MG5 - 황야의 사냥꾼

The Griffin squad proceeds with the cleanup work as planned after the police were done arresting the suspects of the attack group at the theater.

Gr MG5 This way, Commander.

Walking ahead of me, Gr MG5 uses her kukri to hack a path through the vegetation.

Commander They really know how to inconvenience people, running so far into the wilderness like this.

Gr MG5 We Dolls can handle search operations like this by ourselves.
There's no need for you to personally come down here, Commander.

Commander It's best that I'm present since this job involves interacting with humans from other organizations.
Also...since our targets for this mission are also humans, I'd like to bear witness to the operation.

Gr MG5 I see... Human affairs are quite complicated.
Please don't stray too far from me, Commander. Who knows if we'll run into any escapees from the attacker group around here.

Commander Ugh... I haven't moved around outdoors in a while. I feel like I can't quite keep up.
In any case, you'll protect me from the attackers, right?

Gr MG5 ...But of course. However, that doesn't mean you can allow yourself to get careless, Commander.
Human attackers aside, there may also be other dangerous lifeforms in this wilderness.

Commander Ack, really? Then I'll have to stay close to you.
Now that you mention it, you do seem quite familiar with the wilderness, Gr MG5.
That outfit of yours looks like it's made for camping outdoors.

Gr MG5 is wearing a set of loose clothing and a brimmed cap. The backpack she's carrying is fully stocked with gear such as a water bottle and a folding chair and the like.
If not for the machine gun on her back, she would be the very image of an outdoors explorer.

Gr MG5 Given the circumstances, dressing like this helps in moving around.

Commander It must have cost a lot to put this outfit together. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors?

Gr MG5 Yeah...I usually get out like this by myself.

Commander You camp outdoors all by yourself?

Gr MG5 Yes, Commander.

Commander I thought you preferred hanging around the other Dolls.

Gr MG5 I don't dislike being around my friends...
It's just that sometimes...I need to be alone.
Ah, we've reached our destination, Commander.

Commander Alright, let's take a break after we search this area.

An hour later. Search complete.

Gr MG5 The search is complete, Commander. No traces of the enemy.

Commander I didn't find anything on my side either.

Gr MG5 The others haven't finished searching yet. Would you like to rest here for now, Commander?

Commander Alright, we'll wait for the others to contact us.
We can pack up and go home if they don't find anything.

Gr MG5 unfolds her folding chair in a small clearing in the woods.

Gr MG5 Please wait, Commander.
I'll prepare a hot drink to warm you up.

Commander Thank you, Gr MG5.

Gr MG5 Think nothing of it, Commander. My power is yours to use in the first place.

Gr MG5 sets up a stove and starts a fire in a skilled fashion, and soon enough, a cup of piping hot coffee is delivered to my hands.

Gr MG5 Sorry, Commander. This is the best I could do with what I've got.
Although it is only ordinary instant coffee, I'm sure that it'll be able to refresh your senses.

Commander That's fine, Gr MG5. This is an excellent drink as is.

Gr MG5 Unfortunately, I did not bring along milk or I couldn't adjust the flavor.

Commander I may be human, but I'm hardly that demanding.
Mmm, mmm...this coffee tastes fine.

Gr MG5 That's good to hear.

Gr MG5 sits down opposite of me, holding her own cup of coffee.

Gr MG5 Commander...what do you think of this incident?

Commander I think...this incident was just an ordinary terrorist attack.

Gr MG5 Actually, there's one thing I don't quite understand...
Why do humans still fight each other when there's an enemy like Sangvis Ferri around?

Commander ...You sure chose a difficult question for me to answer.
How shall I put this... In truth, humans fighting humans is very much like how you fight Sangvis.
Or rather, your battles are simply extensions of the fighting between humans.

Gr MG5 ...I don't quite understand after all.
For us, carrying out orders is simpler.

Commander Actually, for people like us, protecting the people close to us is enough.

Gr MG5 Like say, protecting your friends?

Commander Yes, that's a part of it.
If you have a goal that you want to achieve, then there's a value in fighting.
I feel that in that regard, both humans and Dolls are the same.

Gr MG5 As for me...I want all the friends who fight with me to come back safely each time.
That includes you too, Commander. I want everyone to achieve victory safely.

Commander You really are a gentle person, Gr MG5.

Gr MG5 ...What are you saying all of a sudden?
If you don't drink your coffee soon, it'll get cold.

Commander Alright, alright, I'll drink it.

...Beep. I receive the signal to begin operations.

Gr MG5 See, you're out of time.

I hurriedly gulp the coffee down and wipe my mouth.

Commander Let's go on a real outdoors hike next time. The kind where there's no enemies, only friends.

Gr MG5 Are you willing to treat a Doll as a friend, Commander?

Commander Can't I? I enjoy simple things too.

Gr MG5 Commander...
I also...enjoy the time I spend with you very much.

Gr MG5 Then it's a promise.
Next time, we'll go on a real hike.