Vector- 맹목적인 믿음

Griffin Control.

Commander ...That concludes the details of the mission.

Vector ...
Do you really think it's a good idea to have me participate in this mission?

Commander Why not?

Vector You know, I'll only be wasting everyone's time.

Commander The roster is decided by IOP and the client.
Since your name is on this list, it means they think you're capable of accomplishing the task.

Vector ...

Commander Do you have any other concerns, Vector?

Vector It makes no difference if I do or not.

Commander You wouldn't be wrong to say that.

Vector I'll go if they insist, but I hope they won't regret it after seeing the pictures.

Commander Vector...aren't you excited at all?
This is a wedding dress shoot.
The others were jumping with joy after hearing the news.

Vector It's not like we're the actual brides. Having expectations will only result in that much more disappointment.

Commander (So in other words, she DOES want to wear the wedding dress...)
Oh...alright, I can respect your opinion.
Then, the mission is...

Vector I will complete it to an acceptable standard.

Commander Alright, I'll be counting on you, Vector.

The day of the photo shoot.

I began my patrol of the building after watching Five-seven's shoot for a while. Although I had thoroughly examined the personnel and inspected the equipment yesterday, I feel it is still sensible to walk around the venue, just in case.

In addition to Five-seven's shoot, several other rooms are also in use.
Vector emerges from the dressing room as I approach its door.

Commander Ve-Vector?!

Vector What's the matter, Commander?
Do you see a bomb in the dressing room?

Commander N-No.
It's just that you look so different from usual that I'm at a loss for words.

Vector ...I apologize if I frightened you.
They want us to bring our weapons along for the shoot, so we must look like very dangerous brides.

Commander N-Not at all...
I think this dress suits you very well.

Vector There's no need to be considerate, Commander...
I take it that I'm the last one out?

Commander Yes, the others have already started.

Vector This is apparently the length of a proper bridal train... It was very troublesome to put on.
A lot of time was spent only on attaching the hair extensions, and frankly speaking, the dress is a little tight around the chest...

Commander It must've been hard for you.

Vector I can't complain if it's for the sake of the mission...
But the human women who take these photos must have it very hard.

Commander For humans, enduring this bit of hardship in exchange for the sweet memories is worth the price.
Just being able to wear a wedding dress like this is joy in itself for some women.

Vector ...Is that so?
That's not something that I can understand... It's too pitiful to ascribe so much meaning to just a piece of clothing.
(Quietly) Just like ourselves...

Commander'll understand some day...
But for now, let's focus on the mission.

I hear her voice, but she has already sidestepped the issue in a practiced fashion.

The shoot goes on as planned.
Two camera crews are changing locations at the same time as I enter the largest studio room.
We have to protect our mission objectives - the true newlyweds who are moving to the next room.

Vector watches them leave with that familiar expressionless gaze of hers.

Commander Did the shoot go well, Vector?

Vector Other than the photographer's complaints about my expression, it went fine.
Commander, are those two people the ones we're assigned to protect?

Commander Yes, the true purpose of this mission is to ensure they can safely take wedding pictures.

Vector If they're worried about being attacked then why not clear everyone out of the building so they'd be the only ones having their photos taken?

Commander That would ruin the atmosphere.
It'd be hard to feel happy when the corridors are empty except for guards with guns.
While they're scions of high society...they still want to lead a normal life, to a certain extent.

Vector Then why are we still carrying our guns?

Commander They believe these are props for a special themed photo shoot for our company.
Our client went to a great deal of effort to ensure their child could have a perfect wedding experience.

Vector ...So the two of them are being kept in the dark.

Commander Don't tell anyone, Vector.

Vector I'm not one to leak secrets, Commander.
Not like I have anyone to tell, anyway.

Vector looks at the door of the studio room, where the true couple are walking toward the next location with a spring in their steps.

Vector They look very happy.
Yet they have no clue that they're being protected by a lie.

Commander Vector...

Vector And I'm nothing more than a part of this lie.
In any case, I ought to resume playing my part now.

A staff member and I lift up the train and veil of Vector's wedding dress and move her to the platform in the center of the studio.
The fabric is embroidered with patterns made from tiny crystals and it's quite heavy. To a true bride, it would probably be a weighty joy.
Vector stands steady on top of a short wooden box as a staff member helps her adjust her dress.

Vector You've been staring at me for quite a while now, Commander.

Commander Ehm... Vector, there's something I'd like to tell you.

Vector You don't need my permission to give me orders.

Commander It's not an order, Vector.
Although we're here on business...I still hope that you and everyone else can enjoy the experience today.
So don't think too much about the mission. Consider today to be taking artistic photos for yourself.
That way...perhaps you might feel a little better.

Vector falls silent.
Perhaps I'm imagining things, but for a moment, I thought I saw a slight hint of movement on Vector's expressionless face.

Vector Even if you say so...I can't turn a hollow act into reality, Commander.

Vector looks at the candle stand beside her. The flickering flames leave a warm glow in her eyes.

Vector But...
It doesn't feel too bad to have the occasional moment of fleeting bliss.
At the very least, that moment is real, right?