G36 - “바텐더”

As per my arrangement with Contender, I arrive at the theater and meet up with Gr G36, who has been waiting for quite some time.

Gr G36 You're here, Master. When you told me there was a traffic jam, I expected that you'd arrive later...
May I ask what happened to your clothes and hair?

Commander You...are you...
Gr G36...?

Gr G36 ...My apologies, did I go overboard with this look?

Commander No...it's just that AEK's riding really rattled me... My head hasn't fully recovered yet.

While I arrived on time thanks to AEK-999, it's also because of her that my hair and clothes are in a mess.

Gr G36 Fortunately, it was only your clothes and head that were messed up. I expect nothing less of you, Master...
There's some time before the show begins. Please allow me to help adjust your attire.
You might be refused entry in your current state.

Gr G36 and I head toward break room together.

Gr G36 Master, you must visit a clinic for a full checkup after this mission is over.

Commander ...Are you worried that I might have suffered internal injuries? I doubt it's that bad.

Gr G36 A human body isn't as strong as a Doll body, so I would advise caution on your part.
I hope that you will take care of yourself...so that you may continue to lead us.

Commander Understood...I'll schedule an appointment.

Gr G36 As for that reckless biker...I'll speak with her after this.

Commander Thank you. But don't be too harsh on her; we still need her for the upcoming battles.

Gr G36 There is no need to worry. I will stay within my bounds.

The makeup counter is filled with various household items that Gr G36 brought along. There are wet wipes, facial cleansers, hair wax, and even something that looks like a miniature steam iron.
Gr G36 is dressed in a straight-cut tuxedo and it doesn't look like she has the pockets to hold all these things.

Commander Gr G36...you are really well-prepared.

Gr G36 This level of preparation is only to be expected. Otherwise, I would not be able to serve you well.

Commander ...I'm a little curious about how you managed to carry all these things on you.

Gr G36 It is simply a little trick I picked up. As you know, we carry many items with us during normal operations.
While it is a technical secret...if you have a need to understand it, I can make a request to HQ for permission to demonstrate the skill to you.

Commander Ahaha...there's no need for that, I was just curious.
Still, given how thoughtful you are and the outfit you're in, you really do seem just like a butler.

Gr G36 I am dressed this way because I need to conceal my identity as a Tactical Doll for this mission.
However, it is true that the style of this attire differs from my usual clothing... Does it seem too unnatural to you?

Commander Not at all. It suits you very well. You look very mature and dependable.

Gr G36 While I am taking part in this mission as your personal assistant, I am still a representative of Griffin.
I am relieved to have your approval, Master.

Commander Gr G36...if you weren't a Tactical Doll, I would really like to hire you as my butler if given the chance.

Gr G36 ...And if I had the chance, I would gladly serve you in such a capacity, Master.
Should I retire one day, I will give that option priority in my considerations.

With Gr G36's help, my clothes are quickly tidied up, and I head off to see the opera.

Gr G36 begins patrolling as planned inside the theater during the intermission.

Thompson Gr G36, can you hear me? What's your location?

Gr G36 I'm in the first floor corridor. What did you find, Thompson?

Thompson Bad news, it's just like what our intel said.
There are bombs in several of the empty VIP boxes on the second floor. Also, there are some suspicious-looking fellows in the vicinity as well...

Thompson I'm gonna see which filthy little alleyway they plan on scurrying off to. I'll leave the bombs to you.

Gr G36 Understood, I will disarm them.

Gr G36 heads to the second floor, checking inside each of the VIP boxes and disarming any bombs she finds.

Gr G36 Hm, this should be the last box... It's surprisingly spacious in here.
They put enough explosives here to blow the theater's roof off... These attackers are crazy.

While disarming the explosives, Gr G36 hears the sound of crying from outside the door.

Gr G36 ...What's going on? What's this lost child doing here?
Hi, is something the matter? Where are your mommy and daddy?

Little Boy Uuuuwaaahhh... I can't find...my mommy and daddy...

Gr G36 Hm...looks like this child got separated from his parents.
I can't just leave him here like this, but my mission isn't complete yet...and I don't have the time to find his parents.

Gr G36 kneels down to comfort the crying boy.

