EP. 09-6  Breakthrough (1)


M4 SOPMOD II Huuuuuh? Are you serious?
A Sangvis T-Doll that ambushes and blocks our retreat route claims to be just and fair? Is a screw loose in her head?

RO635 Perhaps Sangvis Ferri has run out of resources to produce proper T-Dolls, so they're sending all these weirdos out.
She still hasn't opened fire yet. Maybe she's just bluffing because they rushed her out the door without any proper weaponry...

M4 SOPMOD II Perfect! I want to smash her into pieces! I've run the calculations, and a midget like her is enough to make 500 pieces!

RO635 Wait, maybe we can get some information on M16 from her. Let me try to talk to her first.

M4 SOPMOD II What's there to talk about with the Sangvis!

RO635 What if... Just what if we can obtain intel on M16's whereabouts? Cover me, I'll negotiate with her.

M4 SOPMOD II Fine...but if she so much as lifts a finger at you, I'll dump my entire magazine into her!

RO635 Leave it to me.
So...Sangvis Ferri Manufacture SPSP, also known as..."Judge". That's your name, right?

Judge ......
I just said that earlier.

RO635 Maybe we can talk!
We don't have to fight each other. Look, my finger's off the trigger!
You said that you have questions for us, and I also have some questions I'd like to ask. Why don't we exchange answers?

Judge ......
I do not think I have any answers for you. It seems that you do not understand your current situation...
I have not attacked you, but that is only because you are still of value. Do not be mistaken.
Give me the answers I seek, and I may let you go alive.

RO635 Tch... Why are all the Sangvis like this? And here I thought this one would be easier to communicate with...

M4 SOPMOD II Heh, I knew that asking was pointless anyway.
Hey, midget, do you know why you're still standing there in one piece?
That's because this graciously benevolent lady forbade me from killing you with my own two hands for the time being... And when I say my own two hands, I really mean with my bare hands!

Judge What...did you just call me?

M4 SOPMOD II I'll bear with it for now, because our Commander's echelons will be annihilating you pitiful Sangvis trash soon enough.
We'll be the ones asking questions then!
I'll make sure you won't even be able to cry or scream when we get our answers out of you!
That's because the moment your vocal system loses its value to us, I'll immediately rip it out and stick it under my boot as a shock absorber! Got it? Midget!

A laser beam grazes SOP2's ear.

RO635 What was that...!

M4 SOPMOD II She actually has this kind of firepower...!

Judge I've only been courteous with you so far because Master instructed me to be polite.
However, if you could see into my neural cloud right now, you would know how much I want to make you disappear.

RO635 SOP II...it seems like you've enraged her.
To be honest, crushing her under your foot at this point may be a bit...

Judge No one shall ridicule my height, whether they be Sangvis or Griffin.

RO635 Is THAT the important part?!

M4 SOPMOD II Forget about the semantics! She's rushing our way! Prepare for battle!

Judge A crime is a crime!
Before I let you answer my questions, I will burn this into your minds!

EP. 09-6  Breakthrough (2)

The battle with Judge continues.

M4 SOPMOD II What...power... We can't even scratch her... She's on a completely different level from the other Sangvis Dolls we've faced before!

RO635 The Commander's echelons have eliminated the Sangvis troops. We can buy some time for the cavalry to arrive...

Judge I'll admit that you're not completely worthless to be able to put up such an attack with just the two of you.
I will ask for the last time before I decide to annihilate you. Where is the Doll named M4A1?

M4 SOPMOD II About that...
I think she's fixing her makeup in the outpost behind me. Ladies need to take their time, you know? Why don't you wait a little while longer?

RO635 Or perhaps you could discard your weapon to show your sincerity. Who knows, M4 might even brew some tea for you!

Judge ......
...So M4A1 is not with you.

RO635 ...And how are you so sure?

Judge I do not need your assistance, Dreamer. I'll express my gratitude, however, for providing me with information.
Goodness... And here I thought that she must've been in command for you two Dolls to so brazenly trespass into our territory.
...It seems like I came for nothing.

M4 SOPMOD II Hey! Are you chickening out?

Judge What? Do you think you are a match against me? I would tear your big mouth apart right now if the Mastermind hadn't prohibited me from unleashing my power on you.

M4 SOPMOD II Where's M16? Tell me now!

Judge M16?
That decrepit model? Wasn't she taken away by Dreamer?

M4 SOPMOD II Dreamer? Where is she?!

Judge How would I know? I've always hated her guts.
However, I'd advise you against provoking her. She's not someone whom you half-baked T-Dolls would be able to go up against.
Treasure your own lives, and think of it as for M4A1's sake. My Master would also be very happy.

M4 SOPMOD II You still haven't answered my question yet! Don't you dare leave!

...Judge leaves with her jet propulsion system.

RO635 Damn it, she's fast! (Cough cough) SOP II?!

M4 SOPMOD II Get back here!

RO635 Don't go chasing her by yourself, SOP II! At least wait until the Commander's forces get here...
Damn it! She's not listening at all! I need to follow her!