M14 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD2

At the Griffin base.

M1911 hears some faint gunshots coming from the shooting range.

M1911 Hmm? Who's practicing at this time of night?
...Guess I'll go take a look.

M1911 leaves the database and makes her way to the shooting range.

M14 Oh, M1911!
Good evening!

M1911 Good evening, M14.
Was that you shooting just now?

M14 Yeah. We couldn't sleep so we came to practice!
Are you also here to practice?

M1911 No, I'm here to look through the kids' training data.
The mission in two days is gonna be tough so we're preparing as thoroughly as we can.

M14 Another mission?
But we guess you won't be taking us this time either...

M1911 Well...I'm afraid I can't answer that right now.
Candidates for the mission are chosen depending on the job requirement.

M14 Thompson doesn't want us on missions. Miss Kalin doesn't want us at work. Even other T-Dolls don't want our help...
Are we only causing everyone trouble?

M1911 Miss Kalin? Other T-Dolls?
M14...what have you been up to in the last few days?

M14 (Sobs)
These couple days...we've been...

M1911 Slow down. Let's sit down and hear it...

Three days ago, in the warehouse at the Griffin base.

M14 We're back, Miss Kalin!

Kalin Oh, M14. Have you brought the supplies?

M14 All here!

Kalin Great. Let me check...

Kalin inspects the supplies delivered by M14.

Kalin That's not right... There should be 40 boxes this time. Why are we missing so many?

M14 That can't be right.
This is all we saw at the factory warehouse.

Kalin The factory only provided...these supplies, M14?

M14 The person in charge said all the goods were at the warehouse reserved for Griffin, so we moved all the boxes outside the warehouse over here!

Kalin ...What about those INSIDE the warehouse?

M14 Inside the warehouse?

Kalin All our goods are always placed together... I told you as much before you set off.

M14 Oh!
W-we're sorry...we forgot.

Kalin Can't be helped. I'm afraid you'll have to make another trip.
But the supply schedule is ruined for the day. What a pain...
You'd better not miss a single box this time, M14.

M14 We're really sorry...Miss Kalin.

Kalin Alright, alright. Just go.

M1911 I see...
There's more, right?

M14 Yeah...

The previous morning.

Kalin M14, I have to go and inspect a new delivery.
If anyone comes asking for supplies while I'm gone, tell them to wait here.

M14 Okay!

Kalin Right, then I'll be back soon.
I'm leaving things here to you.

Kalin leaves the warehouse.

STEN Miss Kalin, I'm here for ammo-
M14? Why are you here? Where's Miss Kalin?

M14 She's off to inspect a new delivery!
We're watching the warehouse for her while she's gone.

STEN Did she say when she'll be back?

M14 Soon, she said!

STEN Hmm, then I'll wait here.

...20 minutes later.

STEN Why isn't she back yet...? I'm running out of time.

M14 Are you on some urgent business, Sten?

STEN Yeah, our team has to go on an emergency mission. I need to get some ammo pronto.

M14 Then just take it first.
We'll tell Miss Kalin when she comes back!

STEN Huh? Is that okay?
I think it's better if I wait till she's here...

M14 But aren't you in a hurry?

STEN I am... My leader was rushing me just now.
Hmm...can't be helped.
I'm taking these then. Please apologize to Miss Kalin on my behalf when she's back.

M14 Okay, we'll definitely tell her!

...A few minutes later.

Kalin Jeez. Suppliers nowadays are SO tenacious...
I'm back, M14. Did anyone come by?

M14 Sten was here!

M14 tells Kalin about what happened.

Kalin ...WHAT?! You let Sten take the ammo?!

M14 Because she looked like she was in a hurry, you know.

Kalin rushes over to the shelves and checks the ammunition.

Kalin Arghhhhh!!
She took blank rounds used for practice!!
I need to tell the Commander right now!!

M14 That's what happened...
We wanted to do our logistic duties properly, but we always ended up causing trouble.

M1911 Looks like you've been apologizing all the time...

M14 Will Thompson sack us, M1911?
We want to stay here with everyone at Griffin... We don't want to have our core removed and get sent away...

M1911 Slow down, slow down. Things are that bad yet...
Right. Since you've been practicing, mind if I take a look at your data? I might find something you're good at.

M14 Really?
Can we really come back to the team?

M1911 You never left, M14.

M14 What?

M1911 We only hope you can readjust yourself and come back on duty at a better time.
If all you care about is playing the hero and sulk in defeat whenever you botch something up, how could you expect anyone to trust you with their backs?

M14 We...we simply...don't want to be abandoned...

M1911 We haven't abandoned you...

M1911 kneels down and looks at M14.

M1911 If you don't want to give up, then calm down and find something that you really want to do.

M14 We've tried many things, but none of them really worked out.

M1911 Were you actually trying, or were you just trying to get lucky?
Have you put in any effort for what you want?

M14 Effort...

M1911 That's right. Put in the effort until you're up for the job.
It's like love... If you don't make an effort, you'll never know the darling of your dreams. If you don't give everything you've got, you'll never win their heart.

M14 That's an odd metaphor...
But...we think we get it.
Yeah, we'll do our best! For what we want to do!

M1911 Great. So, since I'm here anyway...let me see the results from your practice just now.

M1911 pulls up M14's shooting data.

M1911 Hmm...

M14 ...Is it terrible?

M1911 No...it's much better than I expected.
Perhaps rather than being in the vanguard, M14, you'd be more suited for providing cover from the back.

M14 Providing cover? Like M21?

M1911 That's right. You'll have to stay back to give support. This will make your fighting style vastly different than what you're used to.
You'll have to rein in your personality to maximize the use of your Imprinted weapon.

M14 Our Imprint...
We're not sure if we can do that...

M1911 It depends on how much change you're willing to make.
Learning to compromise is also a kind of effort, you know.

M14 Compromise...is also a kind of effort?

M1911 In a team, everyone has to sacrifice a bit of themselves in order to work side by side with each other.
This kind of sacrifice isn't always noticeable, but it's essential to achieving victory.

M14 Have you, and has Miss Thompson also made this compromise?

M1911 If you know how Thompson used to do things, you'll realize how easy we have it now.
If you really want to help us, then you have to change.
Well? If you want to give that a try, I can talk to Thompson and ask her to take you on our next mission.

M14 ...
We want to fight with you.
It doesn't matter from which position. We'll do our best!
We'll also work hard on our shortcomings in order to stay with you...
So...please, M1911, please ask Thompson to let us fight!

M1911 I can see that you do have the determination. I'll keep my promise.
But next time, if you still charge straight to the front, Thompson might really just tear out your core and dump it in a coal mine...

M14 Ughh... That's scary...

M1911 Haha, just kidding.
Then I look forward to your performance!
Don't disappoint us, okay?