M14 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD4

At the Griffin café.

M21 ...So that's your story.
Earlier models really had it rough.

M14 But we were really happy!
Thank you so much for listening to our story, M21.

M21 It's nothing. We're friends, after all.
I'm glad to know you better.

M14 Hmm, we've finished our coffee.
Time to rejoin the squad...

M21 You seem nervous?

M14 Yeah...
It's been a while, and we look different now... We wonder how they'll see us.

M21 Don't worry. M14 is M14.
Besides, you did us a huge favor on our last mission. Miss Thompson was all smiles.
She arranged special training for you and even asked the Commander to file you in for a Neural Upgrade.
M1911 never had anything against you. Even M9, fussy as she is, won't have a problem with you.

M14 Really?

M21 Really! I'm not joking this time.

M14 Th-that's a relief!

M21 Now let's go. They're in for a shock when they see how you've turned out.

In the dorm at the Griffin base.

M1911 Say...isn't it the last day of the special training that Thompson put M14 through?

M9 I think so... It's been more than a month. I wonder what M14's like after all that training.
I sure hope she didn't turn into a Thompson 2.0!

M1911 If Thompson were here, you'd probably be full of holes by now.

M9 Humph...
(Mutters) If Thompson ever finds out, some old granny must've snitched on me.

M1911 I heard that, M9.

M14 So you're here!

The two T-Dolls in the lounge turn simultaneously to the door.

M1911 Ah, you're back, M14.

M9 What...? Are you really M14?

M21 The one and only!

M14 It's been a while. We missed you!

M9 You look a lot cooler than before.
Damn, can't believe I'm actually jealous...

M14 Heheh, all thanks to Thompson's special training!
Oh, and Miss Kalin, who acquired a lot of new parts for us.
We can easily take on hundreds of Sangvis now!

M1911 Haha, it's the same old M14, alright.
Now you don't have to worry, M9.

M9 ...I wasn't worried or anything!

M14 Don't worry. We'll definitely be of help from now on!

M9 I said I wasn't worried...whatever.

M1911 By the way... M14, that's not the first thing you should say when you see us.

M14 Huh? Then what should we say?

M9 Yep, she's still an idiot...
Isn't it obvious that you should say something along the lines of "I'm back" when you get home?

M14 Oh... Then...we're back!
From now on, we will fight side by side with you!