G36 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD1

By a run-down building in the contamination zone.

XM8 Gr G36, do you copy?! I can't hold off much longer here! What should I do?!

Gr G36 Enemy fire is too heavy... Let's retreat for now!

Fairy Warning! Enemy long-ranged assault units moving into position!
ETA 12 seconds...

Gr PSG-1 Hold on! I can get a clear shot in a sec!

Gr G36 I repeat, Gr PSG-1! Retreat now!


XM8 Gr PSG-1 is playing deaf!
Your words aren't taken seriously on the field, Gr G36!

Gr G36 ...


Gr PSG-1 Headshot. Retreating now...

??? Get down!

Gr PSG-1 ...?!


XM8 Well...that's the story, Miss Kalina.
The others are mostly fine, but our squad leader... She's in a pretty bad state.

Kalin I see... Did the retreat go smoothly?

XM8 Thanks to Gr PSG-1's shot, we didn't have to worry about being pursued by their ground units.
See you around, Miss Kalina.


Three hours later, at the Repair Bay.

Kalin Things aren't looking good... In this weather, it'll take at least three days for the parts to arrive at the temporary base.

Gr G36 Miss Kalina...?

Kalin Ah, is your reactivation sequence complete?

Gr G36 Yes. Good morning.

Kalin Ahaha, morning...

Gr G36 Is something wrong? You seem rather troubled.
If there is anything I can do to help, please...

Kalin Thing is, Gr G36... You're gonna have to stay here at the base for the next two days.

Gr G36 Is that a tactical request?

Kalin You can say that.
You may be able to move your arms just fine, but your left arm can't take any stress for the time being.

Gr G36 ...Not even holding my weapon?

Kalin That's right. The joints in your left arm are missing several screws. It's a miracle you can still move it.
The weather is terrible right now. You'll have to wait for the parts to get here in a few days before we can repair your arm or give you a new body...

Gr G36 Is that so...? My head also feels lighter.

Kalin Yeah... Your braid was shot off along with your arm.
You had to retreat on short notice so your teammates couldn't recover the damaged parts.

Gr G36 I understand...
I cannot be of much help out there, but at least I will not slow others down now...

Kalin ...The Commander asked you to take it easy.

Gr G36 Understood... I will obey the order.

Kalin Then take a good rest. I'll be off.

G36 See you, Miss Kalina. Please do not over-exert yourself either.

Kalina closes the door behind her.
Gr G36 stares at her weapon leaning against her bed. She tries to pick it up slowly with her left arm.
The joints screech and groan with difficulty. The gun twitches, but remains where it is.

Gr G36 The maximum weight capacity is at 3kg. Looks like I will be out of action for a while...
Still, at least I can do something other than fighting...