EP. 09-4E  Hawk and Hound Ⅳ (1)


Helian Commander, are you on the helicopter already?
I have some good news for you. We've detected a strong distress signal coming from the frontline, which we suspect is from the AR Team.
I believe that you don't wish for the AR Team to suffer any more casualties, so please dispatch personnel to rescue them as soon as possible.
Furthermore, it would be best if you can swiftly complete the rescue mission. I just received word from Mr. Kryuger confirming our participation in a large-scale operation.
Both of you were at the military banquet, so you should understand the situation better than myself.
...There isn't much time left for you and the AR Team. I wish you the best of luck.

M4 SOPMOD II I see a large group of Sangvis troops approaching our position!

RO635 They sure react fast!
I also detect a strong signal. The pattern matches Judge!

M4 SOPMOD II She'll never guess that it's us again this time!

RO635 Once she gets here, you can jump out to scare her with a "SURPRISE!"

M4 SOPMOD II Hehe, that's a good idea!
But with just the two of us alone, it might be...

Negev Squad Negev, hailing AR Team! Are you two still alive?

RO635 Perfect timing!
AR Team hailing Squad Negev. This is RO, we're awaiting rescue at the signal position.

Negev Roger that!
Don't run so far next time, or even better if you could haul your own asses back, alright?

RO635 I'd love to if the Sangvis are as understanding as you! Also, I thought you liked working overtime!

Negev I don't like being involved with you guys! I really should get work somewhere further away next time!
...Anyhow, what's your current situation?

RO635 Lack of power, lack of water, lack of ammo. We're lacking everything. When are the reinforcements arriving?

Negev We are the advance troops of the rescue party. The Commander's echelons will be arriving shortly.

RO635 Oh right, the Sangvis advanced T-Doll, Judge, is also approaching our position. She holds some important information!
We hope to capture her alive, so please suppress her with everything you have. We'll come up with a way to deal with everything else.

Negev Tch... The Commander told me this is a rescue mission, not capturing the enemy.

RO635 Life is unpredictable, Miss Negev! If you're gonna help us then at least go all the way!

Negev Help you? You really don't understand me, Miss RO...
However, I would indeed be delighted to participate in some destruction. We will prepare ourselves and wait for your signal.

RO635 Thank you! Then let's begin!

EP. 09-4E  Hawk and Hound Ⅳ (2)

Battle ends.

Judge The scent of the AR Team in the air. The ground littered with Sangvis remains. An empty factory with a signal transmitter inside.
What an insult if you're planning to ambush me here.

RO635 Now!

Negev Attack! Attack! Kill her here!

...Griffin focuses their ferocious firepower on Judge, but she remains unscathed.

Judge So you're firing from three different directions... Interesting.

RO635 We can't even damage her like this!? SOP II!

M4 SOPMOD II Taste this grenade!

...The grenade strikes Judge's weapons system.

RO635 SOP II! Go!

M4 SOPMOD II That's a little surprise for you! We meet again, midget!

Judge Tch...

M4 SOPMOD II Oh my...first time seeing this expression on your face. Looks like you aren't having fun anymore.
If bullets can't hurt you, then I'll defeat you with my hands!

Judge I don't know where you're getting your confidence from, but the Mastermind does not wish for your death...so I have no need to take you seriously.

RO635 Are you still trying to bluff in a situation like this?
Judge, you're under our control now. Surrender immediately and tell us where M16 is!
I will guarantee your safety, or at least ensure that SOP II won't touch you!

Judge Control? Surrender? How delusional.
I only came here because I was curious about the AR Team signal, yet it turned out to be you bunch again... What a waste of my time.
Also...it looks like the person picking me up has arrived.

RO635 Picking you up?

Judge Why is it that bastard again... Doesn't Master have anyone else to send?

RO635 Judge! Didn't you hear me? Surrender immediately!

...Judge glances at RO.

...She suddenly raises her left hand toward the Griffin forces.

RO635 ...! EMP! Careful!


