AR15 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD3

Zeele You're back, Miss UMP45. Did your mission go well?

UMP45 We achieved our objective, at least.
You, on the other hand, don't look too good.
Was she being that way again?

Zeele ...Yes.

UMP45 Forget it, you're not suited to deal with people like that. Let me handle it.

UMP45 It's been a while, AR-15. Here's a present for you.

AR-15 ...

UMP45 Or rather, it's a "present" that our employer has ordered you to install.
If you want strength, then you'd best be quick about it.

AR-15 ...

UMP45 Isn't this what you always wanted? Yet you still insist on walking around with that chip on your shoulder.
Griffin Dolls...really are delicate.

AR-15 ...I don't need anything from you.

UMP45 Don't think you're getting these for free, AR-15.
We're losing out on our share of the profit because of you.
Just take this mission for example, most of the pay went into that module you're holding.

AR-15 Well I'm terribly sorry about that.
But I never asked you to save me.

UMP45 Do you think I WANTED to save you?
Finding all your little bits and piecing you back together was really tiring, AR-15.
We only went to all that effort because our employer thinks you're still useful.

AR-15 They want something of me?

UMP45 Zeele didn't dare to say it so boldly, but I guess telling you up front is a sign of respect for you, right?

AR-15 Why me?

UMP45 You're kind of famous in Griffin.
And among Dolls...fame often goes hand in hand with skill.
I guess our employer likes that about you.

AR-15 Me? Famous? That's only because I was in the AR Team.
And besides...I'm not the sort of Doll who can meekly follow orders.
If you send me out on a mission, half the time it won't turn out the way you want.

UMP45 That is exactly what our employer wants.

AR-15 You keep going on and on about this "employer", do you even know how to do anything besides following orders?

UMP45 That's just my way of life. I have no choice in the matter.
How about you? You wanted freedom, right? We can grant you your wish.

AR-15 Freedom?
I don't even know anymore if I ever truly longed for freedom.
Perhaps I simply enjoyed the feeling of disobeying orders.

UMP45 Give it a try, then. There's not much time left for you to sit idly by.
If you don't go out and do something, you'll never find your answer.

AR-15 ...

UMP45 Hurry up and choose, AR-15.
What can you accomplish just by staying here?

UMP45 turns and leaves.

AR-15 The choice I should make...
What I really want...
Can I find the answer?