I'm not afraid of you. Leave arresting me to the Security Bureau.
Besides, I'm here to support you. If there's a battle, there'll be many orders. It makes me excited just thinking about it.

Carter ......

Havier Fine, fine. Since I came all the way here, I'll take some time to mingle with those media big wigs downstairs. I know that you've all lost your appetites just looking at me anyway.
I'll be taking my leave now.

...Yegor immediately blocks Havier's path.

Carter Captain, let him go. I don't want to spoil this banquet.

Havier How nice. There aren't many obedient young people like him nowadays.
I hope you'll live just a while longer. See you later.

Havier leaves.

Kryuger Don't mind him, Commander. He's a strange old man.
Despite the nonsense he spews from his mouth, he still does provide reliable merchandise.

Carter He probably still holds a grudge against you for taking Lyco.
He's unable to understand at all... Our cooperation could lay down such strong foundations for the technology of the future.
He'll thank us later once he gets a taste of our success, Kryuger.

Kryuger I understand. It's all in the past now. There's no point deliberating on it.

Carter Good. Then, let us officially begin our discussions so that we may establish the general direction for the operation.

Kryuger Very well. We're looking forward to the operation.

Kyruger Destroying Sangvis Ferri is not the result that they want...
Havier, what exactly do you mean...