Gr G36 Don't worry, they didn't abandon you. They asked me to look after you for the time being.

Little Boy But...you're busy, just like mommy and daddy always are...

Gr G36 Just give me a while longer and I'll be able to keep you company. I promise.

Little Boy Really...?

Gr G36 Of course, that's the reason why Dolls...why I exist.

The boy's sobbing fades away, and Gr G36 smiles as she pats his head.

Gr G36 I just need to work for a little bit more. Can you be a strong man for me until I finish?

The boy nods, and Gr G36 leads him to a sofa and sits him down.

15 minutes later.

Gr G36 ...This should be the last one.

Gr G36 puts the disarmed bomb into a storage locker inside the VIP box and marks it.

Gr G36 Alright, we'll extract these explosives after we clear everyone out of the building...
Thompson, how are things on your end?

Thompson I'm on my way back.
Those punks led me to a nest chock full of prey... Unfortunately, I'll have to let the cops take credit for this one.
According to them, there are eight bombs in the theater. Did you get rid of all of them?

Gr G36 ...Wait, did you say eight bombs? I only disarmed seven.
Damn it...did I miss one?

Thompson Then you'd better hurry.
The opera's about to end, which means the next performance is going to start soon...

Gr G36 ends the call with Thompson.

Gr G36 ...Where could the last one be?
I've checked under the cabinets and the tea tables in all of the rooms...

Gr G36's eyes lock on to the sofa in the VIP box.
This box is much bigger than the others, probably one of those deluxe VIP rooms. It's furnished differently from the other rooms, with the seats swapped for a more comfortable sofa.

Gr G36 Don't tell me...

Gr G36 carefully examines the sofa and quickly discovers the bomb hidden inside of it.
After taking the bomb out, she notices that there are less than 30 seconds left on the timer.

Gr G36 There's no time to disarm it, so I'll have to throw it somewhere safe!
That's right...there's an artificial lake behind the theater... It should be right below this box!

Gr G36 takes the bomb and sprints out of the box. She opens a window in the corridor and throws it out with all her might.

Little Boy ...Are you leaving?

With no time to reply, Gr G36 swiftly turns to tackle the boy - who had followed her out of the box - to the ground and shields him with her body.

The bomb explodes outside the window. All the glass around the corridor are blasted to bits, and the shards are sent flying everywhere.

Gr G36 Ergh... Are you alright?

Quiet sobbing came from underneath Gr G36.

Gr G36 Let me see... Alright, good thing you're not hurt.
Sorry about that, those stage effects were sure over the top.
Here...take my handkerchief. Use it to wipe your tears away.

Gr G36 takes the boy's little hand.

Gr G36 Let's go find your mommy and daddy together. The show's over, so it's time to go home now.

After the conclusion of the operation, I meet Gr G36 at the theater entrance.

Commander Gr G36! ...Are you alright?

Gr G36 I'm fine, Commander. I was only grazed by glass fragments when the bomb went off. Nothing more than flesh wounds.

Commander Good. After Thompson reported that you were in charge of bomb disposal...I got really worried when the explosion happened.

Gr G36's eyes suddenly turn dull.

Gr G36 I'm sorry, Master.
You specifically chose me to handle this mission, yet I could not disarm all of the bombs...

Commander No, Gr G36, you've done very well.
Not only did you stop the scheme to blow up the theater, you've also helped evacuate a lot of civilians and prevented many deaths.

Gr G36 But...

Commander You don't believe my assessment?
Take a look over there.

Gr G36 looks in the direction of my finger.
The boy she rescued earlier is standing by his parents, waving happily to her in farewell.

Little Boy Thank you!

Little Boy Big brother!

Gr G36 and I freeze for a moment upon hearing his words.

Gr G36 ......

Commander Not going to explain?

Gr G36 I'll let it go this time...

Commander So was this a successful performance for you as well?

Gr G36 smiles.

Gr G36 Indeed, Master.
Oh yes, you must be bone-tired today. Please allow me to serve you once we get back.

Commander Yeah, I didn't expect watching an opera to be so tough... Gr G36, can you rescue my stomach afterward?

Gr G36 But of course, Master.
I, Gr G36, will not disappoint you.