Negev Damn! Was she always this fast...?

...The sound of a motor fills the air.

Judge Farewell, everyone.
I'll acknowledge your efforts even though you missed your target.
Hopefully you'll still have a chance to find her next time...

...Judge jumps onto the transport aircraft.

Dreamer Oh my my...
...Maybe she won't be the same "her" next time...

RO ......!

On the Sangvis Ferri transport aircraft.

Dreamer Good work, Miss Judge.

Judge Save it. You never intended to pick me up in the first place.

Dreamer How could that be? This is Elisa's order.

Judge Elisa's order should've only been to let the AR Team go free.

Dreamer Hehe, and what difference is there between the two?
Besides, Elisa really needs you right now. She personally ordered us to convene.

Judge Tell me what's going on.

Dreamer I'm not too sure myself, but Master Elisa said she "saw some dangerous things in the distance."

Judge Something that even Elisa would find "dangerous"...
No way...

Dreamer Our enemies...may not be limited to just the T-Dolls of Griffin anymore.
This party...is finally getting started...

...Several minutes later, the Griffin T-Dolls begin to regain their consciousness.

RO635 Can you guys move?

Negev My body is back to normal, but my neural cloud is still hazy. The others should be up now.
If I had known that she'd be this tough, I would've taken stronger measures.

RO635 Sorry, I was too hasty.

Negev Don't dwell on it. I haven't come across a monster like her in a long time. Not bad at all.
The other reinforcements are arriving now. I'll head over to greet them, then we'll consider our next steps.
Go return now. Someone's waiting for you.

RO635 Thanks for your help. We'll leave the perimeter to you...

RO635 ...Wait. You said someone's waiting for us?

Negev It's nothing too important, so don't look forward to it.

...Negev leaves.

RO635 ...A strange person indeed.
SOP II, you fine?

M4 SOPMOD II Yeah...I'm doing okay... Still, Judge managed to escape us in the end...

RO635 Judge was far more formidable than we thought. It's a miracle that no one was hurt this time.

M4 SOPMOD II RO, do you think...Dreamer was speaking the truth?

RO635 ......

M4 SOPMOD II I thought that...as long as I worked just a little bit harder and killed just a few more Sangvis, then M16 would be able to return...
But now... Is it...
Not that simple anymore...

RO635 I don't know...
I...thought that I was prepared, that I found my direction...
But I didn't... I haven't done anything right at all...
If only someone could tell me what I must do...
Maybe I should talk to the Commander after we get back...

M4 SOPMOD II ......

RO635 What's the matter?

M4 SOPMOD II ......
RO, that T-Doll over there...

RO635 ......!

??? It's been a while...

M4A1 ...SOP II and Miss RO635.

...For a second I thought SOP II would leap onto M4.
But she did not. She's just standing there, or perhaps some force is preventing her from moving.
I know that she's checking the Doll in front of her against the companion in her memories, just like what I'm doing...
Despite the fact that she is indeed M4A1 in the flesh. An awake M4A1, the leader of the AR Team whom I had always heard about and wanted to meet.
And so, we officially meet under such circumstances.

RO635 Miss M4A1, it's an honor to meet you...

M4A1 There's nothing to be honored about. We're just variants of the same model.

M4 SOPMOD II M4, are you...fine?

M4A1 I'm fine. You must've worked hard, SOP II.
Is that thing...M16's?

M4 SOPMOD II M4...sorry, M16 is...

M4A1 ...I heard. Both of you have done very well, thank you.
Get in the car. We're starting an operation soon.

RO635 Operation? What operation?

M4A1 ......

M4A1 glances at me, and I see a gaze so filled with emotions that it is narrow and ruthless.
I know those eyes. They're the vengeful eyes of those who have lost themselves, just like the occasional glimpses I caught on M16A1.

M4A1 An operation personally announced by Mr. Kryuger. An operation of the highest priority...
That is...the operation to annihilate the Mastermind.

Episode 9 - Lost. END.