G36 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD3


In the corridor outside the café.

XM8 There's always a limit to what a T-Doll can do, okay?
Rather than forcing yourself so hard you break yourself, you should understand your own limit.

Gr G36 How could I be satisfied with my current condition...?
Even if I have reached the limit of my capability, I can still do so much more.

XM8 There is always someone else who can do what you can't. Just leave things to the Commander.

Gr G36 Preposterous... How could I bother the Commander for something like this?!
But...if the Commander can really help me with this...
No, the Commander is busy enough as it is... I must not impose myself.

Commander Gr G36?

Gr G36 Oh...! Good afternoon, Commander.

Commander I don't often see you like this.

Gr G36 Like...what?

Commander Uh... Dazed? Absent-minded?
It's rare to see you like this so I can't really tell either. Got something on your mind?

Gr G36 ...

XM8 There is always someone else who can do what you can't. Just leave things to the Commander.

Gr G36 (...Is that really a good idea?)
(But this is indeed a problem that I cannot solve even after thinking on it for so long...)

Commander Earth to Gr G36? Anybody home?

Gr G36 Ah, please don't worry.
There is nothing wrong with me.

Commander Really?
Is there really nothing wrong with you if something is taking up so much of your internal processor that you fail to notice your surroundings?

Gr G36 I simply do not wish to...

Commander I'm your Commander, Gr G36.
It's my job to help my T-Doll subordinates with their problems.
So, are you trying to make me fail my duties?

Gr G36 Apologies, Commander...

Commander Just kidding, haha.
However, I think sharing your problem proves that you trust me.

Gr G36 ...
If you insist...
I AM rather perturbed by a certain matter. If I could borrow some of your time...

Commander Of course you can. What is it?

Springfield Whatever it is, isn't it better to talk about it inside?

Gr G36 Oh, Springfield. I have brought the ingredients for tea.

Springfield Perfect. I'll start the brew right away.

Gr G36 ...Thank you.

In the café.
I listen to Gr G36 talk about what has happened recently over a hot cup of tea.

Gr G36 That is all... I am sure this all seems terribly banal for you, Commander.

Commander You have reached your skill ceiling but aren't content to stop where you are and want to be of more use...
This isn't banal at all. I'm actually very happy that you have this attitude, Gr G36.

Gr G36 ...Thank you for your kind words.
Still, wanting to become stronger is my own business. I should not be bother anyone with my complaints...

Commander You can't grow stronger on your own.
This isn't just your own business, Gr G36. It requires everyone's support.

Gr G36 Everyone's support?

Commander If one day, Gr PSG-1 and XM8 suddenly disappeared...
If one day, Springfield and Gr G36c were gone...
Would there be any point...even if you'd become incredibly powerful?

Gr G36 ...

Commander You may have been toiling endlessly for others and given more effort than most of your peers, but the people around you also have positive attributes that you lack.
They aren't merely there to help you fulfill your objectives. They're also examples for you to learn from.

Gr G36 Learn...from them...?

Commander Gr G36, you value courtesy the most out of all the T-Dolls here.
However, it is rather discourteous of you to never share your burden with others...

Gr G36 ...
I thought I had been hiding it pretty well, but I suppose...everyone already knows what I have been thinking...

Commander Everyone wants to help. Why don't you give them a chance to repay you?

Gr G36 But even if I want to improve...it is practically impossible for my neural cloud to pick up a completely new operation method at this point...
I guess as one of the first T-Dolls manufactured, my neural capacity is a bit inadequate.

Commander I'm sure this is one of the reasons why you've been so anxious.
But now that you mention it, I'm thinking of a new technology discovered recently.

Gr G36 New technology?
Could you be referring to a Neural Upgrade?

Commander That's right. You've probably heard what it's all about.

Gr G36 My past self would have definitely turned it down, thinking I did not require it.
But now...

Commander Now, I also want to know what you think, Gr G36.

Gr G36 I...
Do you want me...to receive this Neural Upgrade, Commander?


선택 1 : I can't say I don't.
선택 2 : I only want you to do it of your own accord.

Commander 선택 1 : I can't say I don't... All commanders want their T-Doll subordinates to excel.

Gr G36 선택 1 : I understand. If that is what you wish...

Commander 선택 2 : I want you to do it of your own free will, not simply because I hope you'd give it a try.

Gr G36 선택 2 : Well now...
Other than expressing my gratitude, I do not know how else to respond.

Commander You don't have to think about that. What matters is the choice you make now.
So, will you try it?

Gr G36 looks at me with a strange, overwhelmed half-smile.
It's a strange expression, but I suppose that's exactly how she's feeling right now.

Gr G36 Right now, I will definitely...