M1911 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD4

Griffin Control.

M1911 Hi, Darling!
I'm here to deliver our mission report.

Commander Ah, M1911...

Commander You look...

M1911 This is my new build. You're the first to see it, Darling.
Well? How do you like it?

Commander Hmm, very nice.
You look a lot more youthful than before...

M1911 Does that mean...I looked old?

Commander Ah...umm...of course not!
Ahem, anyway...it's definitely an improvement in all aspects.

M1911 Haha, I know... I was just messing with you.
I must work harder to keep myself useful to you.
If I stop making progress, I will eventually turn into the "old granny" that they enjoy calling me so much.

Commander That's good.
With that attitude, you will never be obsolete.

M1911 I can feel your love, Darling. I'm sure this will further improve my combat effectiveness.

M1911 Allow me to continue our fateful partnership in my new form.
M1911 will always stay faithfully by your side, Darling!