EP. 09-5  Prelude (1)

Meanwhile at the military banquet.

Carter Well then, let's get down to business.

Kryuger I'm listening.

Carter As this will be a PR exercise, the military won't be able to deploy any heavy armored forces.
As such, Captain Yegor will lead three special mixed squadrons consisting of spec ops infantry and Dolls. They will be moving alongside your forces.
Furthermore, we will grant Griffin access to our network so that you may link up with the military's intelligence system.

Kryuger I'm glad to have access to military intelligence, but Sangvis Ferri has previously utilized a virus known as "Parapluie" to infiltrate our T-Dolls' systems.

Carter Yes...I'm aware of that, and we've already taken appropriate measures.
I will request for an even higher tier of active defense system and utilize our central servers to carry out cyberwarfare countermeasures.
Besides, it's merely a virus created by a private enterprise, I don't believe it'll be a serious threat.

Kryuger Very well, as long as you're prepared.

Carter Based on the information from File No.7, we can roughly pinpoint the location of where Lyco set up the main computer cluster for that AI of his.
Our main objective - Eliminate everything, meaning all the Sangvis Ferri, aside from "Elisa" the Mastermind, and retrieve her.
The media will be observing for the entire duration of the joint exercise. Although we've imposed some restrictions on the reporters, Yegor's squads still won't be able to act very freely.
Therefore, after the peripheral support is in place, we'll be relying on your T-Dolls to carry out Elisa's capture.

Kryuger Understood. I'll be working on the preparations for the intelligence synchronization process. My Commander here will be in charge of the combat-related details.

Carter Right, Commander, whether you can restore peace to areas under your jurisdiction will depend upon this operation. I'll leave the specifics for you and Captain Yegor to discuss.
Then, let's... What?

...Yegor whispers something into Carter's ear.

Carter I apologize, something has come up. Please remain here, I'll be right back.

Carter and Yegor leave.

Kryuger Restore peace, huh... Were it so easy...

Havier What's this? Are you starting to doubt the objective of this operation?

Kryuger Looks like you picked the perfect time to return.

Havier I've greeted everyone that I should greet, and the chairs downstairs aren't as comfortable as the ones here... The people too.

Kryuger glances at the doorway.

Havier Don't worry, Carter won't be back for another five minutes.
Even though Griffin has been continually placing orders with my company, we haven't talked face to face like this for quite a long while now.

Kryuger I believe there was some...misunderstanding earlier.

Havier Yup yup, that's right, just a misunderstanding. Why don't we have a nice chat? Perhaps we'll even solve this "misunderstanding" of ours.

EP. 09-5  Prelude (2)


M4 SOPMOD II RO, watch out!


RO635 ...!
Where's the enemy?! Do you see them?!

M4 SOPMOD II West 245 degrees, 200 meters away, four of them! Suppress them, quickly!

RO635 I can only spare one magazine for suppression. I don't have much ammo left.

M4 SOPMOD II Where's our reinforcements?!

RO635 I just contacted the Commander. They're coming for us now!

??? Griffin Tactical Dolls RO635 and M4 SOPMOD II! Stop resisting and surrender immediately.
I do not like hide and seek, nor do I like the either of you. Do not expect me to be patient with things I dislike.

RO635 That voice must be a Sangvis Ringleader! SOP II, can you locate her?

M4 SOPMOD II I'm only able to capture a rough projection. She's blocking our retreat route!

RO635 ...No good, it's too far away. We'll be dead if we abandon cover right now.
The enemy must be a very advanced Doll to be able to see through my disguised signal...

M4 SOPMOD II But she's blocking our retreat route! It'll be just as dangerous if we stay here!

RO635 No, we need to hold out for our reinforcements. They're not too far away!

??? Still no response? In any case, state your intention. Whether you wish to surrender or fight, I'm ready for you.
Escape is impossible though, so do not try anything that will anger me.

M4 SOPMOD II Sounds like an overconfident bastard... Step a little closer and I can pull the trigger on you...

RO635 Hold it! Wait until she gets closer!
The enemy is an unidentified Doll and we're not clear on her capabilities, so don't act recklessly.

??? I'm not here to eliminate you. At least, not today. I only wish to ask you a few simple questions.
...That Doll, M4A1, is she with you?

RO635 ...What?!

M4 SOPMOD II You're asking for it now!!

RO635 Don't be reckless! SOP II!

...The sounds of gunshots echo through the communicator.

RO635 ......!

M4 SOPMOD II Huh? That wasn't me...right?

RO635 You nearly got your head blown off there!
Great news, the Commander's reinforcements are here! Let's make use of this chance now!

??? So there are other Griffin T-Dolls? Very well, eliminate them all. It won't be too late to question you after.
...All troops, proceed with plan C.

RO635 Damn it, the enemy has reinforcements too!

??? So you have a human commander on your side. This will certainly be an interesting experience...
Hmm...I will give you some time to consider your options by matching Griffin's number of troops, but don't expect your reinforcements to save you.
My judgment is absolute, and none can defy it.

RO635 ...You bastard, who in the world are you?

Judge Judge, Sangvis Ferri Manufacture.
Perseverance, justice, and fairness. If you do not wish to lose your way on the path of injustice, then give me the answer I seek...
And I will...reconsider the value of your existence.