G36 T-Doll Memoirs - MOD4

At the base.

Gr G36 Commander, Gr G36 reporting in.

Commander Welcome back, Gr G3...6?

Gr G36 Too big a change?

Commander It's alright, but your hair... They didn't reattach it?

Gr G36 I am fine with this hairstyle.
I would like to keep it as a commemoration of what happened as well as a reminder to myself.
Does it not suit me?

Commander No, it looks great.
I feel bad for giving you a new assignment right after you returned, but I don't think there's anyone more suited for this task.

Gr G36 Understood. Please give me my orders.

Commander I just sent you the details regarding this mission.
And take it eas...

Gr G36 Yes, Commander.

Commander ...Actually, no. You're the only one who can pull this off, Gr G36, so please come back with perfect results.

Gr G36's eyes widen in surprise for a second.
But she quickly reverts to her usual stoic self and gives me a solemn salute.

Gr G36 I am grateful for your expectations. I will not disappoint you.

The next morning, at the café.

XM8 Ahhh. Finally made it back. I'm knackered.
Running logistics with a bunch of rookies is so incredibly boring...
Hmm? What's this smell? Smells funny but also kinda nice.

Gr G36c Welcome back, XM8.
These are flowers brought back by my sister. This is also my first time smelling real flowers.

XM8 ...Huh, they're Gr G36's...? Not interested.

XM8 turns to leave and runs smack into the T-Doll who just entered.

XM8 Whoa! Wha...

Gr G36 ...Oh.

Gr G36 XM8, about what happened last time...

XM8 What about it?
Don't expect an apology from me. It wasn't my fault to begin with.

Gr G36 Thank you for your word of advice.
We are still going to be on the same team, so I will be counting on you and the others.

XM8 ...Was it the Neural Upgrade? What else could've made a stubborn T-Doll like you say that?
Well...I'll cooperate, so don't worry.

Gr G36c I'm glad things have worked out smoothly.
Where did you get these flowers, sis?

Gr G36 They were a gift from the child we saved in the last mission.
They smell nice, don't they?

Gr G36c Ja, I've never smelled anything like this.
So this is life, huh? How lovely. So supple, so beautiful and exuberant.
It must be nice to be given flowers.

Gr G36 These are gardenias, very uncommon even in cities in Green Zones.
The child gave me a large bouquet. Take one if you like.

Gr G36c It's fine leaving them here so everyone can enjoy them.
By the way, you came back later than you usually do. Did something happen?

Gr G36 Oh, I went looking for Gr PSG-1 after I returned to the base.
Her room was in such a mess. I must get her to tidy up properly one of these days...

Gr G36c Haha...I've heard about that.
I pity her for being caught by you.

Gr G36 But she was not in her dorm. I found her in the training ground.
I heard she had been frequenting it a lot these days. I came after having a chat with her.

Gr G36c I can kinda guess what you said to her...

Gr G36 I did not tell her off. I merely talked about our previous mission.
She took what happened too much to heart, just as I did.

Springfield So...what do you think about it now?

Gr G36 Should I say...I have changed my mind a little...?

Springfield You sound uncertain. That's not like you.

Gr G36 I am not sure if this is caused by the Neural Upgrade.
I have considered making more possible changes, but I will require help from my peers.

Gr G36c It does sound like you've changed a lot.
Still, I love you all the same, both the way you were and the way you are.

Gr G36 Now that I think about it, even you had told me many times to take it easy.
But I simply would not listen.

Gr G36c It's alright, sister.
It's turned out for the best, right?

Gr G36c's voice wavers with emotion as she smiles at her sister.
Gr G36 strokes Gr G36c softly on the hair, then on the shoulders.

Gr G36 I would like to change the habit of taking all responsibilities onto myself and share them with my colleagues instead, the way I do with the Commander.
...That should free up my hands so I can do even more.

Springfield To reflect on yourself and make changes...I'm very impressed, Gr G36.
So may I ask where do you plan to start?

Gr G36 Say...

Springfield Hmm? How may I help?

Gr G36 Would you mind preparing lunch with me today?

Springfield Pfffft. That's just like you.
Of course. I'd be honored.

Gr G36c Um, sis... I'd also like to help...

Gr G36 Of course you can. Come.

XM8 By deciding the dish...

Gr G36 Please.

So passes the afternoon in a café filled with the aroma of coffee and gardenias.
The curtains of this new story fall in a rare moment of peace amid the cheerful chatter of T-Dolls.