M14 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD3

Squad Thompson in the middle of a mission.

M1911 Are you in position, M21?

M21 M14 and I are ready. We can punch our enemies full of holes anytime!

M1911 Good. Please keep an eye on M14. Tell her about the way you fight if you've got free time.

M21 No problem. Leave it to me!

M1911 Hmm. I know I can count on you.
I'll see you later.

M1911 terminates the call.

M14 What are we gonna do, M21?

M21 Just wait for the enemy forces to set foot in the trap.
Then "bang, bang, bang" them all!

M14 We understand!

M21 Right, this is the first time you're fighting this way...so you can just be on standby next to me.
If there are too many of them, help me with whatever I miss.

M14 Okay, we'll definitely do our job!

M21 By the way, I've been wondering about this for a while...

M14 What?

M21 Why do you address yourself as "we"?

M14 Well...we do it so that M14 never forgets about our old companions!

M21 Old companions?

M14 Yeah. It was a long time ago...

At that moment, Thompson's voice comes through the comm link with gunshots in the background.

Thompson Save your chatting for later, ladies.
If you want any extra bounty, get to work and pull your weight.

M21 Alright, here we go!
Tell me the rest after the fight, M14.

...Several minutes later.
Combat over.

M14 Thompson! Thompson!

Thompson Looks like you're still in one piece, M14.

M21 Of course she is. I'm with her.

M14 Look, Thompson, we didn't lose a single screw this time!

Thompson Isn't that how it's supposed to be, M14?
You were never meant to be a walking target on the field.

M14 Hmm, we understand... That's why we did as M1911 said and fired from the back.
Were you satisfied with our performance?

Thompson It's...acceptable. Nothing exceptional.
Now let's not waste time and head for the next location.

...In a safe house somewhere.

Thompson We're now in Phase 2.
M14, you stay behind to guard this outpost. Everyone else, with me.

M14 Wait... You're not taking us with you?

Thompson The operation will be rather risky from now on. You just switched positions so it's unwise to have you with us.
We'll rendezvous after the battle.

M14 But...

Thompson No buts. Squad leader's order.

M21 Don't worry, M14!
We'll sort it out quickly and come back for you soon!

Thompson Keep in touch.
I'll call you over if we need help.

M14 Okay...

The rest of the squad leave the safe house.
M14 sits down against the wall of the building on her own.

M14 ...
It's all the same...
We still got left behind.

M14 curls into a ball and hugs her knees while she waits.

M14 I'm all alone.
I hate how it feels...
It's just like back then...

??? Don't give up. We will definitely pass the test!

??? Our numbers are dwindling...
Are we really a defective model?

??? As long as one of us passes the test...

??? All our hopes are on you...


M14 ?!

A voice suddenly comes through the comm link. M14 jumps to her feet right away.

M14 We're here!
Is this M21?! Is something wrong?

M21 Cough... M14, withdraw immediately!

M14 But our order is to...

M1911 M14, you must leave that safe house at once!
The enemy is much tougher than we imagined... A platoon we didn't manage to get is heading straight towards your location!

M9 Stop chatting! They're on us again!

M21 Alright, got it! I'll—
M14, we're in a bit of a spot now, but we'll get you as soon as we can...

M14 (M21 seems to be in serious trouble...)
Why don't we stay here and ambush them?!

M21 What?! Don't even think about it! Not funny at all!
Just run! We'll do our best to catch up!

...Transmission terminated.

M14 Then we're leaving.
But...if we go now...

M1911 Have you put in any effort for what you want?

M14 ...

If I go now, won't I be letting down my companions of old?

There once was a line of T-Doll that was put under hundreds and thousands of test during its development.
Countless units of the same model were screened out from during the testing process.
In the end, only a single unit passed all performance tests...

M14 The remaining unit...was me.

I survived all those tests. I am not defective.

Even I can fight... Even I can achieve victory for everyone!
This is all I want to prove!
If I give up now, their sacrifice would've been for nothing.
The T-Dolls retired in the lab...the ones that didn't pass the tests...
I am the only one who still remembers them.
If even I am retired, all memories of them will be gone.

M14 I...
WE aren't defective, useless T-Dolls!
We have to fight!

M14 connects to Thompson's communication channel.

M14 Thompson!

Thompson M14? I don't have time...
Wait, why are you still at the safe house?!

M14 Listen to us, Thompson!
We have an idea...

I will go forward on their behalf. This is our wish.
I will never forget about this wish from now on.
I will remember our past and live on...
This is our fight.

I must work even harder for this goal.