M14 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD1

In the T-Doll Repair Bay at Griffin.

Kalin Phew, all done!

Kalin You can come out now, M14.

M14 Okay, we're coming out!

M14 Thank you so much, Miss Kalin!

Kalin Heheh, you're welcome. Just be more careful next time.
Actually, you seem to be coming for repairs pretty frequently these days...

M14 Sorry to have caused any trouble, but we'll watch it in the future!
We'll be off now. Thanks again, Miss Kalin!

M14 gives Kalin a deep bow, then bounces away.

Kalin ...Will she really watch it?
Sigh, never mind. I'll leave this to whoever wants to worry about it.

In a Griffin dorm.

M14 Hmm, why is the dorm completely empty...?
Where is everybody?


M14 Huh?


A T-Doll crashes right into M14 from behind.
M14 turns and sees M9 with a large box in her arms, stumbling to regain her balance.

M9 Ouch, that hurt! I told you to get outta my way!
...Hmm? If it isn't M14. I remember you coming back in two halves last time. Didn't think you'd get out of the repair bay so soon.

M14 All thanks to Miss Kalin, we're strong as an ox!
By the way, why isn't anybody in the dorm?

M9 Why else? They've all left on a mission.

M14 Mission? But we weren't notified.

M9 Of course you weren't notified lying around in a repair bay.
Right, I've got no time to chat. Our leader is still waiting for my rations.

M9 jogs off with the box.

M14 We didn't even know there's a mission...
We can't miss out on it! We'll go look for our squad leader now!

At the entrance of the Griffin Base.

M14 Thompson! Thompsooooon!

Thompson M14? Why are you here?
I'm pretty sure I didn't recruit you on this mission.

M14 There IS a new mission, right? Bring us along!

Thompson No.

M14 Huh? Why?

Thompson Have you counted how many times you've entered the repair bay in the last two weeks?

M14 One...two...three...four...oh! Five times!

Thompson Yeah. That's also the exact number of times we engaged enemy units in battle on our missions in the last two weeks.

M14 Well...we-we'll do our best not to get hurt!

Thompson It's true that loss is inevitable in battle.
But that doesn't mean you can run amok recklessly in a fight.
If you can't promise you won't do that, then don't bother to come. I don't have the luxury to spare manpower on taking care of you if you're badly injured.

M14 But...but we're also part of the team!
We really want to be of help on the field!

Thompson Do I have to spell it out? You're the one being helped on the field right now.

M14 Oh...

Thompson If you really want to be helpful, just stay put at the base.
Run some logistics if you're bored. Both we and Kalin would be very grateful.

M14 We...understand.

M14 trudges off miserably.

M1911 Wasn't that a bit too much, Thompson?

Thompson It's about time she calmed down and thought things through. Idiots with nothing but keenness will only end up dead here.
Metal scrap lying limp on the ground can never see the sights from high above... True victory belongs to the last person standing.

M1911 You're right.
But we can't just shelf her indefinitely. We gotta think of a way to help her with her condition.

Thompson She'll have help.
We have no shortage of keen idiots here.

In the Griffin dorm.

M21 Why are you sitting here all alone, M14?

M14 M21...
You're not on the mission either?

M21 This mission doesn't require sniper support so I'm on break.
What is it though? You look like the loan sharks are here to get you.

M14 Thompson doesn't want us on missions...

M21 Huh? Why is that?

M14 Because...

M14 repeats what Thompson said.

M21 Oh...
Don't be too upset. I'm sure Thompson is only concerned about your safety...

M14 But we don't want to be left behind on our own...
We want to fight side by side with our teammates! We don't wanna lose to anyone!

M21 You're not left behind on your own... I'm here with you, aren't I?

M14 But you'll leave as well when you have a mission...
But we...we'll never get that chance again...

M21 Ah... Then we have to make the most of the time we spend together now...
Right, wanna hear a joke?

M14 Will Thompson take us on missions after hearing it?

M21 Uh, well... Uh...haha...

M14 We want to grow stronger...
We want to be strong enough so Thompson won't think we're a deadweight!

M21 Then...let me think...
You can't improve just sitting around... Why don't you ask Miss Kalin if there's any work you can help her with?

M14 What?

M21 Even running logistics is a kind of training!
I'm sure everyone will be very glad to see a heap of supplies when they come back from the mission!

M14 Logistics, huh...
But we still want to be part of the fight.

M21 You'll have to win Thompson's recognition before that though.

M14 Then how can we win her recognition?

M21 If you can't join them in battle, you'll have to prove your mettle some other way!
There is a lot of work to do around the base, and you're always full of energy. You can do this, M14!

M14 Hmm...you have a point. Then we'll give it a go!
Thanks a lot, M21!

M21 Heheh, don't mention it.
We're sisters. Don't hesitate to come to me for anything.

M14 We'll be off then!
We'll definitely convince Thompson to take us onto the battlefield again!