M4A1 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD4

The battle ends.

M4A1 All enemies exterminated. We can move on to the next objective.

AK-12 Your performance after the repairs is pretty good.
But don't push yourself too hard. It would be a shame if you were to break again just after you get fixed.

M4A1 My body feels very light now... Both my aiming speed and mobility have improved tremendously... Your skills are amazing, AK-12.

AK-12 I'm not one to get happy from praises.
I'm worried that your neural cloud hasn't fully adapted to the newly-installed components.
What are we going to do if overusing them leads to incompatibility issues, and your neural cloud breaks down? Not to mention, I heard you...

M4A1 It only needs to last until I can personally destroy my target. That won't take long.

Yes, this is all I need.
I have obtained new strength, and I have found my target again.
I once thought that it is only to be expected that I bring victory to my team, in order to bring them glory.
It's still the same now. I will continue winning.
My victories will pile up one after the other until I reach my objective.

It doesn't matter if they're humans or Dolls...
Everyone who has hurt me and my friends...

Will face total vengeance!