Griffin Control.

PKP finishes reading the mission brief and puts the folder on the table.

PKP So, you wish to entrust the outdoors security to me for the duration of the opera, Commander?

Commander Yes. I would like you to be on standby outside the theater once the opera starts and be ready to deal with any dangerous situations that might develop.

PKP Surely you can hand security off to any old T-Doll, right?
Not to mention, you have two other Dolls going with you. Is there really a need for me to patrol up and down the street?

Commander According to our intel, there's a possibility that we'll be up against an organized group.
For safety's sake, I'd like to have heavy firepower on the scene to suppress the opposition.

PKP So you're going to have a valuable source of combat power lock down the streets because of a “possibility”?

Commander One can only obtain flawless victory by considering all possibilities.
I'm hoping you'll lend me a hand, PKP.

PKP Hmph... Flawless, you say.
In that case, your operation was flawless the moment you put my name down on the plan, Commander.

Commander So are you on board?

PKP Yes. Are you satisfied now?

Commander Yes, I'm relieved that you'll be joining us.
Ah, by the way, Griffin has approved an expense account for this event. You may need to be on standby for a very long time outside the theater, so if you're hungry, go ahead and acquire rations from nearby.
Eat whatever you like, and don't forget to collect the receipts for the claims later.

PKP Getting to fill my belly on a boring job isn't so bad.
I'll be sure to make good use of that expense account then, Commander.

The next day.

PKP While I don't mind coming out for a walk...

The opera is in progress, and there aren't many people around the perimeter of the theater.
Although this is the ideal situation for security work, PKP could not take joy in that fact.

PKP ...This is just too boring.

Time ticks away slowly while she maintains her watch. PKP could not find anything out of the ordinary despite having walked around the vicinity several times.
When's the opera going to end? How much longer do I have to wait...

PKP stops in front of an Italian restaurant.

PKP Normally I wouldn't need to be here...
...Forget it.
While it started out as a way to hide my identity, this outfit is quite suitable for blending into a place like this.

PKP enters the Italian restaurant and heads toward the second floor and takes a window seat.
The restaurant faces the theater, so she could see everything happening in the mini plaza outside.

PKP Visibility here is good... I guess I'll resupply here.
Now, let's have a good meal to make up for this wastage of an elite's time.

The table soon fills up with dishes.

PKP ignores the looks of intrigue from the neighboring tables and voraciously devours the plates of delicious cuisine with breakneck speed.

PKP ...These are pretty good.
Just like I thought, high-end human cuisine tastes better than synthetic combat rations after all.

The plates before her are soon emptied. PKP scans the table and stops her eyes on the ice cream that the server had just brought her.

PKP This is the last dish...
I still haven't been contacted by anyone yet. Is the performance still going?

Just as PKP is starting to get irritated, the sound of an explosion is heard from the direction of the theater.

PKP Finally here, huh?
Ah well, being 80% full is good enough.

As her surroundings descend into chaos, PKP looks at the ice cream in her hand and gulps it down in one fell swoop.
Then, she grabs a piece of paper on the table and prepares to leave the restaurant.

PKP Thompson, what's the situation in the theater?

Thompson Unfortunately, our intel was on the mark.
Several maggots are fleeing out the theater's entrance. Stop them.

PKP Roger.

PKP pulls her machine gun out of her music instrument case and smashes the window glass with it. She then leaps down from the second floor and dashes toward the theater.

PKP Hmph... Let's end this boring mission with a flawless victory.

The next day. Griffin Control.

PKP Still alive, Commander?

Commander Is this a sympathy visit or something?

PKP Although I expected you to survive, I still wanted to make sure with my own two eyes. Also...

PKP hands over a folded piece of paper.
I freeze in shock when I see the numbers printed on it.

PKP It's the bill for yesterday's meal during the operation.

Commander ...Were you eating by yourself, PKP?

PKP Of course.

Commander Then...did you take the bill from the neighboring table by accident?

PKP Do I look like a Doll who would make such an elementary mistake?

Commander But this bill of covers at least three people's worth of food...

PKP If you're good at something, never do it for free.
What's the matter? Are you regretting it now, Commander?

Commander No, no...not at all.
You did very well yesterday. Your performance was deserving of a reward.

I slump into my chair after PKP leaves.
While it was not quite a smile, I'm certain that she had a look of triumph and satisfaction on her face.

Commander Hahhh... Well, it's not exactly a terrible outcome.
I guess I'll have to make up for the excess above the claimable amount myself.