마카로프 - 잭오랜턴

T-Doll Dormitory, Griffin Control.

Commander Good afternoon. May I come in?

Makarov Da, please come in.
Dobryy den', Commander. How can I help you?

Commander Uh...

Makarov, who is assembling something with her back facing me, is dressed very differently from the way she usually does.
She has obviously made a lot of preparations for this event.

Makarov Commander?

Commander Sorry. My mind was wandering.
You look nice.

Makarov So, are you here to take a sneak peek of my costume? As you see, this is it.

Commander I did come because I was wondering.
The costume is great. Very suited for Halloween.
Speaking of which, Makarov...

Makarov Spasibo...hmm?
What is it, Commander?

Makarov stops what she's doing with a hollow metal ball and turns around to see what I'm up to.

Commander You...aren't afraid of ghosts, are you?

She gives me a long stare and sighs softly. Then she turns back to her prop and resumes her work.

Makarov I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I am not the slightest bit frightened of such things.
I have no fear for all things, real or not, invincible or not.
So please don't expect any surprise on my part at this haunted house event.

Commander (She saw right through me...)
What a shame. I did expect a surprise, and I've been looking forward to it.

Makarov Then you should not have unwrapped the candy before it's time.

Commander Knowing thy enemy and anticipating their moves are important to any operation, right?
Besides, I haven't checked out your other friends who'll be there at the event. I still have many candies to unwrap.

Makarov It's enough of a surprise if those idiots don't mess anything up.
Khorosho. It's almost time for my shift at the haunted house, Commander. See you later.

Commander Sure, see you. I'll look forward to your checkpoint, Makarov.

Makarov I told you there is nothing to look forward to...

Half an hour before the Haunted House Adventure begins, Checkpoint 3.

Makarov I see I don't know you nearly well enough.

M1919A4 Eeeeek! Oh, it's you, Makarov. You gave me quite a scare.

Makarov Should a T-Doll that's masquerading as a demonic creature be scared by a simple hello?
You're here early. What are you doing?

M1919 gives her tactical tablet a wave. Makarov glances at it - it's covered in text.

Makarov Don't tell me you are studying up on vampires.

M1919A4 Heheh, bingo!

Makarov You seem to put much more effort in your characterization than the others.
And your costume...is very well done, no matter how I look at it.
I'm sure you've been bombarding Miss Springfield with questions about your outfit, da? Miss Vampire?

M1919A4 Of course!
If I'm doing this, I gotta give it my best.
Especially at an event where I can scare people with no consequences! That's once in a blue moon!

Makarov Basically you only want to scare people...
But it sure is astonishing to see a wrecking ball like you studying quietly.

M1919A4 See? You don't know me nearrrrrrrly well enough!

Makarov Seeing how seriously you are taking this, I won't spoil the fun.
Do your best. I hope Miss Carmilla will deliver a big surprise to our patrons.

M1919A4 You can look forward to it!
Speaking of which, why have you come at such a time?
Judging by your usual style, shouldn't you be solemnly guarding your post?

Makarov This is a recreational group activity.
I'm not as wooden as you think. I do consider it a good idea to cultivate friendship among colleagues.
It is always more efficient and effective to do the right thing at the right time.

M1919A4 Wooden is exactly what you are. Everything you do is based on cold logic...

Makarov No, it is based on past experience...


M1919A4 Whoa...! What's going on?!
Why has it gone all dark?

M1919 holds up her tablet for illumination.
Makarov is still standing silently in the soft glow.

M1919A4 You're still here... Phew.

Makarov Da, I'm here...

Makarov But it's time I returned to my post. Please excuse me.

The instant Makarov opens the door, something flits by.

Makarov ...

M1919A4 Did you feel that as well, Makarov...?

Makarov Something seems to have whisked past us...

M1919A4 Have we made this sort of gliding mechanism?

Makarov Not to my memory.

M1919A4 You're awfully chill about this, Makarov...
Aren't you scared at all? What if something happened?

Makarov Then we just have to stay with our post and play our part.
Besides...the point of the event is not the haunted house to begin with.

M1919A4 You have a point.
Then stay safe on your way back! Don't trip!

Makarov flashes M1919 a brief smile in the eerie blue light.

Makarov Do your best, Miss Carmilla.
I look forward to the surprise you have in store for everyone.

In the pitch black corridor.

Makarov Still, what really is the matter here...
Let me check the electrical room first.

Light is shining dimly through the half-open door to the electrical room.
Before Makarov reaches it, the door creaks open and out comes a T-Doll.

Makarov Hey, what are you doing here?


Makarov Hey, calm down. It's me, Makarov.

WA2000 Oh, it's you... You scared the crap out of me. I almost shot you.

Makarov "I'm an elite who specializes in solo operations."
Is that not what you always say? Then what's with that reaction?

WA2000 Shut up already! I'm not scared of ghosts. I'm just vigilant against possible enemies.

Makarov I did not say you were scared of ghosts.
But you aren't...very good with supernatural things, are you, WA2000?

WA2000 Why would I be scared of ghosts? There's absolutely no way such unscientific things could exist.
Besides, I only just finished repairing the circuit. I haven't even turned the power switch back on. The haunted house doesn't have power yet, and the electronic ghosts aren't working, so what's there to be scared of?

Makarov ...
Da, that makes sense.
So...what is that behind you?

WA2000 freezes.
A few seconds later, she turns her head stiffly...


WA2000 screams and dashes off.

Makarov She runs very fast for a rifle T-Doll.
But who on earth fixed that projection thingy behind her?
It's only powered by battery cells. Interesting.

??? You really aren't even a little bit scared of ghosts, Makarov.

Makarov It has never been part of my setting.
By the way, it was you who flitted past the door, wasn't it, Type64?

Type64 How unfortunate.
But it's even more unfortunate for the event...
Everyone has put so much effort in the preparation, and it's ruined because of the power outage.

Makarov Really? It is an event for scaring people anyway.
It can be considered a success as long as someone gets spooked. That's what I think.

Type64 You have a point...
(Chuckles) Well, everyone did get spooked, except for the Commander...
Somehow that irks me.

Makarov Is that so?
That won't do.

Type64 Oh?
Got any good ideas, Makarov?

Makarov The event is far from over. It's too early to admit defeat.
Our setup is still in place. Let's resume the operation.

Type64 Sounds good, but how should we do that?
Should I mobilize everyone?

Makarov Nyet, we won't have enough time for that.

As she speaks, Makarov turns on a transmission channel.

Makarov Do you copy, M1919A4?
Right. Listen to me. I have a favor to ask...
Khorosho. I'm leaving it to you.

Type64 Pfffft.
That sounds really interesting.
I'm sure the result's gonna be great.

Makarov Who can tell before the plan is put into action? The commander could very well not fall for this.

Type64 Are you nervous?

Makarov Sorry to disappoint, but not at all. Let's just wait and see.

After a few minutes.

Type64 It's been a while, but nothing happened at all...
It probably didn't...


The Commander's voice comes through the channel.

Type64 ...
Ah... It worked.
What a blood-curdling scream. I'm even starting to take pity on the Commander.

Makarov Khorosho. The operation was a success.

Type64 That was a fantastic plan.
But only someone who's afraid of ghosts would understand the things that scare people.
You couldn't have come up with this idea if you really weren't afraid of ghosts, could you, Makarov?

Makarov It's almost time... Let's join them at the cafe.

Type64 Aren't you gonna answer me, Makarov?

Makarov Humph... That was just "a little surprise" for the Commander.