Five-seveN - 꿈꿔왔던 미소

Griffin Control.

Five-seven Understood, Commander.
So the wedding dress shoot will be a publicity stunt for Griffin and IOP... It looks like this will be quite interesting.

Commander You seem to be very excited...

Five-seven Surprised?

Commander I didn't think Tactical Dolls would be interested in this sort of work.

Five-seven We're still girls outside of combat, you know.
And as company employees, we don't exactly have a choice in the missions we take on, do we?

Commander ...You do have a point.

Five-seven Oh, by the way...could you clarify a small detail of the mission for me, Commander?
Has the client specified what we'll wear for the shoot?

Commander can pick anything from the dress store.
They didn't specify any particular styles, so that part is up to us.

Five-seven Then how about I assist you in picking out the dresses, Commander?

Commander Sure thing. I'm not too sure on what kind of clothing everyone likes.
I'm sure that you'd understand a Doll's interest better than I do, Five-seven.

Five-seven But of course. I'm quite confident in my judgement.

Commander We'll be picking out the dresses the day after tomorrow.
I'll be counting on you, Five-seven.

Five-seven You got it, Commander.
I'll be sure to pick out the most fabulous dresses for everyone.

Two days later.

Five-seven and I are at the photo studio building, picking out the outfits for everyone.

Commander We've already been here for three hours...
I didn't expect it to take this long... My eyeballs are so dry they're shrivelling up into raisins.

Five-seven It is the outfit for the most important day of a person's life, after all.
Since we're only doing it for an ad shoot, we only need to pick out one dress.
If it's a real wedding then we'd need five different outfits per person according to this studio's policy.

Commander You sure know a lot about this, don't you?

Five-seven I simply did a little bit of research.
You've got to do your homework before carrying out your mission.

Commander Guess I've underestimated the difficulty here.

Five-seven Don't worry, we're almost done.
These are my final choices, Commander, what do you think?

Commander Let see...
Hm, these look fine. I have no objections.
Your help is much appreciated, Five-seven. You've got a real eye for elegance.

Five-seven Hehe, I'm the best at what I do.

Commander But it seems like...we're missing one.

Five-seven Mine isn't here.

Commander Huh?

Five-seven I want to surprise you on the day of the shoot.
Can you leave mine out of the inspection?

Commander Oh...alright. I look forward to it.

Five-seven Thanks! I promise you won't regret it!

The day of the photo shoot.

??? Commander...

Commander ...

??? Commander, wake up...
It's time to wake up!

Commander Ugh...ah?!

I rub my sleepy eyes to see a girl in a pure white dress standing before me.

Five-seven It's me, Commander.
How can you sleep in a place like this? You'll catch a cold.

Commander Sorry...I was up too early today.
Is the sun up?

Five-seven The sun is up and shining bright, Commander.
While it pains me to wake you up when you haven't gotten enough sleep...
The makeup process takes a long time, so please bear with it for today.

Commander Haha, that's alright.
I'm already used it since we don't get regular sleep on battle missions, anyway...
Where are the others?

Five-seven They're still putting on makeup. I'm the first one to finish.
I made some preparations last night to speed up the process so I would be the first one out.
As promised, here's my wedding dress that I wanted to show off to you first.
So what do you think, Commander?

Commander It's very beautiful... It definitely suits you.

Five-seven Hehe, my eye's never mistaken. Now then, Commander... Would you like to watch my photo shoot?
It'll be a while before the others are done.

Commander Sure, I've never seen a person take wedding photos before.

Five-seven Never, huh... That's perfect...

Commander What are you mumbling about, Five-seven?

Five-seven Nothing, Commander.
This will be a feast for your eyes~

At the photo studio room.

I silently observe the shooting process.

Photographer Miss, please raise your head a little bit more.

Five-seven Like this?

Photographer Look further out into the distance...toward your colleague over there.
Yes, perfect! Keep that pose!

Five-seven looks at me with a smile brimming with joy and confidence.
I could not help but feel my heart stir as our eyes meet.
This scene is beautiful enough; there's no need to verify it through the lens to know that it is a flawless work of art.
In this very moment, Five-seven looks just like a flower blossoming proudly as it faces the sun.

Commander “Hide a flower in a flower field," as they say...

The blooming flowers are no less beautiful than the hidden flower.
And so, today's mission begins amidst the morning sunlight.
I sincerely hope today will be a quiet and peaceful day.