PzB39 - 열혈 라이더

Griffin receives a request three days after the theater incident to hunt down the remaining attackers at large.
According to the plan for today, I will be leading a team to locate the hideout of the attackers and then coordinate with the government to capture them.

In front of the Griffin base.

PzB39 Over here, Commander! Ready to go?

Commander Thanks for coming today, PzB...
Er, that bike is...?

PzB is dressed like a racer and is leaning against a motorcycle. My gut seizes up.

PzB39 It's my personal ride. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Commander Yeah, it sure is.
Although...surely you don't intend to take me to our destination with your bike, do you?

PzB39 Of course we're taking this bike. Why else would I bring it all the way here?

She's as straightforward as ever.

Commander What about Griffin's cars?

PzB39 Kalina said that driving a military vehicle there might scare our targets off, and our civilian cars are on other missions.
Just so as it happens, I have this bike on hand. I'm thinking that if we ride over there with this, we'd look like ordinary people going out for a ride.

Commander Ordinary people, huh...

I give PzB39's outfit a quick once-over. What's her definition of “ordinary”, anyway?

PzB39 Your face looks kind of stiff, Commander.

Commander Nonono, you did well in taking everything into consideration...haha...
It's just...

PzB39 Is this vehicle not good enough for you?
I should note that while it may not look like much, it's no cheaper than my outfit!

Commander Ah, that wasn't what I meant. How could I look down on anything of yours...

My experience in the past few days have left me wary of getting onto motorcycles.
Although PzB is a little outspoken, she is quite stable and disciplined in combat. In addition, she has even brought helmets along, so she probably would not be as wild as AEK...

Commander ...It's not often that I get to ride with you, PzB.
Let's go. We wouldn't want to keep the others waiting.

PzB39 Don't worry, Commander! We've got plenty of time.

Five minutes later...
PzB is racing down the road with her motorcycle.

PzB39 Commander? Commander!?
You're grabbing me too tightly! You're going to rip my clothes!

Commander I-I'm sorry! I was nearly thrown off just now...

PzB39 You're too tense, Commander! It was just a simple lane change! You wouldn't have been thrown off!

Commander ...A simple lane change!? You were flying from one lane to another!

PzB39 Ahaha...turning around like that is the fastest way, otherwise we'd have to take the long route.
But you can relax now, Commander, the road's clear from here on out!

Commander The road...the road's clear? Isn't that even scarier!?
PzB! We've got more than enough time! Slow down—!

PzB and I reach the rendezvous point before long.

PzB39 This place is a deserted wilderness... It seems even S.F. isn't interested in this area.
Gr MG5 hasn't arrived yet, so I guess we made it ahead of time.

Commander ...

PzB39 Commander, are you alright? Your face doesn't have any of the colors a human's skin should have!

Commander I think it's...motion sickness...

PzB39 Eh? Sit down and take a rest...
I've got some water here, want some?

Only in this moment when I take the water bottle from PzB's hand that I begin to feel that she's a nice person...

Commander (Coughs)...
You T-Dolls...are you all so aggressive when riding motorcycles?

PzB39 What's this? It sounds like you've ridden with others before, Commander.

Commander AEK gave me a ride several days ago when I went to watch the opera.

PzB39 Really? If it's AEK...
I often hang with her, and her bike-riding doesn't seem very wild.

Commander ...That's because you're T-Dolls! Elite T-Dolls!
I'm human! My insides aren't as sturdy as yours!

PzB39 Haha, you do have a point.
Still...it feels awesome to ride like the wind, doesn't it?

Commander It does feel awesome indeed, but it becomes hard to bear if you overdo it.
Speaking of which, do you often go out biking with AEK?

PzB39 Yeah, we often go for a spin when our off days align.
Even though my bike isn't as flashy as hers, I won't lose to her when it comes to racing!

Commander ...Oh yes, I'm keenly aware of that.

PzB39 Would you like to join us, Commander?

Commander Er...I'll pass! I can't keep up with your speed.

PzB39 Don't sell yourself short, Commander.
You've led us to many victories before!

Commander Of course I have confidence in commanding battles.
But I feel that a few more rides with you guys and I'll end up being checked into Griffin's sickbay.

PzB39 Relax, Commander. Bikes aren't as scary as you make them out to be.
Besides, isn't it embarrassing for a commander of Griffin to be frightened of a simple ride like this?

Commander If I may interject, what you guys do is not what most humans would call “a simple ride”.

PzB39 In that case, I'll give you some special training on my next day off, Commander.

Commander ...What?

PzB39 A few more times and you'll be used to the sensation of racing down roads.
Once you get used to it, you can also enjoy the thrill of speed, Commander!

Commander Wait a minute. That's too...

PzB39 Ah, Gr MG5's here, Commander.
I guess that means my mission is complete.

PzB waves to Gr MG5 as the latter approaches, and then remounts her bike.

PzB39 I'll be leaving now, Commander. Don't want to hold you up.

Commander Hold on, PzB! About that “special training”...

PzB39 Yup, special training, one on one. Don't forget about it.

PzB leaves me with a dashing smile that utterly fails to boost my spirits, and in an instance, she has already disappeared down the road.

Commander Hah...
I really don't want to ride a motorcycle again...