AEK-999 - 광란의 질주

I see someone pushing a stylish-looking bike in my direction as I'm waiting in front of the base for the car to the theater.

??? Good morning, Commander.

The person in front of me is wearing a loose coat with a hood that covers most of their face.
I give the other party a once-over and manage to deduce their identity from the style and design of their clothing.

Commander Is that...AEK?

AEK-999 Haven't you gotten my name down yet, Commander!?

This girl...she's really loud.

Commander It's not like that! It's just that you're quite dressed up today, so I didn't know how to react for a moment.

AEK-999 I see... My usual clothes aren't too convenient for bike riding, so I changed into something looser for today.

Commander It certainly has a lot of character, AEK.

AEK-999 I've got a rich and varied melody to my style, Commander. Looks like I'll have to get you acquainted with it.

Commander I certainly look forward to that...
Oh yes, so you're going out for a ride right now?

AEK-999 Yes, Commander. It's not often that we get time off, so I wanted to head out for a spin.

Commander That bike of yours sure looks cool...

AEK-999 Hehe, you've got good taste, Commander.
It took me a lot of effort to give her the most perfect rhythm possible.
So I heard you're heading out to watch Contender's performance today. Want this baby to give you a lift?

Commander Thanks, AEK, but Griffin has already arranged a car for me.

AEK-999 I see... Guess that's too bad then.
There's a lovely rhythm to the roar of this girl's engine, you know.

AEK-999 pats the seat of her bike with a hint of regret on her face.

Commander Although I can't today, maybe you can let me experience it the next time I'm free.

AEK-999 Hehe, it's a deal then, Commander.
Both of us are looking forward to a ride with you.

An hour later.

Commander I didn't think there'd be a jam at a time like this... What should I do now...
I'll be late if the traffic doesn't let up...

I become more and more anxious by the minute, but the traffic refuses to move.
I open the car window to calm myself down, and I notice a familiar black motorcycle weaving through the stagnant mass of vehicles as it heads toward me.

AEK-999 It seems fate sees fit to bring us together again in short order, don't you think, Commander?

Commander AEK?!
What are you doing here?

AEK-999 I saw your car as I was passing by.
I figured you might need help, so I came over.

Commander came at the perfect time! Can you take me to the theater?

AEK-999 No problem. Hop on, Commander.

I mount up on AEK-999's bike. She nimbly darts through the stalled traffic and we soon leave that stretch of the road behind us.

Commander Whew... What a relief.
It should only take about half an hour to the theater... There's still 40 minutes until the performance starts, so we should be able to make it.

AEK-999 Commander, although the tune you're going to listen to at the theater doesn't quite suit me...
I know that before you enjoy it, you'll need ample time to sort yourself that you can fully immerse yourself in it.

Commander ...What?

AEK-999 The real performance is about to begin.
Hold on tight, Commander!

Ear-splitting rock and roll music pours out of the speakers mounted in the back.

Commander What? ...AEK! I didn't catch that! What did you say?

AEK-999 Let's ROCK!!!

AEK-999 floors the gas and the motorcycle's engine responds with a thunderous roar.
As we accelerate, I feel like I'm riding on a rocket, and in my panic, all I could do is to cling onto AEK so that I don't get flung off.

Ten-odd minutes later.

AEK-999 We're here, Commander.

Commander ...A-At last.

AEK-999 Commander, did you like my music?
What's the matter? You look kind of pale.

Commander I'm was...too...too intense for me...
Let me...catch my breath...

AEK-999 Haha, a tune's perfect when it leaves a deep impression on the people who hear it.
Well, I've got an appointment to keep, so I'll be leaving now.
Commander, you said you'd go for a ride with me next time, so I'll be sure to prepare some trendier and more striking music for us to enjoy.

Commander Alright...
...No, that's not right! Wait!

AEK-999 had already mounted up on her bike and was long gone before I could finish my sentence.

Commander ...
I feel like I'll regret making that promise...