M1911 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD1

In a Griffin dorm.

M1911 Hmm... Our combat data this month are about the same as last month.
If I can improve them next month, I'm sure Darling would like that.

M9 What are you doing, M1911?

M1911 Analyzing our combat data this month.

M9 Oh? Let me see!

M1911 I'm not done yet. I'll send it out to all of you once it's ready.

M9 It doesn't hurt if I take a peek now, does it?
You know what, I'm taking it myself!

M1911 Hey, don't just snatch it from me!

M1911 You're always so willful. The Commander might just get pissed off with you for that.

M9 The Commander is very fond of me. Whatever are you talking about?
Hmm...let me look at this week's performance ranking...
Ooooh! I ranked higher than you, M1911.

M1911 You merely out-damaged me a little.

M9 So you do realize how much shorter you measure up against me, eh?
Then stop hanging around the Commander so much!

M1911 Pardon??

M9 You've been in service for quite a while now. Isn't it time you moved to the backline?
Only new and glamorous T-Dolls like me are suited to be by the Commander's side.

M1911 You're only that much newer than myself!
Besides, I don't care about other things, but I won't easily let go of my Darling's love!

M1911 The position of the Commander's adjutant isn't determined by youth, but by performance.

M9 Humph. My performance is still better than yours!

Thompson Don't be so sure about that, M9.

Thompson No point in talking big before we have results from actual combat.

M9 M-Miss Thompson?! Since when...

Thompson I just overheard you talking while passing by.
Firepower is only part of your performance...
You should at least understand that much if you're as mighty as you claim to be.

M9 Yes, ma'am...
But Miss Thompson, I am better than M1911 in many things!
You just have to let me prove it!

Thompson I look forward to it.
As for now, I think you should return to your room and wait for the official analysis to be completed.

M9 nods and leaves the common room.

M1911 Thanks for helping me out back there, Thompson. Sorry for the trouble.

Thompson Don't mention it...
Though even a softie like you should lose your temper every once in a while.

M1911 Well, well... That's not exactly my forte.

M1911 Besides, I AM an old model... Sometimes my body does betray me.

Thompson So you're backing down?

M1911 Of course not!
How could I just let go after that romantic encounter with the Commander?

Thompson Haha, thought so.
Still, you gotta find a way to settle your dispute with M9...
It this goes on, it could some day get in the way of our operation.

M1911 You're right, Thompson...

M1911 Maybe it's time I lost my temper.