M1911 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD2

In a Griffin dorm.

Thompson This is a personal security mission assigned to us.
We're to send a squad member to protect the Boss.

M9 And the Commander's bodyguard has to be...

Thompson I'm leaving the Boss to M1911.
The rest of you are on clean-up duty with me.

M1911 Okay. I'll escort my Darling to our destination without losing a single hair.

M9 What?!
Why are you sending HER, Miss Thompson?

M1911 Because I'm the best candidate for protecting my Darling, of course!

M9 How is that possible?
An old granny like you is obsolete! Only a rising star like me can protect the Commander!

M9 Please send me instead, Miss Thompson!
I will escort the Commander to the destination without losing a single cell!

M1911 I'm gonna get angry for real if you call me old granny again, M9.
Compared to a little kid still wet behind her ears, a mature woman can better cater to all of the Commander's needs.

M9 Humph. So what if your boobs were stuffed with more fillings during manufacture?!
It's not like I don't have boobs myself!

Thompson Enough. We're going ahead with the original plan.
If you two wanna settle the score, have some fun on the training ground. Just don't go overboard.

M9 Humph... Then I'll see you there, Old Granny!

M1911 Alright. I accept your challenge for the sake of my Darling.

Two hours later, on the training ground.

M1911 Bang! Game over, M9.

M9 D-dammit!
Resorting to dirty tricks like throwing sand in my eyes... Come have a shoot-out with me if you dare!

M1911 Enemies on the field won't just stand there and have a square fight with you.
You must always keep a clear head and make the right calls...

M1911 You still have much to learn, sweetheart.

M9 Eww, don't call me that!
Fine. You won this round...but I'll beat you next time!

M1911 ...Being piqued won't make you improve, M9.
If you want, I can help you analyze your combat data.

M9 I'll do it myself! I don't need to be patronized by an old granny!
Don't let it get to your head either...
You may be standing next to the Commander this time, but I'll definitely snatch the position back!

M1911 Yeah, yeah, I know.
You should also remember...that I won't lose to you in terms of my love for my Darling.

M9 turns and stalks off angrily.

Thompson Looks like your problem hasn't really been solved, 1911.

M1911 But it should subside for the time being.
Sigh...it's pretty tiring locking horns with little kids...

Thompson Indeed. Things would be much easier if everyone can settle differences reasonably.

M1911 Still, M9 is pretty strong.
I made it look easy, but to be honest, it was a close fight...

Thompson Then you'd better work harder, 1911.
Or you'll really end up being looked down on by the young ones.

M1911 I know, Thompson.
I really should start thinking about my future.

M1911 If I don't make any progress, I'll be left behind by my Darling.